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At Least He’s Smiling Again – Right?

When last we saw Anderson Silva, the former UFC middleweight champ was being carted out of the Octagon on a stretcher, screaming in absolute pain with a splint on his shattered shin. But four days removed from his horrifying UFC 168 experience – an experience that included a failed bid to reclaim his belt after champ Chris Weidman checked a kick and inadvertently broke his leg – Silva tweeted a pic of himself on crutches, smiling and with family.
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Yup, Japanese MMA is Still Dead

Antonio Inoki’s 2013 Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye event in Tokyo at Ryogoku Kokugikan, brought to you with support from North Korean politicos. North Korea, the country always threatening to launch a nuclear strike on Japan. North Korea, the country ran by Kim Jong-Un, the crazy dictator who recently executed his uncle. Kim Jong-Un, whose father had close ties with Antonio Inoki because of Rikidozan and allowed Inoki to run Pyongyang Stadium for a two-day wrestling holiday in which Inoki beat Ric Flair.

This is what the Japanese MMA scene looks like 10 years after three major broadcast television networks financed gigantic combat sports shows.
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Silva Injury Update

Dr. Steven Sanders, the man who performed the leg operation on former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, offered an update on the condition of “The Spider” on Monday.

“I have been taking trauma calls at the hospital (University Medical Center) since I moved to Las Vegas in 1991,” said Sanders on a media teleconference Monday (thanks to for the quotes), “so when the injury occurred, seeing it, the only question I had in my mind was ‘how low down on the leg was the fracture?’ Because depending on the level of the fracture, influences my thinking as to what type of orthopedic device I’m going to need to fix it. But the minute it occurred, I’m sitting there going ‘that’s fixable.’”
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Anderson Silva Made a Deal with the Devil

Anderson Silva made a deal with the Devil, and this past Saturday the Devil got his due.

“I can give you fame,” said the Devil, on a summer night in 2006. “Fame and riches and accolades unheard of,” and Anderson listened to the offer, listened as the Devil listed among the consideration words such as “legacy” and “reverence” and “respect”.

What was it that cinched the deal for the lanky Brazilian with the deadly-accurate striking and the high rank in jiu-jitsu? Maybe it was the promise of greatness. Maybe it was the chance to live comfortably and provide for his family. Or maybe it was simply because what the Devil seemed to want in return was what Anderson was already so good at providing – that is, violence, graceful and balletic violence.
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UFC 168 After-Action Report

Aside from the train wreck of an ending, UFC 168 was a pretty exciting event.  Of the five main card fights, zero went to the judges’ scorecards, and most ended early, with only Rousey and Tate making it to the third round.  There were some dominant performances on the undercard as well, with William “Patelino” Macario’s bloody domination of Bobby Voelker, and Michael Johnson’s second-round knockout of Gleison Tibau.

The momentum continued right along through the main card, and by the time the main event was about to go down, the excitement was at a fever pitch.  Finally, the questions would be answered.  Finally, we would know what to make of the first fight between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva, and we’d truly know which one of these two is truly superior in mixed martial arts.
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