This Saturday Alexander Gustafsson attempts to pull another Chris Weidman and use the power of The Secret to defeat Jon Jones. Fuck that Engine That Could with his ‘I think I can! I think I can’ shit. Gustafsson KNOWS he can. Unfortunately for him, I don’t think Jon Jones is gonna spend half their fight goofing around, so positive thinking may only carry the Swede so far. But if what you’re looking for is a game challenger who will bring the fight to Jones, then this could be the PPV you’re looking for. And keep in mind, Jones almost lost his last two fights – via armbar to Vitor Belfort and via that gnarly toe injury to Chael Sonnen.

Barao-Wineland winner may become real bantamweight champ after the fact

Cruz blew out his ACL in April of 2012. They shoulda took that title off him the second his first ACL surgery didn’t take in December of 2012. We’re now at the end of 20 fucking 13. And Dominick still has the belt and the bantamweight division is still stuck in a lurch. Will the UFC finally take action? Dana White says ‘probably.’

While White has long said the company wasn’t looking to strip Cruz of the belt, the UFC boss said if the champ can’t keep to that schedule, the winner of UFC 165′s co-feature between current interim champ Renan Barao (30-1 MMA, 5-0 UFC) and top contender Eddie Wineland (20-8-1 MMA, 2-2 UFC) would likely be granted full champion status.

“The interim champ would become the champ, and then he would defend the title against whoever was next,” White said.

“We’ve never had that conversation with him,” White said. “We’ve said, ‘Listen, when are you coming back?’ The kid has had enough bad things happen to him, and I’m sure is under enough pressure and stress. He hasn’t made a living in two years. That’s how he makes his living, and he hasn’t been able to fight in two years.”

“It’s been two years,” White said. “A lot of people think we’re crazy for holding up the title this long, but it’s a tough thing to do to take a title away from somebody. It’s hard to do.”

Nothing more exciting than an interim title belt quietly becoming a real title belt in between fights. Why the UFC has consistently passed up on the opportunity to do what’s best for the division and put a REAL bantamweight title fight on is beyond me. My bet? Cruz has pictures of Lorenzo Fertitta wearing boxing gloves and fishnets and he’s not afraid to use em.

Yesterday we reported that GLORY had bought the K-1 fight library out from under them. Now K-1 is coming out and saying whoever sold GLORY the rights … didn’t have the right to the rights.

After the deal with Mr. Ishii was finalized, FEG declared bankruptcy in Japan and a lawyer was appointed as a controller for the bankrupted company. This new controller of FEG insisted that FEG still had the copyrights of the K-1 archive footage in their control and sold the “Use Right” of the K-1 archives for an approximate amount of $140,000. K-1 Global had warned FEG’s new controller that K-1 Global does indeed own the rights to this library, but FEG’s new controller refused to listen and went through with the sale.

Now the bankrupted FEG has sold the “Use Right” for $140,000, much less than what K-1 Global initially paid for it, as a nuisance to K-1 Global and to publicly embarrass the company. Essentially, FEG has sold the footage twice now, although it was initially to K-1 Global for a much higher sum. At this time, the bankrupted FEG has sold footage that it no longer owns to GLORY Sports International. K-1 Global has no option right now but to bring this matter to court.

To a certain degree I feel bad for the guys at K-1 Global. It’s become clear that they aren’t just a shell company FEG sold K-1 to in order to duck Japanese bankruptcy courts, so they aren’t responsible for all that super sketchy fighter non-payment that went on at the end of FEG’s reign. But by most accounts they are a poorly organized bunch that doesn’t properly understand combat sports. And everything they’ve done so far backs up those accounts.

Considering K-1 is one of the most important combat sports brands on earth, it’s a travesty that it has ended up in such uncapable hands. FEG screwed everyone over yet again when they sold the name to these guys instead of GLORY. So anything that helps GLORY finish picking up the pieces and unifying kickboxing under one name is good by me. Sorry, K-1 Global.

Pat Healy Feels Like He Won

Well, if getting high marks on a test means you win, then Pat Healy certainly did win at his marijuana test at UFC 159. After he submitted Jim Miller, though, he lost credit for his more meaningful Athletic Commission-sanctioned win and $135,000. He must be pretty happy about his treatment by Dana and Company, because he now feels as though the UFC is treating it as if he actually won the fight:

I can’t really say for sure, but I think they’re kind of treating me the same as they were before the Miller fight was overturned. It kind of feels like it to me, because of the things that went on behind the scenes. I renegotiated my contract after the last fight and stuff like that. I feel like they’re treating it as if I won, and the no contest didn’t take too much from me. My new contract is for 4 fights, this will be my first one on it.

Interesting that the UFC actually went out of its way to re-up Healy’s contract right after he failed the pot test. After all, he’s only halfway plus a few nasty tweets to being branded an “idiot” and fired like Matt Riddle. Perhaps this is a sign that the UFC is willing to double down on fighters who have tested positive for low levels of marijuana in the aftermath of several sanctioning bodies’ decisions to raise the allowable thresholds for marijuana metabolites. It’s good to see sanity prevailing at the contract level as well as legally.

Dana White to Chael Sonnen: Leave the Jokes to the Comedians (i.e., Fightlinker)

When Chael Sonnen made the following domestic violence joke on Monday on Fox Sports Live:

Look, Floyd needs to keep doing what he’s doing, which is fighting complete tomato cans who we’ve never heard of before. I’ve never seen anybody in the history of America get so rich and so famous off of having complete wimps throwing punch at their faces. I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, ‘Well, it’s happened before, what about Rihanna?’ Shame on you. Classless. I will not stand for it. Too soon? Was it too soon?

People got kinda mad. After all, violence against women jokes are kinda frowned upon. Dana White’s response:

First of all, the joke wasn’t that funny. He’s not a comedian, and you can’t make fun of domestic violence or any other thing. He’s a sports commentator and he’s got to knock that shit off. He’s got to stop. He’s got to stop or it’s not going to be good. Chael needs to stop the comedy and do what he’s on that show to do. He’s great at it. He’s super talented. Leave the jokes to the comedians.

Now that we know the jokes are best left to the professional comedians, we here at Fightlinker are more than happy to swoop in. What did the poop say when it took a pee? Fart… BJ Penn! Hahahahaha. That’s essentially what most of our jokes boil down to. Note that Dana didn’t actually say that Chael’s joke wasn’t funny at all. Actually, Chael’s Rihanna joke was funny. It was a clever analogy, even if the subject matter was offensive. That doesn’t mean it’s not funny… it means that the joke was both funny and offensive.

Unfortunately, the game of UFC personalities being as offensive as humanly possible with no consequences may only be able to continue for so long, as FOX Sports released a statement regarding the situation:

FOX Sports regrets the comments Chael Sonnen made during last night’s edition of FOX Sports Live. They were an inappropriate attempt at humor that Sonnen acknowledges shouldn’t have been made and he apologizes to anyone who may have been offended by his remarks.

Will this end up like things did when Joe Rogan used the phrase “cunty cunt” to refer to Yahoo blogger Maggie Hendricks? Dana white allegedly “addressed the situation directly with Joe,” after which Joe went straight back to “cunting it up” at least weekly on his podcast. This looks like it’s sizing up as a similar situation, which would be a more thorough response than the one Dana gave to Chael’s comments using “Brazilians” and “blowdarts” in the same sentence.

As someone who is relied upon to produce comedic material on a regular basis, I can understand Sonnen’s tendency to verbally extrapolate on things. It has had some hilarious consequences in the past. My vote is for Chael Sonnen to be allowed to make jokes about domestic violence as he sees fit. His actual crimes were financial ones, but even if they had been domestically violent, the joke would still be funny.

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