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Chael Sonnen and the Things Unseen

If you’ve only ever been an MMA fan from a distance – meaning, you watch your fight shows from the comfort of your living room and have never been to any sort of event in person – then maybe you think that what you see when the cameras are rolling is the truth. Maybe, from your vantage point, you think those harsh words fighters often have for each other is 100% real and not done in the spirit of fight promotion and drumming up interest, and you believe that the personas you see on television and read about on websites and magazines are based on reality. That’s fine if that’s what you believe. It’s your right as a fan to put your beliefs in anything you want. But often, what you see isn’t wholly accurate.
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Did Yoel Romero crap his shorts while fighting Derek Brunson last night? If so… uh, gross. If not, well, that’s okay, because Tim Sylvia, Kevin Randleman and Dave Menne all did in the Octagon at one point, so we can laugh at them.

Boss Beefs with Best, Bades Him to Be a Man

This past week, erstwhile welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre resurfaced and fired off shots at his longtime employers, citing issues like lax drug testing as contributing factors to his exit. Well, last night at the UFC Fight Night 35 postfight presser, Dana White was asked his thoughts on the matter, and in typical Dana White fashion, no punches were pulled in his response.
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UFC Fight Night 35 Chat – Where The Cool Kids Are


Wait, Why Did GSP Leave the UFC?

Did longtime welterweight king Georges St. Pierre exit the confines of the UFC spotlight because he was tired of the rigors of championship-hood and needed a break? Or was there another reason? The passage of time since GSP’s sudden and shocking announcement of semi-retirement has enabled the dust to settle a bit, and now more information is surfacing.
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