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Hey guys! Sorry for the inconsistent posting over the past week – I have been driving across America in an RV on the way to Burning Man. Well … trying to drive across America in an RV – we made it to Iowa before the carburetor exploded and spent two days in a really cool local guy’s field trying to get the damn thing going again.

Before leaving on this magical voyage I picked up a T-Mobile internet hotspot gadget, but my Canadian ignorance didn’t factor in 1) T-Mobile being the most epic piece of shit phone company in America and 2) So much of America seeming to have no digital signal at all. So instead of cruising across the country updating Fightlinker like a pimp from the back of an RV, I have been hanging out with chickens and roosters and no internet whatsoever in Tipton Iowa.

But worry not! I will be punching someone from T-Mobile in the face before picking up a new hotspot device from Verizon or something (why does evil always have the best infrastructure?) for the ride home. I will most likely return full time for September 3rd. But for this coming week and the next, our good pal Dan Brooks from Combat Blog will be returning to make sure you have something new and interesting to read every day while I am out wandering the playa naked. Well, naked except for some snakeskin boots. And a couple others may get in on the fun too.

No-Holds-Barred Death Matches Still Going on in New York

Yesterday, BloodyElbow stalwart Brent Brookhouse caught wind of an unsanctioned fight show scheduled for today in New York City, so he posted this missive on the Underground Combat League. You see, pro MMA may be banned in the Empire State, but amateur MMA has always been legal, and for the past ten years, the UCL has been exploiting that loophole by holding events at various undisclosed locations within the Five Boroughs. However, unlike other amateur events – where there are set rules and guidelines and varying levels of medical screening before and after the fights – the UCL offers nothing. The rules are whatever the fighters agree to, and if you get injured, you’re SOL until someone calls 911 and an ambulance comes or you decide to take a cab down to the local ER.

Said Brookhouse:

If the promoter were nearly as interested in just having MMA sanctioned in New York, he’d probably not be so willing to throw out all shreds of safety. No medic on site, allowing pros to fight as amateurs, allowing headbutts – a horrible thing in terms of long term health of the brain – all points to a lack of truly caring about anything other than the here-and-now, not anything involving the long-term health of MMA in New York.

Well, the promoter apparently doesn’t read BloodyElbow, because he went ahead with the underground event, and Fightlinker was on hand for the carnage. Here’s a vid of a fighter getting decapitated. (Warning: this is not for the squeamish.)

See you in 2014, Conor McGregor

The Conor McGregor hype wagon just blew a wheel out:

Popular featherweight Conor McGregor tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee Saturday night and is expected to be sidelined for at least nine months, UFC president Dana White said Thursday night.

White revealed the injury to “Fox Sports Live.” He also said McGregor suffered an MCL strain and posterior horn meniscus tear.

McGregor, who defeated Max Holloway by unanimous decision Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 26 in Boston, said during the postfight news conference that he injured his left knee in the second round during a scramble on the ground.

He believed the injury was minor, but results from an MRI taken Thursday revealed that the damage to McGregor’s knee was extensive.

Damn you, knee ligaments! They blow out all the time and take fucking forever to heal. Can we not just agree to cut fighters in half and make them fight in robotic chariots? My 10 year old nephew has preliminary sketches on his binder and I think we could all take a little inspiration from him.

Conor McGregor

If you see Conor McGregor limping out of an office supply store in the near future with a white board under his arm, and a handful of dry erase markers in his hand, don’t be surprised. He’s just getting ready to spend his unscheduled vacation making a UFC hit list.

McGregor (14-2) recently found out that what he felt pop in his knee during his UFC Fight Night 26 bout against Max Holloway was his anterior cruciate ligament tearing.  In addition to the ACL tear, McGregor suffered a strain to his medial collateral ligament and a tear to his meniscus. Bottom line, the outspoken fighter is expected to be out of action for 10 months.

That gives McGregor plenty of time to get on the twitter machine and offer his hot takes on fighters inside and outside of his weight division:

Initial reports on UFC Tonight indicated that the knee injury was only a minor sprain of McGregor’s lateral collateral ligament. An MRI indicated things were much, much worse for McGregor.

McGregor is taking the injury in stride:


Matchmaking Musical Chairs

Okay so follow me here if you can. Vitor Belfort doesn’t want to fight at middleweight any more, but he will fight Chael Sonnen. Chael Sonnen wants to fight Wanderlei Silva. Lyoto Machida wants to fight Chael Sonnen. But nobody wants to fight Lyoto Machida. Except Tim Kennedy, who Lyoto Machida doesn’t want to fight.

“Tim Kennedy is a tough guy, but I wanted to fight [Vitor] Belfort of Chael Sonnen next.  But sometimes you can’t choose.  The UFC asked me to take this fight, and I’m in.

“Fighting Belfort in Brazil would be a good option for me.  He has his fans, I have mine, and it would be a great fight.  But they decided not to do it.  And Sonnen always has something to say, and he wanted to fight at light heavyweight, so maybe that would be a good opportunity to fight him too.  He said he wanted to fight me in a parking lot, so I tried to make that fight, but the UFC chose Kennedy.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll fight [Sonnen] in the near future.”

Welcome to the new world of fighters trying to influence their matchmaking. Dana White once said he likes it when guys call people out, but the clusterfuck above you just read above probably isn’t what he had in mind. I’ve seen women bicker less over carpet samples.

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