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Invicta FC/WSOF Chat Mash-Up – Because Chaos Rules

In an effort to saturate the market with more MMA than anyone can possibly handle, the powers that be have arranged for an Invicta FC and a World Series of Fighting installment to go off concurrently tonight, just a short 18 hours after last night’s UFC. And in an effort to instill a bit more chaos in your life, we’re going to have one single chat for both events, starting at 6pm for the first WSOF prelims. So come on in and join us in talking about two different events at the same time. It will be fun! Or not!

To Get You Ready for Invicta FC Tonight, Here’s Tara LaRosa Giving a Speech

The scene: the New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame dinner last night. The woman at the podium is Tara LaRosa – an old school female MMA fighter who was at one time the best in the world – and she’s just been inducted into the HOF for being a trailblazer.

How Good Was Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot?

If you went into the Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva match-up with low expectations, then you would’ve been happy with a quick KO. But we didn’t get a quick KO – we got an five-round war waged by these two heavyweight warriors upon each other. How good was Hunt vs. Bigfoot? It was this good…

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UFC Fight Night 33: “Hunt vs. Bigfoot” Chat Now Open for Business

Try the veal, and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

The Pillow Fighting Chronicles

There are certain things you don’t do or say to a man unless you are looking for fisticuffs. If a man were to goose your girlfriend and call her an objective name, one would expect tensions to rise at a furious rate, and before long fists would be flying. Other times it comes in a much more primal costume. Like when you are walking down the street, and a man passes you by and spins you around and tosses you a down pillow. You’re natural reaction is to protect  your invisible pillow line in the sand, and launch straight into a pillow fight that would look like a battle scene out of 300. That’s exactly what this man did.

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