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GLORY has been kicking K-1’s ass in the kickboxing world for the past two years. They’re signing all the fighters, grabbed a TV deal with Spike that K-1 was angling for, and now just bought a ton of K-1’s video library out from under them:

[I]t was announced today that GLORY Sports International has come to a deal with Fuji TV in Japan to acquire Fuji TV’s K-1 video library.

Now, before anyone hops on that GLORY has bought K-1 or is trying to acquire or merge K-1 with them, this deal was done through Fuji TV because of FEG’s bankruptcy. FEG’s bankruptcy essentially put this video library up on the chopping block, while GLORY saw the opportunity and swooped in. This deal includes K-1 events that aired on Fuji TV from 1993 – 2006 and brings the hours of footage under GLORY’s control up to a staggering 3,000.

I can only hope this means a 40% chance of seeing crazy oldschool kickboxing highlights when I turn Spike on at 2 in the morning.

Anderson Silva calls superfights ‘the perfect bullshit’

I just don’t get what the big hold ups are with MMA superfights. At least with the Mayweather / Pacquiao superfight talks, everyone always pretended they wanted it to come together and it was greed and stupidity that derailed things. In MMA it seems to be a strange level of disinterest from all the fighters. They seem more interested in fighting lackluster challengers and maintaining their position on the MMA money trough than taking on the best in the world and potentially losing. Here’s Anderson Silva calling the very idea of superfights ‘bullshit':

“My opinion – the people always say ‘superfight, superfight’ but where are the chances for the new guys to come?

“I’m ready for fight for Jon Jones, Georges St Pierre but in my academy, Minatouro, Glover and the other fighters in this class for Jon Jones. George St Pierre is a different class. I have my problems in my class.

“Yeah it’s good for business but is no good for the other’s guy fight. I go to fight Georges St Pierre, he cuts up, I cut down. I finish the fight. I go to fight Jon Jones, I finish the fight. Who’s next? No have! My opinion, this is perfect bullshit.”

So because it would be the biggest, bestest, most awesome moment in MMA history that would outshine anything that took place afterwards, it’s not worth doing. Makes sense, huh?

UFC announces the 2013 Ultimate Fight Collection

Oh shit yes. It’s that time of year: when the UFC releases their must buy annual Ultimate Fight Collection. I have copies of the first two and will definitely be getting my mittens on this third one. Featuring 200+ fights and weighing in at over 50 hours, this is the only purchase you need if you want to have all the important fights from July 2012 to June 2013 at your fingertips. The thing goes on sale November 5th but you can pre-order it now if you’re the eager beaver sort.


Earlier this year we discovered The Rough N Rowdy Brawl, a toughman competition held out in West Virginia that not only featured some of the most interesting local fighters ever, but also has a Youtube channel devoted to their WWE style rantings. Best of them all (and trust me, there’s stiff competition) was Bucky Boyd, aka the McDowell County Giant. Now he returns for another tournament and another video. Enjoy!

WWE Hall of Fame Announcer Jim Ross Wants to Work in MMA, World Explodes Due to Awesomeness

Does anyone else think it was a masterstroke for Dave Meltzer to be hired by MMAFighting? Now, we get extremely in-depth reports on backroom pro wrestling dealings that could affect MMA in awesome ways. Meltzer is now reporting that recently retired Hall of Fame WWE Announcer Jim Ross wants to work in MMA:

“I think that, quite frankly this may sound egocentric, but I think the transition from calling a pro wrestling match and calling MMA fights would be easy.”

To clarify, it was actually Ariel Helwani who conducted the interview on the MMA Hour, but it was Meltzer who painstakingly transcribed every single word of the interview for people who can’t watch the video because their stolen wireless only gives them half a bar of signal.

In contrast to shitty boxing judge C.J. Ross, WWE Hall of Fame Announcer Jim Ross (no relation) is awesome. And if every fight contains a People’s Elbow (as at 6:55 of this video), then it would be easy indeed. Ross is the ideal person to have there to make the call. The UFC currently has no regular ring entrance announcer besides the Red Hot Chili Peppers… If PRIDE ring announcer Lenne Hardt refuses to move back from Japan, this may be the next best thing. He could be added to the production without a hitch: he could appear behind Joe and Goldy’s shoulders, yell into their microphones when a fighter starts to walk out, and then return to his seat a few rows away.

Because Ross doubled as WWE VP of Talent Relations when many of the WWE’s biggest stars were originally signed, maybe he will serve as a magnet for heavyweight amateur athletes to enter MMA. If this plan goes through, wouldn’t it be nice to see the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, The Rock, Kurt Angle, and even Brock Lesnar (whom he signed to the WWE) start to transition to MMA instead of pro wrestling?

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