Well, not really – the fight between Roxanne Modafferi and Jessica Rakoczy went down weeks ago, but tonight is the night it airs on The Ultimate Fighter. And how did Roxanne spend the day before the show (also her birthday)? On a play-date with Rakoczy and her baby boy.

Man, how does she train? It seem so exhausting! She’s a single mother. Her son is four. Just watching them, I can see that she is a really good mother. I already respected her, but it went to a whole new level seeing her run around playing with her son in the park, already exhausted from a tough work-out with her coach earlier in the day. She never gets a break. She’s remarkable.

I really enjoyed our time together. We talked about the episode we’re both in (because we get sneak peeks so we’ve seen it already) and about life in general.

Then I played on the slides!! :D I mean, I played with her son on the slides. Then I went on the swings!! I mean, I played on the swings with Jesse. THEN I climbed on the rock wall….! With Jesse. And this funky rotating bar-swing thingie?! I had so much fun. I was SO tired. Dude, I got tired before her kid! We decided to call it a day, and Jesse started pouting. hahaha This is why I’m not gonna have a kid while I’m still a fighter.

Oh yeah, watch us fight tomorrow on The Ultimate Fighter on Fox Sports 1 at 7 PM PT / 10 PM EST. :D

We’ll be hosting a special Fightlinker Chat so drop in and talk shit with us! And until then, occupy yourself with this Roxy interview after the jump.

(pic via Roxy’s blog)

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What’s Diego Sanchez been up to lately? Inside the cage … not much. A loss to Jake Ellenberger and decision win over Takanori Gomi are the only two fights over the past two years. But outside the cage, Diego has been learning life lessons the hard way. Here he is talking about his downward spiral into rich sports oblivion:

This was the first time in my life that I had money, I had fame, and I had opportunity. I was going for the belt. Real close to getting the belt. Then I moved to San Diego. Had the fame at an all time high, just got Fight of the Year [we all remember that acceptance speech] and I was gonna be fighting for the world championship. And I was just going wow. I became a single bachelor. I was drinking, I was smoking. Had some bad influences around me. And my MMA went down.

This is my opportunity, this is my dream. And it came crashing down. Lost the fight to BJ Penn. Got my head split open. That was the worst outing of my career. I shoulda been humbled then but it didn’t stop. Because then I had a lot more money. All of a sudden, rock bottom. I’ll never forget the moment: sitting in a hotel in Vegas ordering room service and “Your card is declined.” I’m like ‘No way, I should have had at least another 150,000 in the bank.’ And I had a guy who was my best friend that hadn’t just robbed me so bad. He did a ponzi scheme on me. Just emptied my account.

Rock bottom. I had to hit rock bottom to snap out of the life I was living. Honestly what that guy did to me was the best blessing that ever happened to me because i got my life together.

If that’s rock bottom for Diego, it’s a pretty soft rock. I’m sure there are rock bottom stories in Vegas that’ll make your hair white and your teeth curly. Getting declined on room service doesn’t quite stack up to the toxic mess that can be created in a state where gambling and prostitution are both legal. Sanchez is lucky he wasn’t stuck turning tricks on the side of the freeway in order to earn busfare back to Greg Jackson’s.

The UFC’s Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 now has a trailer to remind you of all the awesome fights that went down over the past year. Big fights like Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2, Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos 2, Vitor Belfort vs Michael Bisping, Georges St Pierre vs Nick Diaz, Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche, Wanderlei Silva vs Brian Stann, and Benson Henderson vs Gilbert Melendez.

And let us not forget some of the other awesome wars and shitkickings: Cat Zingano vs Miesha Tate, Jimi Manuwa vs Kyle Kingsbury, Rory MacDonald vs BJ Penn, Anthony Pettis vs Cowboy Cerrone, Big Nog vs Dave Herman, Demian Maia vs Rick Story, Josh Thomson vs Nate Diaz, Ross Pearson vs George Sotiropoulos, Bigfoot Silva vs Alistair Overeem, Junior Dos Santos vs Mark Hunt, Robbie Lawlor vs Josh Koscheck, Johny Hendricks vs Carlos Condit, Pat Barry vs Shane del Rosario, Jordan Mein vs Dan Miller, Conor McGregor vs Marcus Brimage, Matt Brown vs Jordan Mein, Rustam Khabilov vs Vinc Pichel, Vitor Belfort vs Luke Rockhold,  Mike Pyle vs Rick Story, and Fabricio Werdum vs Big Nog amongst others.

All on a giant stack of plastic discs. Look at that stack. This set is the Hummer of DVD collections.


So how’s Jon Jones doing?

You know you were in a helluva fight when people are still worried for your health on Tuesday. The way Jones limped out of the cage Saturday night, there was some serious concerns that the champ might be so fucked up he may not even be ready for the totally hypothetical Superbowl rematch in February we’ve all decided is happening. Let’s get clarification on that from Dana White:

We’re gonna figure that out on Wednesday. [Jones] is good. I talked to him yesterday. He’s good, he’s home. His foot’s okay. There was some talk about him having a hairline fracture in his foot. Dr Malki [Jones' agent] said that apparently [laughs]. [Reporter asks about a report that the foot was 'shattered'] That’s not true. That problably came from Dr Malki as well. I spoke to Dr Malki on Sunday and he sid he fractured his foot but all the doctors and they said that wasn’t true.

I talked to Jon last night. I mean, he’s fine. He’s feeling like he was in a five round war. The thing I love about Jon Jones and his evolution and him becoming this champion that he’s becoming. When I talked to him last night normally I don’t care who you are, if you’re in a war like those guys were in a war on Saturday night, like ‘Fuckin leave me alone for a couple of weeks, I don’t even want to hear the word fight.’ And I talked to Jones last night and he was just like “I love that fight. I love that fight. I learned so much in that fight last night” He couldn’t say enough good things about the fight and how fun it was. It’s not what I expected to hear right after the fight.

That’s a positive sign! The unspoken comparison here is between Shitty Champion Jon Jones who pulled the plug on UFC 151 and this new Jones who seems game for an immediate rematch. A guy who is ready and willing to take the fight fans obviously want to see next rather than insist on fighting Teixeira for vague artistic reasons. A champion that isn’t content with a close decision. A champion that wants to go out and smack Gustafsson down decisively next time. Dana White may just be weaving a little narrative here, but I dig it. Sign me up for this Storytime Express where the top fighters are eager to face off and the words “I don’t believe X has done enough to deserve Y” are never uttered in public again.


After Pat Healy was forced to shave his beard off for his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov, I was hoping the UFC might step up and say enough with this chicanery. 99% of the time, these requests to the commission for hair and beard trims are more pre-fight brinksmanship – another way to get into your opponent’s head. But at this point it’s starting to get stupid, and awesome beards across the UFC are ending up shorn. Unfortunately, if someone is going to defend hair, it isn’t gonna be Dana White. Surprise surprise there.

Daniel Cormier, who will meet Nelson in the co-main event at UFC 166 in Houston next month, has already indicated that he plans on requesting the local commission order Nelson shave his infamous scraggly beard before the heavyweight bout.

“I don’t want that nasty thing rubbing on my face either if I was in a fight,” said White. “I hate that whole, you can grow a beard down to here and still fight in MMA thing. You know? It’s not even allowed in boxing, and they don’t go to the ground and have side control. Who would want that thing laying on their face? Seriously? That long, nasty, ratty looking thing in your mouth, rubbing on your face. It’s ridiculous.”

“First they came for Roy Nelson’s beard and I said nothing because yeah, it does look a little gross….” Mark my words: we’re going to end up in a Bob Arum world where all MMA fighters are skinheads if we don’t nip these complaints to commissions in the bud soon. What can you do to stop the insanity? Let fighters know via twitter that their racist anti-beard stance will not be tolerated. Let’s not sugar coat it – let’s call a spade a spade! This is FORCED SHAVING, and a generation from now we will look back and shake our heads in disgust that we participated in it.

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