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TUF 20 to Pretty Much Be an Invicta FC Event

Women. You can’t live with ‘em, you can’t live without ‘em taking over an entire season of The Ultimate Fighter.

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Why There Should Be No Hunt vs. Bigfoot Rematch

This past weekend in Brisbane Australia the main event of UFC Fight Night 33 saw UFC heavyweight contenders Mark Hunt and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva put on one of the most brutal, grueling, and dramatic wars of attrition we have seen in the Octagon. Two men of that size and skill level fighting like that was among the most visceral displays of heart, courage, and stamina a sports fan will see…anywhere….ever! As the contest wore on and the drama built and built, even the most indifferent of casual fight fans surely found themselves screaming at the television, cheering for the fighter they were suddenly so invested in. Even if it were the first time someone was seeing a mixed martial arts bout they knew this was not something that happened often. This is the level of entertainment that MMA is capable of delivering. When the fight was finally over we waited for the judge’s decision with mixed feelings. Happy for the fighter we root for possibly getting such a big win, regret for the fact that someone had to lose, and relieved that these warriors made it out relatively safe. But then Bruce Buffer announced the result as a majority draw! Some felt it was a shame that neither fighter got to enjoy the thrill of victory, others were glad neither had to feel the agony of defeat. But as is often the case after such an incredible fight, fans ponder a possible immediate rematch. I say no way.

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Rest in Peace Shane Del Rosario

There’s no real way to give somber and serious news a snarky, Fightlinker-esque slant, so I’m just going to deliver it straight: UFC heavyweight Shane Del Rosario has died.

Del Rosario, as you might have heard, suffered a cardiac incident on November 26, and though many assumed the worst and spread rumors that he had passed, Del Rosario remained alive but unconscious since that time. His passing yesterday marked the end of the 11-2 fighter’s last great, hard-fought battle.

What caused the seemingly healthy 30-year old to have a heart attack? Doctors are now attributing it to a possible congenital heart disorder, which – given that Del Rosario had fought all over the world – was a condition that eluded the medical screening of numerous athletic commissions (and was therefore extremely hard to detect).

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And Now for a Little Rioting

Nothing gets consumers in the US riled up at midnight like a black Friday sale. It’s almost to the point that as soon as the sale ends on Friday at midnight, we start training and planning for next years black Friday sale.  My fellow Americans, I have terrible news to share. We used to be number 1 in ‘consumer riots,’ but today is a dark day. On November 29 the Playstation 4 went on sale in Germany, and the German video game contingency snatched our rightful title from our cold fall hands faster than a $100 TV flies off the shelf at Walmart on Thanksgiving.  Watch as these Germans run through the local “Media Markt” like the zombies in World War Z and take the title away from us in the game we invented. You can’t spell “Consumer Riot” without the letters U and S, and we have less than 360 days to get our title back! In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin “Join Or Die.”

The Best of Saturday Night’s Invicta FC

Invicta FC held its seventh installment on Saturday night, going head to head with the World Series of Fighting’s broadcast, and if eschewed tuning into the all-female fight promotion because the 15 pesos fee for the pay-per-view… ha! The joke’s on you, because once against Invicta honcho Shannon Knapp dropped the paywall and everyone got to watch it for free.

Anyway, all mysteries pertaining to Invicta’s invisible revenue streams and improbable survivability aside, the event had some kickass action. Here’s a glimpse at what you missed.

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