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Vitor Belfort Needs His Drugs

Vitor Belfort has had an amazing career comprised of thrilling performances, stunning knockouts and substance abuse, which he’s parlayed into an improbable title shot at 36 years of age and after 17 competitive years in the sport. And for that proposed title shot, which will be against incumbent champ Chris Weidman at a UFC whose date has yet to be determined but will likely take place in Las Vegas, N.V., the Brazilian plans to do what he does best when he sets foot in the cage: testosterone replacement therapy.
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Dude is Crazy – So Crazy

Denial” is a psychological defense mechanism where the mind refuses, for whatever reason, to accept reality and instead hold fantasy as truth. Examples include someone refusing to believe that their wife is cheating on them despite clear evidence that she is, or someone holding on to the belief that everything is okay at work while refusing to acknowledge the blatant signs that they’re about to be fired (i.e., their access has been turned off, and their desk and personal effects have been moved out to the parking lot). Another example of denial is Brazilian legend Anderson Silva’s statements that UFC middleweight champ did not actually defeat him – a skewed version of facts that is now being perpetuated by Silva’s manager, Ed Soares.
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Deadspin: Haters’ Gonna Hate

When it comes to MMA journalism, there are a few constants that you know will most likely never change. For instance, if you want to know what the UFC thinks about a particular issue, you go to MMAFighting; if you want to know what the UFC doesn’t want you to know, you go to FightOpinion. And if you want a dose of hate towards the UFC and everything it stands for, you go to Deadspin.

Yes, Deadspin, the place where mainstream sports coverage and snark converge, and where keen analysis, link baiting and strong writing often meet. It’s also where ace scribe Tim Marchman resides, and ever since Marchman was denied credentials for whatever UFC event he wanted to cover, he’s been on a little bit of a “hater” crusade.
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Chael Sonnen: Not Dead Yet

A mountain of trash talking an entire nation has helped Chael Sonnen earn big bucks as the “go to” opponent for people like Anderson Silva and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, and it got him a slot coaching the third season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brasil opposite Wanderlei Silva. But talking smack does come with a heavy price tag sometimes, and in this instance, that price tag involves the health and safety of Sonnen and his coaches while they’re in Brazil filming the reality TV show. What’s it like being stuck in a country that more or less wants you dead? Probably not fun, but if the recently tweeted pic of Sonnen looking alive and relatively unharmed is of any indication, we’re not at the point where we have to send Ben Affleck down there to rescue him (a la “Argo“).

According to Google Translate, that reads:

(VIDEO) #TUFBrasil 3-before the season, @wandfc and @sonnench trading taunts

Shots Fired in Bjorn Rebney/Dana White Faux-Conflict

It has traditionally been hard to get Bellator front man Bjorn Rebney to talk smack about UFC honcho Dana White, but occasionally gems do come out of his mouth. On yesterday’s media conference call announcing Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s participation in this season’s upcoming light-heavyweight tournament, the conversation turned to White’s comments on Georges St. Pierre and how the UFC has treated their erstwhile welterweight and pay-per-view king. Said Rebney:

“The UFC set the bar pretty high in terms of tasteless comments, but their recent comments about GSP are probably, in my mind, the most tasteless comments they’ve made in some time.”

“I look at GSP as a guy who’s one of the greatest, most honorable champions our sport has ever seen, and in my opinion, I don’t think GSP owes us, as fans, anything, and I don’t think GSP owes the UFC anything,” he said. “As we saw based on the fallout from the last fight, he’s given us, as fans and for the organization that he fought for, he’s given us everything. I think we should all be thankful we had the opportunity to watch a guy like that fight over the past 10 years.

“It’s been our pleasure as MMA fans, and I think a lot of the issues he raises and points he makes are good points. He’s been de-facto ambassador for our game and a spokesman for the sport at a very high level for a long time, and I put a lot of credence and credibility in what he’s talking about.”

While it’s true that Bellator is by far the younger promotion, it’s hard to find examples of the organization publicly treating their departing champs in the same manner that White has treated GSP. But hey, that’s life, right?

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