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Life Without Georges St. Pierre Won’t Suck

Georges St. Pierre is leaving us, maybe forever or maybe not, but either way, homeboy is outta here. Yes, that’s some huge, paradigm shift-type stuff – especially since GSP has been fighting in the Octagon since 2004, and fans who’ve come aboard the MMA train since the inception of TUF don’t know a UFC universe without the Canadian atop (or near the top of) the welterweight division. And yes, the dude has grown into both a symbol of what the elite in the sport can be and a tried-and-true pay-per-view bonanza for the UFC . But guess what? He’s gone now, and everything is going to be just fine.
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GSP Conference Call Liveblog

I am currently on the GSP “special announcement” conference call, so I will give you live updates. Keep hitting “refresh”.

  • Right now I’m on hold. The music is placid and generic, like someone on a ton of Xanax playing some interminable concerto.
  • Twitter is a-buzz with speculation, and the word on the street is that some Canadian news outlet (“equivalent to ESPN”) is reporting that GSP will be stepping away from the sport for an undetermined amount of time and giving up the belt. I think it’s aliens. Has to be aliens.
  • The call is underway.
  • GSP: “I’ve talked to Dana and Lorenzo about it. I’ve been fighting for a very long time… I’ve decided I needed to take some time off. I understand that the UFC is a business… so I vacate my title out of respect for the other competitors.”
  • He leaves the door open to possibly coming back some day, but right now, homeboy needs “a break”.
  • GSP is speaking French now. My French is rusty, but I think he’s surrendering.
  • “It is like every fight I am carrying a lot of weight on my shoulders… At one point, it became so heavy that I feel like I can’t carry the weight for myself.”
  • And the phone call just disconnected. GSP literally retired and threw the mic down and walked away.
  • Dana White announces that Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler will be fighting for the vacant UFC welterweight belt at UFC 171 on March 15.
  • Also, GSP’s contract is frozen, not matter if he’s out for six weeks or six years. Sorry, Bellator, but hands off!
GSP to Hold Media Conference Call Today – Why?

Beleaguered welterweight king Georges St. Pierre will be holding a special media conference call today at 2:20pm EST. There’s no word yet on what the call is about, but as rumors have swirled relentlessly as to whether or not GSP will soon retire, speculation as to the nature of the call has been running rampant. What do we know for sure at this point?

  • GSP took a beating at UFC 167, retained his belt by the skin of his teeth, and seemed on the verge of announcing his retirement afterwards.
  • TMZ likes to follow St. Pierre around and ask him about baby-mama drama.
  • His dad is maybe sick, maybe not.
  • He’s pretty Canadian.
  • Dana White will also be on the call, but that could be to add profanity to what would otherwise be a rated-G conversation.

Check back here for updates as the news breaks. Yes, I will be on the call, listening intently and taking notes FOR YOU.

Royler Gracie Talks About His First Fight

Royler Gracie is, as you might have guessed, a pretty decent jiu-jitsu guy. His MMA game, however, is only okay. Anyway, here he is talking about his first fight. Listen up, because you might learn something.

TUF 20 to Pretty Much Be an Invicta FC Event

Women. You can’t live with ‘em, you can’t live without ‘em taking over an entire season of The Ultimate Fighter.

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