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Just an early reminder that Roxanne Modafferi fights this Wednesday on TUF – she’ll be taking on 3 time WIBA World Champion and 2 time former WBC Lightweight boxing champ Jessica Rakoczy. It’s gonna be a tough fight I’m sure, but one thing I’ve learned from watching TUF…

We’ll be running a special Fightlinker Chat session for the episode so drop in and join us as Roxy continues her quest to become *insert gravelly Mike Rowe voice* the next … ULTIMATE FIGHTER!


Poor Brendan Schaub … his sick d’arce choke of Matt Mitrione was deemed unworthy of the UFC’s $50,000 sub of the night award. Instead, that honor went to Mitch Gagnon. And while Gagnon’s choke was pretty sweet, it did not feature its victim’s toes twitching uncontrollably post-consciousness. Creepy.

Still a better reaction than this though…

Calling Bullshit on the Jones-Gustafsson Decision? You’re Stupid.

Okay, I get it. You saw the Jon Jones-Alexander Gustafsson fight at UFC 165 last Saturday, and you heard Joe Rogan and Goldy talking about how Gustafsson might have just taken the belt off the champ. Then, he didn’t, and you were outraged, because things are always supposed to go how you (vicariously through Joe Rogan) saw them. Heck, you might have even remembered last week’s indisputably bad Mayweather-Alvarez scorecard and resulting dick tuck by judge C.J. Ross and opined from your barstool or armchair that something has to change, because this is just getting silly. You probably thought that Gustafsson not being the champ was the greatest injustice since last week.

Well, it turns out that you were wrong, lemming of Rogan… Jones actually did deserve to win. MMAMania copied and pasted the FightMetric results from the fight, and not only does FightMetric have Jones prevailing, the two fighters’ total performance ratings (55-43) and effectiveness scores (355-303) aren’t even that close. The fighters weren’t too far apart in any striking or grappling category except for leg kicks, which Jones dominated 53-15. Because so many of those leg kicks were potentially career-ending kneecap destroyers, those assholish strikes deserve especially favorable consideration while crunching the numbers.

True combat sports fans need to learn to see the difference between good and bad decisions before athletic commissions can be held to higher standards of judging. Your uproar over accurate decisions could be used as evidence to support do-nothing bureaucrats like Keith Kizer in insisting that nothing be done. Please turn your speakers off, remove your head from your ass, and only protest decisions that are really, really bad. Thank you and have a nice week, Dick.

Cung Le to Be the Dana White of China; All Asians Look Alike

In a charmingly patronizing move not seen since the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War, the UFC will be attempting to force a Vietnamese authority figure down Chinese throats. UFC President Dana White has cast middleweight Cung Le in the Dana White role for the Ultimate Fighter: China show, which is expected to be filmed in the coming months:

“TUF China is happening,” White said. “(Cung Le) is going to be the ‘me’ in China. He’s there to remind everyone why they’re there and what’s going on. He was in the office two days ago and I walked him through everything with The Ultimate Fighter and he’s ready to go.”

It’s quite charming that the UFC really sees no difference between different varieties of Asian here; the assumption that Chinese fighters would be happy being “motivated” by a Vietnamese person because they are both Asian is not really disguised at all. Will this arrangement be used to justify 100-hour training weeks, crowded dorms, and suicides via gym roof jump? Will the conditioning drills be redesigned to have the fighters produce leather wallets? Hopefully, the obvious diffusion of responsibility at hand here does not reach a dangerous level.

The Nurma talks about his Country Breakfast slam

Last night Khabib Nurmagomedov did what many thought was impossible: he out-grinded Pat Healy, who in turn just out-grinded Jim Miller. Thus he absorbs both their powers like a Highlander. Not only did The Nurma pull off this feat, he did it handily by winning the fight 30-27 across all three judges. Dayum, son. And then there was that killer slam which was not just reminiscent of Matt Hughes but actually inspired by him:

“I was watching a lot of UFC as I was growing up,” Nurmagomedov said. “I was watching Matt Hughes, of course, and I remember that move, and it was kind of my dream to do that one day in the cage. Obviously, I just wanted to make my dream come true.”

That moment in UFC history also happens to be one of Dana White’s favorites, and while Nurmagomedov didn’t end up winning any award bonus money, I’m sure he got a nice fat locker room bonus check dropped in his lap after that performance.

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