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Ryan Couture has no regrets (other than losing)

One of the first victims of this latest round of fighter cuts was Ryan Couture, who has gone 0-2 since Strikeforce folded into the UFC. Many wondered how the breakup went considering the bad blood between UFC prez Dana White and Ryan’s father Randy, but it sounds like Ryan is cool with how things unfolded:

“I don’t regret the approach we took. I still don’t feel a need to be on anyone’s [expletive] list,” Ryan says with a chuckle.“Besides, with dad’s schedule and how often he has to be out of town, even the country, there’s no guarantee he would have been able to make my fights anyway. So, it might have been a fight for no reason.”

Couture didn’t personally get another call from White to share the bad news of his release but Ryan says he wasn’t surprised at being cut.

“My manager got a call from Joe Silva who told him that they liked me and the way I did things but that they have a lot of guys right now and they just don’t have anything for me right now and that I should go build myself back up with some more wins,” Ryan said.

As for what’s next…

“I don’t know what direction we will go yet. I just started getting back to training. We’ll discuss things at some point and see what opportunities are out there, whether it is the bigger shows like Bellator or the World Series of Fighting – and I don’t know if they have an interest in me – or regional shows,” Ryan said.

“I’m as motivated as I ever was. Fighting is what I love to do.”

So long as Couture has that bank name and the will to fight, there’s gonna be people willing to pay him to fight in the cage. Unfortunately, most of those people will be looking to put their guy over by beating a Couture.


Michael Bisping’s eye situation continues to sound really really bad. Fighters Only Magazine’s John Joe O’Regan was around for the latest scary incident:

im staying at mike’s for a few days here in LA; i just got in from visiting Alliance in San Diego and saw his girlfriend, she had just got back from taking him to Pasedena hospital. He’s undergoing surgery, his eye was causing him agony apparently

Ariel Helwani later clarified that while Bisping had gone to the hospital over severe eye pain, he didn’t undergo another surgery. Hopefully this latest scare will finally convince him to get off his feet and lay around doing nothing for a couple of months until the chances his eye melts out of his head decrease.

He’s been way too stubborn for his own good every step of the way with this injury, from fighting twice with it to attempting some leftfield quick fix so he could still fight Mark Munoz in Manchester. Even after the surgery to deal with things after that first surgery didn’t work, he was still exercising and working on his cardio. We left ‘tough’ behind a long time ago and are now way into ‘dumb bastard’ territory. As boss as Bisping happens to look with an eye patch, it’d be slightly better for him if it were a temporary look.

(pic via Michael Bisping’s Instagram)

The Gods of MMA can be cruel indeed. This past weekend was supposed to be a great one for WMMA – legendary pound for pound #1 female fighter Megumi Fujii had her big retirement fight against the next generation’s #1 strawweight Jessica Aguilar. Everything was set for an epic showdown that would not only determine the top fighter at 115 pounds but send Fujii off in a worthy fashion. Unfortunately…

During an action-packed first round, Fujii took two inadvertent eye-pokes, which prompted a lengthy delay and a doctor’s examination. She opted to fight on, but as the second round wore on and Aguilar delivered a steady stream of combinations, Fujii’s injured eye swelled shut and hindered her version.

Before the third round began, the doctor consulted with the ref, and the bout was waved off. Aguilar was awarded the dubious TKO victory.

What a way to go out. But perhaps this highlights the reasons Fujii is getting out of the sport. Pouring your heart and soul into a fight only to have it ruined by judges or in this case a freak eye poke incident. Megumi has been toiling for nearly a decade and has nothing left to prove. It just would have been nice if her final fight hadn’t gone completely off the rails like this. And they can’t even do it again because right afterwards Vale Tudo Japan held a huge 45 minute retirement ceremony.

On the glass half full side of things, we can still remember Megumi Fujii for the 28 great fights she put on rather than this last fight that got borked. It will be a long time before anyone – even Ronda Rousey – comes close to touching her legacy as the best female MMA fighter ever.

Not my opinion of the best, and probably not yours either, but some damn slick finishes none the less. It was especially nice seeing Dustin Hazelett again at #5 – MMA lost an American Aoki when he retired back in 2010. Why can’t guys like him come back? Instead we get stuck with Matt Riddle.


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