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Knockouts and Broken Noses in New York

Sometimes, the story isn’t so much what goes on once the referee says “go!” as it is what transpires after the referee waves his arms signalling the fight is over. And when it comes to combat sports in New York – a place where the sanctioning menu can range anywhere along the “feast or famine” spectrum depending upon who the promoter hired to handle that stuff – what transpires in terms of a fighter getting knocked the hell out and then tended to by “professionals” can vary. GREATLY.

Last Thursday, a kickboxing show sprouted up at a nearby venue. It was a sudden, almost secretive thing, and I only found out because someone had posted a photocopied flyer in a tucked-away corner of my gym, advertising an innocuous event called “Thursday Night Fights” that could very well had been named “Surprise! There’s a kickboxing show going down that no one knows about!” So I went, because hey, bloodshed and violence, and while kickboxing doesn’t hold the same place in my heart that MMA does, it can still mean a fun night out.
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Were These Guys Naughty or Nice?

If you ever want me to click on spam or download a virus, all you have to do is include the words ‘15 Santa Clauses Brawl In The Street.” You ever hear of that comic book convention called Comicon that goes on every year? Well, I  guess men who dress up like Santas and Elves do the same thing, but instead of getting the signature of the guy who stood next Darth Vader on the Death Star, they all hang out and get wasted at a posh hotels in Manhattan. Check out this brawl of about 14 Santas, and one elf, as they go fake beard to fake beard right in the heart  of New York City.

Is There a Team Alpha Male Curse?

What bad luck for Team Alpha Male. Just when it looked like they could earn their first title, their hopes were dashed with a single punch at UFC on Fox 9. If anyone on Team Alpha Male had what it took to take the title, it was Joseph Benavidez.

When the flyweight division was created, Benavidez was at the top of the most shallow division in the UFC, and his only competition was fellow small bantamweight Demetrious Johnson, who was ranked just below Benavidez. They would then battle for the flyweight championship, with most experts and fans predicting Benavidez to win.

Somebody forgot to tell Mighty Mouse that he was meant to lose.

Johnson put on a spectacular performance against Benavidez at UFC 152, matching Benavidez blow for blow and earning a close split decision victory. This fight occurred in 2012, and 2012 was the year of Alpha Male title shots.

The first to earn a shot, featherweight standout Chad “Money” Mendes was given a shot against Jose Aldo, but most expected the most dominate champion in featherweight history to retain. Mendes put on a good fight in the first round, attempting takedown after takedown, and controlling Aldo against the fence. Aldo then grabbed the fence to avoid a take down, landed a vicious knee seconds later, and before the horn could sound to end round one, Aldo was already out in the crowd, celebrating with the Brazilian faithful.

One Alpha Male down, two to go.

Fun fact: TJ Dillashaw went for the title of The Ultimate Fighter a month prior to Mendes’ title shot. Dillashaw was the favourite, but was knocked out by John Dodson in the first round. Yet again, the Team Alpha Male title curse lurked.

It was then the team captain’s turn. Urijah Faber was given a shot against Brazilian prospect Renan Barao, for the interm-bantamweight championship. Maybe the “interm” in championship would scare away the curse and give the team its first championship? Well, apparently not. Faber fought Barao at UFC 149, and lost by unanimous decision. Two down, one to go.

It was then Benavides’ turn. The team member given the best odds to win a title for Team Alpha Male in 2012, but instead he kept the streak alive. 0-3 for Team Alpha Male in 2012, and it looked as though Team Alpha Male would never earn another title shot.

Then, Duane “Bang” Ludwig stepped into the picture, and all of a sudden, the three member were back into title contention in 2013.

The losing streak turned into the most dominate run for a team in the history of the UFC. The three top members of Team Alpha Male combined for an 8-0 record, with four knock outs and two submissions. Team Alpha Male had harnessed the striking power of Duane Ludwig, and had given everyone a reason to see them compete for their respective weight class titles again.

Benavidez this past weekend was given the first shot at avenging his title loss of 2012. Most people had the fight going one of two ways. Either Demetrious Johnson would out strike Benavidez and earn a unanimous decision win, or Benavidez would land one of his huge body shots, or a solid strike to the head, and finish the current flyweight champion. No one predicted that Benavidez would be knocked out cold in the first round, but that’s exactly what happened.

The Team Alpha Male curse had never been stronger.

That same night Urijah Faber and Chad Mendes extended their perfect 2013 streaks, with Faber stopping top contender Michael MacDonald and Mendes winning an unanimous decision over top 10 featherweight Nik Lentz. Both Faber and Mendes are now the number one contenders for their respective weight classes championship, and both fighters will keep a close eye on UFC 170, where both the featherweight championship and bantamweight championship will be fought for.

It would be hard to deny either Alpha Male member a fight against the winner of their division’s championship fight at UFC 170, but when they do fight for the the title again, you have to assume that questions will be raised as to if the members of 2013’s best fight camp can make 2014 a championship year.

Team Alpha Male curse, get ready for a busy 2014.  Trying to make Team Alpha Male 0-7 in championship fights in the UFC is a tough task, and by the end of 2014, we could have our first Alpha Male UFC champion, if the Alpha Male curse takes it’s first loss.

Pugilistic Prognostications: What Next for the UFC on FOX 9 Fighters

UFC on FOX 9 on Saturday night brought us more than a fair share of decisions (okay, they were somewhat action-packed, so it wasn’t that bad), plus the night ended with some big exclamation points in the form of a choke and a killer knuckle sandwich. So what now for the winners and losers from the event? Hey, I’m glad you asked, because I can see the future.

  • Abel Trujillo - As we’ve seen in his last two fights, Trujillo is a bad, bad man. And by that, I mean the dude will skirt the line between ultra-violence and cheating as if the Unified Rules are merely an afterthought to destroying the human being before him. He beat Roger Bowling convincingly, so I see him taking on Sam Stout next. Stout is tougher than a two-dollar steak, skilled on the feet, and experienced enough to teach this borderline d-bag a lesson.
  • Cody McKenzie - This guy apparently showed up to fight with no shorts or mouthpiece, and from the looks of him, put zero effort into preparing for his UFC on FOX 9 bout. I see him living under a bridge in the near future, drinking shoe polish while he tries to guillotine himself over and over again.

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Observations From My Couch: UFC on FOX 9 – “Mighty Mouse Did What?”
  • Alptekin Ozkilic’s nickname is “Turkish Delight”. Go ahead, put that nickname into Google. I dare you.
  • Abel Trujillo’s beating of Roger Bowling was so thorough, afterwards he went back to Bowling’s locker room, rifled through his stuff, and took Bowling’s wallet. AND BOWLING SAID NOTHING.

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