If the thought of waiting another week to see elite heavyweights punch each other in the effin’ face is just too much to bear, GLORY 11’s got your fix tomorrow with a 4-man tournament for their vacant title, featuring an all top-10 staff of Saki, Ghita, Braddock Silva, and Verhoeven.  And they’re now on Spike TV, so you won’t be reduced to a pirate video of a Russian rebroadcast like I was last time.

Headlining the show is a light heavyweight rematch between Tyrone Spong and Australia’s Nathan “Carnage” Corbett.  Spong is GLORY’s top dog at 95kg, but Corbett is a multiple time Muay Thai champ who flattened Spong back in 2009, but then NC’d himself by re-attacking just after the ref waved it off.  That’s the sole blemish on his record in 28 fights stretching back to 2006, so he should be a serious threat for the surging Spong.

In the co-main event, Canada’s top welterweight prospect Joseph Valtellini (#6) takes on France’s Karim Ghajji (#5), who has literally 10 times as many fights on his resume (!).  Also on the card, Errol Zimmerman looks to break his losing streak in the tourney reserve bout, Sergei Kharitonov fights the gigantic Daniel Sam, and the former #1 LHW Danyo Ilunga takes on #6 ranked Michael Duut.

Check out the full card HERE, and Spong and Corbett’s first fight after the jump:

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A Tale of Two Silvas

We’re getting a bit gif crazy, even for Fightlinker. But I would be remiss in my duties as a relayer of sweet MMA content if I didn’t share both Dong Hyun Kim’s knockout of Erick Silva and UFC matchmaker Joe (no relation) Silva’s reaction to it.

Bonus gif after the jump: Erick Silva crying blood.

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This is why Fox Sports loves Chael Sonnen – they get something like an 11:1 ratio of amusing antics to domestic abuse scandals with him around.

(gif via Zombie Prophet)

The best knockout you didn’t see from last night’s card

Kicking off Fox Sports 1’s UFC Fight Night coverage on Wednesday afternoon was Allan Patrick vs Garett Whiteley, and what a way to start the show! Patrick is one of those Brazilian guys who is apparently unafraid to fire off some ambitious capoeira moves during and after his fights. It’s hard to tell what kind of prospect he is based on one quick finish against another UFC virgin, but I’m definitely very excited to see more of him!

Demian Maia won that fight, according to judge Demian Maia

Jake Shields did was Jake Shields does best last night and shut down Demian Maia for just enough of their five round fight to squeak out a decision. In the least surprising development ever, Maia thinks he got screwed over and opened up in the post fight press conference on exactly how he had things scored.

“The fight was decided in the fifth round. I think I won that round. I defended the takedowns and I believe I had the more effective stand up. I cannot understand the judges. My strategy was to defend the takedowns in the last part and try to stand upright. In the first round, I was more dangerous but it could have been given to anyone. The second he won. The third I think I won, and fourth and fifth.”

MMA Fighting:

Judge Richard Bertrand and Sal D’Amato gave Shields the win, and Guilherme Bravo scored the contest 48-47 to the Brazilian. Maia thinks the judges should open up and explain their scores after the fight.

“I think the judges should make their criteria more clear, and the judges should go public,” he said. “A decision like this change a fighter’s life and these guys never show up. They need to show up. They need to know the responsibility they have with judging, and they should clarify the rules.”

MMA Junkie provides the scorecard and here’s the Fightmetric report. MMA Decisions has media outlets giving the fight to Shields by an 8 to 3 score with 2 draws. My scoring is skewed by the fact that I think Jake Shields is all about the dump and hump / wall and stall and the only thing he really deserves for that is to be shot out of a cannon into the sun.

Okay, maybe he’s got a few slick moves.

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