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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was caught off-guard a bit when the UFC decided to release a promotional video highlighting the interaction he had with Daniel Cormier off-camera.

Jones, who meets Cormier on January 3 at UFC 182, stated on a recent episode of “UFC Tonight” that he was bothered by the decision, but understands it’s “in the best interest” of the company to use it.

The two were being interviewed on ESPN after their infamous brawl following a press conference. When the live cameras went off, the two traded barbs, with “Bones” threatening to kill Cormier.

“At first I was a little offended that the UFC would post something like that,” he said. “I don’t think it’s healthy for the general public to see the UFC champion say they’re going to kill someone. I don’t think it’s really in my best interest.”

Jones has had a few previous run-ins with the company, including his decision to not fight Chael Sonnen on short notice a few years back that ultimately led to the cancellation of an entire UFC pay-per-view event.

“It’s in the UFC’s best interest (to use the video),” Jones said. “So I kind of had to swallow my pride. I said it.”

Below is the video promo Jones was referring to:

UFC FN 58 Main Card Results and Play-by-Play

The prelims for UFC FN 58 have been sent to the record book, so lets move to the main card. In the headliner, Lyoto Machida will battle fellow middleweight contender CB Dollaway, and in the co-headliner, former bantamweight champ Renan Barao will take on Mitch Gagnon.

Antonio dos Santos Jr. vs. Daniel Sarafian

Dos Santos Jr.  fires a leg kick to begin the fight but Sarafian counters with punches. Sarafian lands a stiff jab not long after. Sarafian launches a head kick that grazes off the head of dos Santos Jr., who sends the middleweight to the mat with a follow up right. Sarafian works his way back up. Wow. Both guys are chee-ucking punches. Dos Santos wings a hard left hook that just misses. Crazy. Both guys continue to whip punches. Sarafian takes dos Santos Jr. down but the latter quickly jumps back up. Dos Santos Jr. clips Sarafian with a right hook. Sarafian shoots in for a takedown and the round ends.

Round 2: Sarafian throws a leg kick that hits dos Santos Jr. low. The middleweights exchange leg kicks. What? Dos Santos Jr. dislocates his finger, calls for the action to halt, and then pops it back in. Ref calls the bout anyways. You’re not allowed to just wave on a break if there’s no foul. Unfortunate end to what was a pretty nice fight.

Daniel Sarafian def. Antonio dos Santos Jr. via TKO (dislocated finger) R2, 1:01

Mike Rhodes vs. Erick Silva

Erick Silva comes out firing and takes Rhodes down promptly. The latter looks for a guillotine but Silva pops his head out. The latter quickly passes into side mount. Wow. Silva works into a side choke and starts cranking it. Rhodes is out. Now that’s how you finish folks.

Erick Silva def. Mike Rhodes via technical submission (arm-triangle-choke) R1, 1:15

UFC announces that “Rampage” Jackson is returning to the promotion. His return fight hasn’t been announced. Chances are Bellator’s going to take issue with this…

Rashid Magomedov vs. Elias Silverio

Magomedov lands a hard body kick early on that appears to stun Silverio. The latter fires one back but Magomedov checks it. Silverio wings a head kick but it just grazes Magomedov. Both men are firing strikes frequently. Magomedov moves in with a nice 1,2, body kick combo. Magomedov launches a right overhand that just misses. The latter follows up with another, nice combo, and then takes Silverio down. Round ends.

Round 2: Silverio plants a hard left not long into the round. Magomedov continues to counter well. Silverio has a cut above his left eye. Silverio takes a low blow and the action is temporarily halted. Silverio fires a leg kick but it hits Magomedov’s knee. The latter follows up with a thumping body kick. Wow. These guys are just chucking kicks. Magomedov wings a counter left that misses. Silverio throws a spinning back kick to the body. Round ends.

Round 3: Magomedov takes a low blow and the fight’s temporarily stopped. Silverio lands a follow up jab. Magomedov returns fire and plants a hard right. Both guys continue to fire kicks. Silverio attempts a takedown from way out but Magomedov defends. After more striking exchanges, Magomedov clinches up, but lets it go. Magomedov counters nicely with a right hand. Wow. Magomedov sents Silverio crashing to the mat with a left hook. Magomedov swarms in with follow up punches. Silverio, to his credit, gets back up but eats a huge right hand for his efforts. Fight’s stopped.

Rashid Magomedov def. Elias Silverio via TKO (punches) R3, 4:57

Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Patrick Cummins

Cummins shoots in early but can’t get the takedown. Cummins lands a left hook. The two clinch and Junior fires a hard knee to the body. Cummins takes Junior to the mat. Junior goes for a kneebar but the American defends. Junior starts hunting for a leglock again. Carlos Junior briefly goes for a toe hold. Cummins spins his way out and lands a couple of shots from above. Junior rolls again for a leglock but eats some shots. Cummins passes into sidemount and lands an elbow to the head. Round ends

Round 2: Junior plants a leg kick to begin the round and wings an overhand right. Cummins sprawls on a takedown attempt and lands some punches from above. Cummins continues to work from above. Junior isn’t controlling the posture of Cummins and is taking shots as a result. Fans start to boo. Junior darts for a heelhook but can’t get it. Cummins still landing from the top. Junior pops back up and fires off a kick. Cummins takes Junior down after the latter flurries. Junior lands an illegal up kick and the fight’s momentarily stopped. Round ends.

Round 3: Junior throws flying knee to begin the round but it doesn’t land flush. Cummins takes him down again. Cummins is working from half guard. The latter lands more punches and elbows from above. Junior flips to his back and Cummins starts looking for a choke. Junior rolls to his back and Cummins is in full mount briefly. Junior pops back up and throws Cummins down. Wow. Junior takes Cummins back but time is running out.  Fight ends.

Patrick Cummins def. Antonio Carlos Junior via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Renan Barao vs. Mitch Gagnon 

Barao throws a front kick to begin the fight. The two exchange leg kicks. Gagnon lands a left hook. The two briefly clinch up and break apart. Gagnon explodes in with a combo but doesn’t land. Gagnon clinches but takes a knee to the body. Barao follows up with a hard right. The former champ chucks a thumping leg kick. Barao follows up with a jab but Gagnon clinches up.  Barao breaks free and lands a leg kick. Both men are chucking hard shots.  Barao floors Gagnon with a left hook but the latter gets back up. Gagnon attempts to take Barao down but can’t. Round ends.

Round 2: Both men flurry to begin the fight. Gagnon jumps in and secures double underhooks. Gagnon has Barao up against the cage but can’t advance the position. Ref breaks them up. Barao tries sweeping Gagnon to the ground but the Canadian pops right back up. Barao fires off a couple shots by Gagnon clinches up again. Ref breaks them up again. Wow. Both bantamweights fire off hard, hard punches. Gagnon pushes Barao to the cage but takes a couple of elbows. Barao reverses position and round ends.

Round 3: Barao throws a leg kick to begin the round. Gagnon storms in but can’t clinch up. Barao throws a few shots and pushes Gagnon to the cage. Barao throws a flying knee but misses by a mile.  Gagnon pushes Barao to the fence yet again. Ref breaks them up again. Barao lands an uppercut and sweeps Gagnon to the mat. Gagnon gets back to his feet. Gagnon lands an elbow on the break. Barao throws Gagnon to the ground after he attempts a throw. Wow. Barao slides into an arm-triangle-choke and Gagnon taps. Crucial win for Barao.

Renan Barao def. Mitch Gagnon via submission (arm-triangle-choke) R3, 3:53

Lyoto Machida vs. CB Dollaway

Machida is circling away to begin the fight. Machida throws a leg kick. Dollaway fires a head kick but Machida blocks it. Wow. Machida crumples Dollaway with a vicious, kick to the liver and “The Dragon” storms in. Machida finishes the deal with a barrage of punches. What a performance for Machida. Dollaway is still down.

Lyoto Machida def. CB Dollaway via TKO (body kick and punches) R1, 1:02

UFC FN 58 Prelim Results and Play-by-Play

Okay, the prelims are underway in Barueri, Brazil for UFC Fight Night 58, which will feature Lyoto Machida taking on CB Dollaway in the headliner.

Let’s get to the action folks.

Jake Collier vs. Vitor Miranda 

After Collier controls much of the action in the opening frame, Miranda blasts him with a head kick as the round approaches its end. Miranda swarms in with several more shots, and the fight is stopped right at the bell. Highlight reel win for Miranda!

Vitor Miranda def. Jake Collier via KO (headkick and punches) R1, 4:59

Tim Means vs. Marcio Alexandre Jr.

Means clinches up early but Alexandre Jr. breaks free. The latter wings a head kick but Means blocks it. Means plants a left to the decorated Karate competitor. Alexandre Jr. fires another head kick that only grazes the welterweight. Means lands a couple more hard lefts. Alexandre Jr. takes a good shot to the body, but returns fire. Means calls him on. Good action. Means fires off a leg kick. The Brazilian returns the favour. Means continues to pursue Alexandre Jr. Round ends.

Round 2: Alexandre Jr. fires another headkick but Means blocks it. “The Dirty Bird” attempts a flying knee, and pushes Alexandre Jr. to the fence briefly. Alexandre Jr. seems to be finding the mark more often. Means jars “Lyoto’s” head with a straight left. Alexandre Jr. tries a low kick but Means catches it and he falls to the mat. Wow. In the ensuing scramble, Means blasts Alexandre Jr. to the head with a knee, but the latter had maybe two fingers on the mat…Doc is called in to look at him after the foul. Means just gets a warning. Alexandre Jr. clips Means with a head kick and he goes to the mat. Crazy. Alexandre Jr. swarms in for the finish, but Means defends, and then reverses to the top. Now Means is working from within Alexandre Jr.’s guard. Means punishes him with some punches and then a thumping elbow. Means rains down a left, but Alexandre Jr. gets back to his feet. Alexandre Jr. sweeps Means to the mat but the latter gets back up. Means takes top position right before the round ends and lands a couple of knees. Now that was a round.

Round 3: Alexandre Jr. looks to be more tired of the two. Means continues to move forward and lands some more kicks. Means lands a couple of knees. Alexandre Jr. counters with a couple of punches. Means attempts a spinning elbow and gets pushed to the fence. Means breaks free. The American lands yet another left hand. Alexandre Jr. circles away. Neither man is landing much in this round. Means plants a left hook. Alexandre Jr. is exhausted. Final bell sounds.

Tim Means def. Marcio Alexandre Jr. via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Leandro Issa vs. Ulka Sasaki 

Both men chuck leg kicks early on. Issa lands a couple nice lefts and kicks. Issa follows up with a big overhand right and pushes Sasaki to the fence. Issa sweeps Sasaki to the mat. Saskai is working the butterfly guard and eventually scrambles to his feet. Wow. Sasaki throws Issa to the ground but loses position. Issa is working from sidemount and starts hunting for a Kimura. Issa gives it up, and punishes Sasaski with some elbows to the head as he pushes the bantamweight against the fence. Round ends.

Round 2: Sasaski fires an inside kick to the leg to begin the round. Issa is winging hard punches and kicks. Sasaki looks for a head-and-arm throw but gets pushed to the cage. Issa trips him to the mat. The latter is working from sidemount and starts working for a choke. Wow. Sasaki counters with a D’arce and Issa is grimacing. Sasaki gives it up and Issa passes into mount. Sasaki gives up his back and starts eating punches from above. Issa starts working a neck crank and Sasaki taps. Big and impressive win for Issa.

Leandro Issa def. Ulka Sasaki via submission (neck crank) R2, 4:13

Hacran Dias vs. Darren Elkins

Dias fires an overhand right to begin the fight, and plants a left hand not long after. Elkins jumps on a single leg but can’t get Dias down. The two are clinched up against the fence. Dias ends up taking Elkins down after the two scramble for position. Dias is working from the top but hasn’t landed much just yet. Dias moves into full mount briefly but Elkins gets back to his feet. The latter throws a couple of knees as they clinch. Dias goes for a guillotine but loses position. Round ends.

Round 2: Dias finds a home for a leg kick early on. Elkins pushes Dias to the fence. The American is looking for the takedown but can’t get it. Elkins presses forward with shots but gets taken down for his efforts. The Nova Uniao fighter moves into sidemount but Elkins regains guard. The latter pushes his way back to the cage and gets back to his feet. So much for that. Dias sweeps him back to the mat after Elkins telegraphs a knee. Round ends.

Round 3: Dias lands a couple more leg kicks to begin the round. Elkins returns fire with punches. Dias counters with hard shots. Elkins is moving forward, throwing punches, but gets taken down again. Elkins works his way back to his feet but gets tripped to the mat. Elkins slaps on a choke. Wow. Dias had to scramble a bit but gets out. Final bell sounds.

Hacran Dias def. Darren Elkins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Renato Carneiro  vs. Tom Niinimaki 

Not much going on in the early moments. Carneiro throws a head kick that Niinimaki blocks. The latter wings an overhand right. Carneiro fires off a nice combo. “Moicano” chucks another hard kick that’s blocked. Niinimaki continues to land inside leg kicks. Carneiro catches a kick attempt but doesn’t look for the takedown. Niinimaki tosses another leg kick attempt but stumbles to the mat. Carneiro looks very comfortable in there. Round ends.

Round 2: Carneiro chucks a nice counter right, and then another. “Moicano” follows up with a left. Niinimaki throws a leg kick but Carneiro is landing more often. Carneiro plants a nice right straight as Niinimaki rushes in. “Moicano” lands a left and the fight spills to the ground. Niinimaki works his way back up briefly, but Carneiro takes him back down. Wow. Carneiro throws on a rear-naked-choke and gets the tap-out victory.

Renato Carneiro def. Tom Niinimaki via submission (rear-naked-choke) R2, 3:30

Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs. Igor Pokrajac 

De Lima fires off a couple of shots and pushes Pokrajac to the fence.De Lima throws a couple of punches from the clinch. Referee separates them. Wow. De Lima floors Pokrajac with a left hook in the ensuing striking exchange and swarms in with follow up punches. Fight gets called, but perhaps a wee bit prematurely.

Marcos Rogerio de Lima def. Igor Pokrajac via TKO (punches) R1, 1:59

ufc 182

We are getting closer and closer to UFC 182, as the promotion recently released an extended preview for the card.

Highlighted by the main event between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and unbeaten challenger Daniel Cormier, the card will take place January 3 from Las Vegas.

Other scheduled bouts include Donald Cerrone-Myles Jury, Nate Marquardt-Brad Tavares and Hector Lombard-Josh Burkman.

Check out the extended preview in the video below, along with the current lineup for the night:

MAIN CARD (PPV/10 p.m. ET)

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Jon Jones (c) vs. Daniel Cormier

Lightweight: Donald Cerrone vs. Myles Jury

Middleweight: Nate Marquardt vs. Brad Tavares

Flyweight: Louis Gaudinot vs. Kyoji Horiguchi

Welterweight: Hector Lombard vs. Josh Burkman


Lightweight: Danny Castillo vs. Paul Felder

Bantamweight: Marcus Brimage vs. Cody Garbrandt

Heavyweight: Shawn Jordan vs. Jared Cannonier

Lightweight: Evan Dunham vs. Rodrigo Damm

Welterweight: Mats Nilsson vs. Omari Akhmedov

rousimar palhares

Rousimar Palhares’ decision to keep a submission locked up on Mike Pierce after the bell sounded cost him his career in the UFC.

Now, as the reigning World Series of Fighting welterweight champion, Palhares continues to hear complaints about his submission locks.

Over the weekend, Palahres (17-6) forced Jon Fitch to tap to a kneebar. However, many believe he left the hold locked in too long once again, an idea that the Brazilian says is not true.

“I still have to deal with those critics, but I don’t understand why people try to humiliate me like that,” said Palhares, in an interview with “I just go inside the cage to try to be the best I can be. I don’t hold submissions.”

Palhares pointed to others, such as Ronda Rousey, who continually earn fights via submissions.

“In this sport, you won’t survive if you don’t lock the position really tight,” he said. “I believe I did what I should have done to win. I didn’t do anything wrong.

“They are trying to humiliate me because I submit people, or for other reasons I don’t know.”

All three of Palhares’ recent submission wins have come within the first two minutes of the opening round. Overall, 14 of his 17 career wins have been submissions.

You can see highlights of Palhares-Fitch on FightLine in our Videos section.

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