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Matt Mitrione Details Run-In With NFL HOFer Warren Sapp

Matt Mitrione’s former football history is well known, as the UFC constantly brought it up while he was a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter.

Well, Mitrione recently let fans of The MMA Hour on a story that the UFC likely would have tried to bring up had they known about it.

It seems as if “Meathead” and NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp have a long-standing history together. Well, not really a “history” as much as a beef. Let Mitrione explain.

“I met him at a party that night. I went up to shake his hand and I stuck my hand out. I was like, ‘Hey, I’m Matt Mitrione. We’re supposed to do something tomorrow.’

“He crossed his arms and looked at me and was like, ‘Are we done yet?’ and just walked away.”

Mitrione said he and Sapp were going to shoot a video. Mitrione was a defensive tackle for Purdue, which was playing Georgia in the 2000 Outback Bowl in Florida. Sapp was a member of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the time.

Unfortunately for Mitrione, it appears as if Sapp got the last laugh.

While competing in Macau recently – where he defeated Shawn Jordan via first round KO – Mitrione slapped the hand of a fan sitting Octagon-side. That fan, none other than Sapp, who was in attendance for the card.

“After a fight, if you did well, a lot of people reach out and you don’t even look, you just shake a hand,” he said. “I was walking by cageside and somebody stuck their hand out. I shook it and dammit, it was Warren Sapp.

“I was like, ‘Oh, you got me.'”

UFC Analysts Cormier, Sonnen Talk UFC 171

UFC fighters Chael Sonnen and Daniel Cormier turned in their MMA gloves for suits and ties this weekend, sitting in on the UFC 171 coverage for FOX Sports.

The card featured the crowning of a new UFC welterweight champion, as Johny Hendricks bested Robbie Lawler. Several other key 170-pound contenders were in action, and both Sonnen and Cormier broke down the action on the FOX Sports 2 post-fight show.

“I don’t know that Johny looked that good, but he was effective with the high volume attack,” Sonnen said. “He had Robbie on the defensive most of the fight. We learned just what a competitor he is and how badly he wanted it in the end.”

Cormier, a former coach of Hendricks while the new champion competed at Oklahoma State University, stated that “Bigg Rigg” returned to his wrestling roots.

“In the fifth, Johny picked up up and went to the wrestling default and secured the victory with the takedown,” he said. “I thought he fought well.

“When his wrestling wasn’t working, he was able to stand and throw with Lawler. He’s still improving.”

Hendricks lost to Georges St-Pierre last year in a bout many felt he won. Cormier feels that fight was a difference-maker against Lawler.

“Johny learned from the GSP fight,” he said. “GSP took the fifth round at the end. He did it this time.”

In the co-main event, Tyron Woodley stopped Carlos Condit after landing a vicious takedown. Condit suffered a knee injury, awarding Woodley the TKO win.

“It was what we thought would happen,” Cormier said. “Woodley threw big exploding right hands, trying to knock him out. Tyron was winning this fight when Carlos got hurt.

“But Carlos was getting some momentum when that happened and Tyron was slowing down.”

Sonnen gave Woodley credit for more than just his win, saying he “played it just right after his fight. He grabbed the mic and said he wants to fight for the title.

“And good for him. He’s now the No. 1 contender and should fight for it.”

Cormier was impressed by another welterweight, Hector Lombard. The former Bellator champion defeated Jake Shields via decision.

“We’ve watched Jake a long time and no one has done this to him before,” Cormier said. “Nobody does what Hector did to him. Could he have fought harder from the top? Yes. Do I blame him for winning? No.”

Joe Rogan Feels Need To Defend Himself

Joe Rogan is a social media follower, taking part in lively discussions with fans on a number of subjects.

One of those subjects includes his commentary – and Rogan is usually forced to defend himself pretty heavily from criticism.

Instead of replying to each person who attacked him for his UFC 171 thoughts during the show, Rogan went on The Underground, an MMA forum, and stated why he said what he said.

It’s actually a pretty entertaining read from Rogan. The majority of what he said you would already know from listening to him before, during and after fights.

Here’s a look at what he wrote. He also stated plans to do this kind of thing on a regular basis after events.

Instead of posting in the many post UFC threads that people make complaining about me after an event I thought it might serve the spirit of discussion better if I start my own.

The main complaint I’ve heard about last night was that I didn’t give Lombard enough credit. I LOVE that dude. He’s scary as fuck, and when he’s blitzkrieging you he’s one of the most frightening motherfuckers on earth. That said, I think he only did enough to win on a night where he should have been trying to sell himself as a guy we want to see challenge for the title. He was clearly winning the fight, but his own corner was screaming at him to fight during the last round. Winning is certainly the most important thing for a fighter, and he certainly did that. No one has ever handled Jake the way Hector did. His judo was a thing of beauty. I just think he coasted too much in an important showcase fight.

Picking Rory over the other contenders to challenge for the title next was another complaint. The production had a list of fighters that are listed in the top contenders that they wanted me to pick one guy to challenge the title after the end of the event. It’s only my opinion and it certainly doesn’t mean that fighter will get the next shot. The reason I went with Rory is what I stated: I thought Woodley looked awesome, but the reality is Carlos blew his knee out on the take down and then it gave out when Tyron kicked him. Tyron was really impressive in the opening of the 1st with his insane speed and ability to close the distance and I would LOVE to see him fight anyone. For the title or not. The guy is a stud. It was just my opinion given the information in front of me after that event that if I had to choose one guy I would have to go wih Rory.

No one asked me to choose Rory, no one pressured me in any way or influenced me in any way. It’s just my opinion. I would love to see Dong Hyun Kim in the mix as well. They didn’t have him on the short list of guys, but I would like to see him fight any of the people I just mentioned, for the title or not. Matt Brown is another guy in the mix. He hurt his back recently, but I’m hoping he can heal up and get back in the running.

Anyway, I want to say I always appreciate the feedback from you guys because you motherfuckers are the real hard core fans and I’m one of you. I value your opinion as a whole very much. We might not all agree on certain things but I think that the one thing we all have in common here for the most part is that we’re all hard core MMA fans and I feel it is a great honor to have the privelige of repersenting us. The feedback from fans and especially the feedback from this forum in particular has made me a much better commentator, and positive or negative I appreciate it very much.

Also an interesting little tidbit, someone said I seemed “off” at the weigh ins, and there’s kind of a funny story to that. There was some sort of an audio glitch and for the first half of the weigh ins there was the spanish broadcast blaring in my ear and the production truck couldn’t talk to me. No one could figure out what was going on either. It’s weird enough to try to talk when people speaking your own language are talking in your ear, but it’s extra fucked to try to talk when you’re hearing Spanish and you’re speaking English. So if I looked confused, that’s what was up :)

UFC 171 Video Highlights From Lombard-Shields, Jury-Sanchez

Check out some more highlights from UFC 171, as Hector Lombard does battle with Jake Shields and Myles Jury squares off against Diego Sanchez.

Both fights were part of the pay-per-view broadcast from Dallas.

Nick Diaz, As Only Nick Diaz Can, Holds Court

Former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz sounds like a man ready to fight again.

Diaz was in attendance for UFC 171, and even held his own media scrum after the event. The card featured the crowning of a new welterweight champion, as Johny Hendricks bested Robbie Lawler.

As for Diaz, he announced his retirement – for a second time – after a loss to Georges St-Pierre for the belt. He has been offered a fight recently, turning down the chance to face Carlos Condit.

“I’m ready to go, I’m ready to fight,” Diaz said (thanks to MMA H.E.A.T. for the quotes). “I’m ready to fight. I think I can win.”

Diaz, in typical Diaz lingo, stated added that “It’s a good time, seasonally. I’m kind of seasonal. Right now, this summer, this whole year, a fresh start.”

UFC president Dana White said he hasn’t had any discussions with Diaz about a return, and the fighter confirmed that.

“I don’t know how Dana feels about any of this,” he said.

You can hear the entire interview with Diaz in the video below:

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