Dana White to Chael Sonnen: Leave the Jokes to the Comedians (i.e., Fightlinker)

When Chael Sonnen made the following domestic violence joke on Monday on Fox Sports Live:

Look, Floyd needs to keep doing what he’s doing, which is fighting complete tomato cans who we’ve never heard of before. I’ve never seen anybody in the history of America get so rich and so famous off of having complete wimps throwing punch at their faces. I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, ‘Well, it’s happened before, what about Rihanna?’ Shame on you. Classless. I will not stand for it. Too soon? Was it too soon?

People got kinda mad. After all, violence against women jokes are kinda frowned upon. Dana White’s response:

First of all, the joke wasn’t that funny. He’s not a comedian, and you can’t make fun of domestic violence or any other thing. He’s a sports commentator and he’s got to knock that shit off. He’s got to stop. He’s got to stop or it’s not going to be good. Chael needs to stop the comedy and do what he’s on that show to do. He’s great at it. He’s super talented. Leave the jokes to the comedians.

Now that we know the jokes are best left to the professional comedians, we here at Fightlinker are more than happy to swoop in. What did the poop say when it took a pee? Fart… BJ Penn! Hahahahaha. That’s essentially what most of our jokes boil down to. Note that Dana didn’t actually say that Chael’s joke wasn’t funny at all. Actually, Chael’s Rihanna joke was funny. It was a clever analogy, even if the subject matter was offensive. That doesn’t mean it’s not funny… it means that the joke was both funny and offensive.

Unfortunately, the game of UFC personalities being as offensive as humanly possible with no consequences may only be able to continue for so long, as FOX Sports released a statement regarding the situation:

FOX Sports regrets the comments Chael Sonnen made during last night’s edition of FOX Sports Live. They were an inappropriate attempt at humor that Sonnen acknowledges shouldn’t have been made and he apologizes to anyone who may have been offended by his remarks.

Will this end up like things did when Joe Rogan used the phrase “cunty cunt” to refer to Yahoo blogger Maggie Hendricks? Dana white allegedly “addressed the situation directly with Joe,” after which Joe went straight back to “cunting it up” at least weekly on his podcast. This looks like it’s sizing up as a similar situation, which would be a more thorough response than the one Dana gave to Chael’s comments using “Brazilians” and “blowdarts” in the same sentence.

As someone who is relied upon to produce comedic material on a regular basis, I can understand Sonnen’s tendency to verbally extrapolate on things. It has had some hilarious consequences in the past. My vote is for Chael Sonnen to be allowed to make jokes about domestic violence as he sees fit. His actual crimes were financial ones, but even if they had been domestically violent, the joke would still be funny.

TUF confirms yet again that Ronda and Miesha really don’t like each other

One of the reason TUF coach rivalries have cooled off over the seasons was because there were less opportunities for forced interactions. When you only see the opposing coach in the TUF gym, that limits how annoying you become for one another. That hasn’t stopped Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey from verbally sparring on the regular, but a field trip to the Red Rock Casino during Episode 3 of TUF almost turned into a coaches brawl when the two teams were forced to hang out and watch a UFC on FOX together. See, aren’t field trips great? Here’s some extra context from some of the UFC TUF bloggers:

Jessica Rakoczy:

[I]t just wasn’t a comfortable night at all. It almost felt like it was dragging with all the tension. I think we would have almost rather have been home than have been in such an awkward, uncomfortable party.

As the tension between Ronda and Miesha Tate and the coaches escalated, it felt like it was on the verge of getting very bad. The teams were all separated while they were sitting down, and it didn’t seem like anybody was enjoying the night. I don’t even remember exactly how the bickering started. All of a sudden they were just fighting.

Jessamyn Duke:

Their body language told the story. Then I heard Ronda call for coach Edmond and the Armenian mafia, as we called them. It was intense because they just came through the crowd and we thought a brawl was going to break out.

All of the assistant coaches from each team were involved. It was a much bigger crowd than it seemed on the episode. It appeared that Bryan mouthed off to Ronda, so she mouthed off right back. Then Miesha showed up to defend her boyfriend, and we all know Ronda’s feeling on that situation, so things intensified.

The comments about Ronda’s lack of striking in combination with Bryan’s comments a year ago about knocking Ronda’s teeth down her throat set Edmond off, and he was ready to throw down right there.

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News Flash from Dana White: People Don’t Like Something about Jon Jones’ Personality

In a moment bound to convince everyone concerned of his massive deductive powers, UFC President Dana white recently stated that there is “something” about UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones’ personality that people do not like:

I think Jon Jones is one of those guys that gets a bad rap from everybody else too [like Mayweather] saying he’s too big for that division, he doesn’t deserve to be there, he should be in the fucking heavyweight division. If the guy makes 205 he’s a light heavyweight, okay? And all the criticism on how big he is… well now he’s fighting a guy who’s just as big as him, and has great stand up, has the reach, the leg reach, all the things that people have said that Jones always has over his opponents, this guy’s gonna have too. Which makes it very interesting. Jon Jones comes off as a heel because people don’t like him. For whatever reason people don’t like him, you know I don’t think it’s a black or a white thing. I think it’s something about his personality that people don’t like.

He followed it up by saying that Oscar De La Hoya snorts “some cocaine,” another comical understatement. Of course, none of this personality nonsense matters when your supreme physical athleticism has Gatorade, Nike, and the UFC lining up to plaster their logos on you. Jones needs us to think he has a good personality as much as a hooker needs a Master’s degree. His personality will never determine how many sponsorship dollars he gets… his actual fighting will.

But what could be the thing that people don’t like about Jones’ personality? The immature, spoiled brat personality he showed to Daniel Cormier? The sanctimonious bible tattoo plus DUI plus out-of-wedlock children combo? The fact that even Dan Henderson (a testosterone user who talks about other testosterone users’ testosterone use) calls him “not genuine”? Well, at least he might be a phony, but at least he’s a phony with a ton of money.


TUF fans beware: floating around on the internet right now are potential spoilers on who the two female TUF finalists are. I haven’t looked into it because I don’t want the results of the show ruined for me, so I can’t really comment one way or another on them. But know there are claims out there and be prepared for possible Snape killed Dumbledore style bullshit on forums across the MMA net-o-sphere-web.

That being said, our pal Roxanne Modafferi was having one of her twitter-announced fan chats and was asked what would happen if a contestant was caught leaking results. Her answer goes to show you how serious the UFC is about keeping cast from spoiling the finals.

(via /r/mma)

Why isn’t the Ontario MMA scene flourishing?

The suckitude of the Ontario Athletic Commission is a topic we at Fightlinker care a great deal about, mainly because we live here and are appalled at how the OAC effectively strangles the growth of MMA in this province at every turn. We have pointed out many problems with how things are run but Canadian prospect Ryan Dickson really hits the nail on the head with yet another indictment of how the OAC does things:

“The way they do it out there [in Alberta] is awesome. We were talking with one of the commissioners there and he was telling us that the way they do it there is so much better. I don’t understand why Ontario has so many issues. They haven’t had any issues or anything with safety in Alberta and they’re running multiple shows every week it seems like. I don’t understand what the problem with Ontario’s commission is.”

Dickson astutely identifies part of the problem as the head of the OAC, Ken Hayashi, whose opinion on the sport seems to range from indifference to outright contempt. Hayashi’s rumoured six-figure taxpayer-funded salary is a flat fee paid to him regardless of how many or how few shows the province approves. A stark contrast from some of the commissions in Alberta, who are paid strictly on a percentage of events.

“The commissioner [at the Havoc event], he makes almost nothing. He has to have another gig to make money. He gets paid per show and makes next to nothing. While Ken Hayashi runs one or two shows a year, he makes the same as he would if he ran a show every week. So why would he want to step up? He’s getting 100 G’s or something for one or two shows. He can let the UFC come to town once a year and then go do something else. It’s funny that we get excited here for two shows, while in Alberta they have two shows in one weekend. But we’re getting excited for two shows that we’ve only heard of. It’s crazy.”

Now realistically you can’t just blame one person or the way one person gets paid as the sole reason MMA in Ontario sucks so much. But until someone comes up with a detailed analysis as to how exactly the OAC is crippling things in Ontario, oversimplifications are okay by me.

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