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Matt Brown sez “Thanks, Obama.”

Although I’ve never met one of these people in real life, America is apparently full of people who blame Obama for this current government shutdown. And while I haven’t heard many of these people complain about the programs for needy mothers and children that have shut down, you know they’re pissed off about war monuments and vacation spots being shuttered. Oh, and The Troops not getting sports coverage. Matt Brown takes El Blacko Presidente to task for this:

“I have the highest respect for our soldiers and wish all the best for them. Apparently, Obama thinks differently. Our soldiers should be treated with respect and should not be subject to the downfalls of the American political system. It’s very disheartening to hear that our soldiers are suffering even more than usual because our politicians can not agree on anything. The last people that should suffer is them. Again, Obama thinks differently. I wish the troops the best and hope I can make a difference in getting some entertainment back to them.”

Brown had a message for Obama and his administration: “I would tell the president that he needs a reality check. He should go serve for a year in the Middle East and see firsthand what it is like to be there. Obviously, he has no clue and no empathy for these men and women.”

I can only assume this is Matt slowly ramping up on some smack talk before inevitably challenging / threatening Barack Obama, Jacob Volkmann style.

Fighters are all over twitter like fat kids on cake, so will they end up using videoclip sharing platforms like Vine and Instagram Video in similar numbers? I dunno, but this clip from Urijah Faber of Chad Mendez showing off some serious push up swagger makes me hope so. This seems like something Pat Barry was born to use…


Get with it Barry, the Youtubes are for grandpas.

We’ve seen fighters run out of the cage both when they’ve lost (Forrest Griffin) and won (Jose Aldo, Fo-Griff again), but either way, they usually at least wait until the fight’s over before taking off.  But in Brazil last weekend, Claudinei “Kall” Angelo (now 4-5) decided “fuck this, I’m outta here” right in the middle of his bout with Evilasio “Puma” Silva (now 8-12) at JF Fight Evolution.  MMAFighting gives us some context:

Angelo was controlling the action when Angelo’s mouthpiece fell on the mat. Flavio Almendra stopped the bout and asked Angelo to get back his mouthpiece. It happened again, and Almendra stopped the bout once again.

When Angelo clearly spat his mouthpiece to recover from the punches, the referee refused to stop the fight. Angelo went on and asked for a “time out”. Silva and Almendra didn’t understood what he was asking for, but Angelo decided to quit. The door was locked, so his only way out was jumping off the fence and leaving the arena.

I was going to say that Angelo can now add “DQ (Rage Quit)” to his increasingly poor record, but I think it was less about anger than about him simply losing all will to fight.  Regardless, this ranks right up there with such noble defeats as Nick Serra’s “DQ (Wouldn’t Get Up From Butt Scoot)”, Mestre Hulk’s “DQ (Crawling out of the Ring)”, and Joe Son’s “Submission (Terror)”.  Stand proud, Angelo!

Wait for it. Wait. For. It. No, not that. Yeah, that.

Ryan Couture has no regrets (other than losing)

One of the first victims of this latest round of fighter cuts was Ryan Couture, who has gone 0-2 since Strikeforce folded into the UFC. Many wondered how the breakup went considering the bad blood between UFC prez Dana White and Ryan’s father Randy, but it sounds like Ryan is cool with how things unfolded:

“I don’t regret the approach we took. I still don’t feel a need to be on anyone’s [expletive] list,” Ryan says with a chuckle.“Besides, with dad’s schedule and how often he has to be out of town, even the country, there’s no guarantee he would have been able to make my fights anyway. So, it might have been a fight for no reason.”

Couture didn’t personally get another call from White to share the bad news of his release but Ryan says he wasn’t surprised at being cut.

“My manager got a call from Joe Silva who told him that they liked me and the way I did things but that they have a lot of guys right now and they just don’t have anything for me right now and that I should go build myself back up with some more wins,” Ryan said.

As for what’s next…

“I don’t know what direction we will go yet. I just started getting back to training. We’ll discuss things at some point and see what opportunities are out there, whether it is the bigger shows like Bellator or the World Series of Fighting – and I don’t know if they have an interest in me – or regional shows,” Ryan said.

“I’m as motivated as I ever was. Fighting is what I love to do.”

So long as Couture has that bank name and the will to fight, there’s gonna be people willing to pay him to fight in the cage. Unfortunately, most of those people will be looking to put their guy over by beating a Couture.

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