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Coach Involved In Thiago Silva Incident Details Own Family Issues

Pablo Popovitch, the man who Thiago Silva threatened during his public incident in Florida that landed him in jail, is coming forth with more details on the whole ordeal.

Popovitch and Silva’s estranged wife, were put in danger when Silva entered Popovitch’s gym with a weapon. Eventually, the now-former UFC fighter left and barricaded himself in his home. Police and SWAT were able to get him out without incident, and Silva just recently was granted bail.

Here’s what Popovitch posted on Facebook, detailing his own failed marriage and why that might have played a role in all this:

To all my friends and for those who know me:

What a struggle this has been for me. I worked so hard my whole life to build my gym, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center, which I consider my home, my family. Recently it seems like the news, and my ex-wife (whom has become my worst nightmare), is destroying what my family and I took so long to achieve.

My marriage has been in turmoil for such a long time now, my wife, whom my whole my family always warned me about, and I never wanted to listen. I always gave her the best, and one day I realized after she helped me distance myself from my whole family, including my mom, who was always my best friend, and passed away 3 years ago, because of her inability to be a comprehensive person, and extremely selfish. One day I realized, that this person whom I had two children with, and lived almost 10 years of my life, never really loved me, never told me congratulations for one fight. Always seemed more interested in how much money I would make, and she could profit from, then us as a family. I don’t want to spill all of my personal life, and it’s not even the right thing to do, that’s why it took me so long to say anything. But at this point, the fact that she makes it seem like our marriage was so perfect, that she is such a perfect mom to our two boys, just makes me sick.

We have been living in different rooms for over a year now. While she slept in the master bedroom, I slept in the floor of an office. She filed for divorce in 2011, and we tried to reconcile. It didn’t work, again living with someone who was more interested in everything she had going on, than working on us. I met Thaisa, and we trained together for a while. I’m not saying that us ending up together was the right thing to do, but what is the right thing to do, try to work things out with someone who instead of helping us grow, and that I literally found out would pocket the money I’d give her for groceries, to leave our refrigerator always empty, so she can buy personal things. Who when we started having financial difficulties, and I asked to help out around the house by working, she would straight out tell me that she worked already too much, ONE HOUR A DAY in her bootcamp. When I told her she had talent, and she should also maybe become a personal trainer at a gym, she would make comments like “they only pay $35.00 an hour.”

Everything was settled for us, we made an agreement, we decided to get our own places. I waited till she found an apartment for her to live with my boys, paid for moving, the move in costs for the rental. Gave her the money we had agreed on that I would give her every month. I was taking my boys every other weekend, and seeing them twice a week. Everything was perfect. Then she started contacting Thiago Silva, sending him pictures and creating a bigger fire than it was on how long I have actually been with Thaisa. I guess she needed revenge for us not working out. When she found out that I was seeing Thaisa, she started calling my little sister, me and my brother-in -law, freaked out that she knew Thaisa’s ex-husband was crazy, and telling us to be careful. That if he found out, he would go insane. Later we found out, after he was arrested, that when the detective got ahold of his phone, it was Fabianna provoking everything. She would text me that she was scared of this guy, and right after text him egging him on to get pissed and come after me. I have evidence that the day Thiago Silva came to my gym, and threatened us. She sent a message to both my sister and brother in law scared for her life our families life because Thiago had threatened her and the family. The same day, at night he came to my gym with a gun, screaming out my name, and threating everyone at the school. Funny enough, last week, the mother of my kids, goes to court to defend this monster, that could have killed me, the father of her kids, or even her own kids, that were at the gym training jiu-jitsu just a few hours before. Why would she defend him, but yet try to scare the whole family that he could hurt anyone of us? What kind of games is she playing with this guy? What kind of mother is she? I don’t know who this person Fabianna is anymore. She jeopardizes everything, me seeing my boys, my business, our peace of spirit for her revenge.

The crazy part is, I couldn’t understand why this guy came to my gym, he has a girlfriend, has another girl in Brazil pregnant of 5 months, why the hate towards someone he is clearly not with anymore for some time? It’s all clear now, Fabianna drove him so much over the edge, exaggerating how long I have really been with Thaisa, and everything else she did to persuade him to come to the gym with a gun.

I hope that soon enough I get my gym to be in peace again, and have my family go back to normal. I miss my boys, and this is a nightmare.

Popovitch has since taken the message down from his Facebook page.

Latest Anderson Silva Update: Former Champ Using His Injured Leg In Training

Anderson Silva has taken another huge step towards a complete recovery, releasing a video of himself kicking a giant ball around.

While this doesn’t sound too crazy, the leg Silva is using – his left – is the same one he broke just this past December against Chris Weidman.

“The Spider” appears hell-bent on making a return to action as soon as possible. Thanks to UOL Esporte for the video.

Wanderlei Silva Says He Will “Destroy” Chael Sonnen

Wanderlei Silva has returned to his video blog ways, putting out an episode as The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 debuted on UFC Fight Pass Sunday evening.

The reality series features Silva and Chael Sonnen coaching Brazilian fighters. The two long-time rivals will finally square off this May at UFC Fight Night from Brazil.

Most of the talk surrounding the season centers around an incident involving the two coaches in which they had to be separated. For “The Axe Murderer,” the “brawl” only fueled his fire.

“It made me feel younger to brawl with that guy,” he said. “You guys will love it. I got a feel for it and I can tell I will destroy him.”

He added that the decision by the UFC to pair them up was an excellent one, saying, “it couldn’t be a bigger rivalry.”

As for the actual season of TUF, Silva stated “it was hard for filming. Those were 40 tough days. There was a fight every three days.

“It was hard for me because I get very emotionally invested. Training together, we became a team. They were like my sons to me.”

Check out the five-minute interview in the video below:

Michael Johnson Left Frustrated By Melvin Guillard Passiveness

Michael Johnson stepped in and replaced Ross Pearson for a bout with Melvin Guillard at UFC Fight Night 37 expecting to have a war to remember.

Instead, Johnson was left frustrated and disappointed – despite picking up the unanimous decision victory. And he wasn’t the only one.

UFC president Dana White stated his feelings on the three-round co-main event, saying “I was excited for that fight….and it just didn’t happen. There’s no doubt Melvin ran the entire fight and was incredibly passive – the complete opposite of how he used to fight.”

Johnson had similar thoughts during the post-fight interview.

“He was talking a lot of shit before the fight and I expected him to do something,” he said. “Instead, he didn’t. I did think he was a little scared of me. It was obvious he didn’t want a piece of me.”

Johnson (15-8) has now won three straight since a pair of back-to-back losses, including victories over Guillard, Gleison Tibau and Joe Lauzon.

Jon Jones Turns Into Joe Silva On Twitter

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones might be onto something.

After seeing Alexander Gustafsson take care of Jimi Manuwa this past Saturday, Jones feels that “The Mauler” should have to win another fight before getting his championship rematch.

For what it’s worth, UFC president Dana White did confirm Gustafsson – who lost via decision to Jones last year – as the next contender. “Bones” meets Glover Teixeira next month.

But, does Jones have a point? Here’s what he said on Twitter about the proposed Gustafsson-Cormier bout:

“Why not give the winner of Alexander and DC the winner of myself and Glover?? Call me what you want but I can’t be the only person who thinks that makes perfect sense,” Jones wrote. “I see DC congratulating Alexander and making comments about waiting his turn now. I wonder if they’re afraid to fight each other?

People who don’t like to think are quick to call me afraid.”

Gustafsson did make a “call-out” to face Jones, and the champ responded by stating, “My hands are tired. I’m fighting Glover April 26th.”

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