Miller Pleads Not Guilty in Arraignment Marked by Scolding, Face-Making

Former UFC and Strikeforce middleweight Jason “Mayhem” Miller pleaded not guilty to two counts of domestic abuse at an arraignment in Orange County yesterday, where Judge Andre Manssourian repeatedly chastised the fighter for odd courtroom behavior. According to, Miller loudly protested, “Judge, I am an artist,” after Manssourian agreed with the district attorney that his social media activity suggested he was a threat to society.

At issue were three different Twitter posts: one reading, “IF YOU ARE READING THIS WITH FEAR IN YOUR HEART, MAYBE’LL KILL YOU”—allegedly posted when Miller’s Twitter handle was “Maybe”—one that said, “SOME PEOPLE PREFER PRISONERS OVER PARTNERS. IF THEY CAN’T HAVE YOU, NO ONE CAN. CAN’T KILL MAYBE,” and a third reading, simply, “DIE DIE DIE.”

Prosecution argued that these posts were directed at Ana Pricilla, who claims Miller choked, punched, kicked and urinated on her at his home. Citing Miller’s father as a witness, the defense argued that Pricilla had attacked Miller after being asked to leave. At that point, Judge Manssourian chastised Miller for making faces and rapid head movements.

It was not the first time in the proceedings that Miller behaved erratically. SciFighter’s Adam Brennan reported that Miller looked around wildly “with eyes full of confusion” upon entering the courtroom and told his attorney it was “imperative” that he be released that night. On more than one occasion, Miller was silenced by his attorney or instructed by the judge to keep quiet.

Miller’s courtroom demeanor did not appear to help his case. Defense argued that bruises and lacerations on Pricilla resulted from her own MMA training and pointed out that Miller had taken out a restraining order against her, as had several of her past boyfriends. Apparently unconvinced, Manssourian placed a protective order on Pricilla and set Miller’s bail at $100,000. As of press time, he remained in jail.

Dana White’s Latest Vlog, a.k.a., “The Real World – Conor McGregor Edition”

Check out the latest installment of Dana White’s vlog, which introduces eight youth with disparate personalities living together in one tricked out house in Boston. This is what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting real.

Vitor Belfort Says TRT Isn’t Why He Fights In Brazil, Then Bursts Into Laughter

Walking and talking vial of testosterone Vitor Belfort shrugged off allegations that he fights only in Brazil because of his use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, claiming on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour yesterday that he competes solely on Brazil-based UFC cards because he’s a big ticket seller in his home country, nothing more.

“But I believe the reason why I fight in Brazil is because I sell a lot in Brazil. I miss fighting in Las Vegas and other places, but I don’t see any problems that I’m not fighting (there) because I sell big in Brazil. Makes sense for them and makes sense for me.”

Belfort, who is slated to rematch with Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 32 in Brazil on November 9, and whose current pre-fight T levels hover around 1,035,089, has seen great success in the Octagon as of late. At UFC on FX 7, the “Phenom” put away Michael Bisping in spectacular fashion with a high-kick, and at UFC on FX 8 he cut short Strikeforce champ Luke Rockhold’s night with a stunner of a spinning heel-kick. But Belfort – who first fought in the UFC back at UFC 12, and who has so much testosterone in his blood that his morning craps come out with fully-formed mustaches – has drawn the ire of many for seemingly staving off Father Time via chemical means.

Said the man who often gets women on the street pregnant simply by walking by them:

“Two months before the fight I have to do blood tests, at least once a month. I do that on my own every week too. It’s important. I’m just trying to be fair with everybody and also with myself.”

So yeah, fair to everyone. And even himself. Heh.

Kinkily Transformed Dick Returns to Kinkily Transformed MMA Scene

Jackals, the return of Dick has been secured. I originally stopped writing (15 months ago now—time flies) because I added another extra job to my first extra job, and my eyes literally started hurting from the monitor glare. That, and they told me I couldn’t say “shit” anymore. However, my primary job is now being replaced with grad school, and the anti-“shit” rule has been lifted, so I have been coerced into renewing my stewardship of your MMA-related shitting, pissing, and fucking alike.

I miss shit. –Ryan Harkness, Fightlinker, 2012

You will be happy to know that when settling my agreement with Rebellion Media, dear Jackals, instead of negotiating for more of your hard-earned cash, I secured the right to use additional swear words in my posts. The Company’s initial offer to me was Vice-level swearing (approx. 1–2 swears per 1000 words), but I refused to return for less than 15 swears per 1000 words plus a Verizon-like “fuck” rollover policy, rationalizing that at least 5–7 per post would be needed to serve as your chum. I had intentionally overplayed my hand, only actually wanting the right to use 3 swear words per post, so Rebellion’s acceptance of my first offer with no counter-negotiation leads me to believe that I really had them bent over a barrel.

So, until Ryan fixes the old RV down by the river, the thoughts of Dick will be funneled unfiltered directly into your cyber-gullets. This is a somewhat unique situation, because let’s just say the things on Dick’s cutting room floor would make R. Lee Ermey blush. After all, my falling cow piece was one of the ones that actually made it past the censor. I’ve been learning SEO from one of my friends (big boobs—#Asian 34C), and I’ve kept up by listening to nearly every episode of the Joe Rogaine Experience, so I think you’re in for an improved read from my posts overall.

In my time away, I have been avidly following the fights, poopings, and mouth poopings (Microsoft Word: add to dictionary!) of MMAers, and I’ve noticed a few developing trends. After the jump, find my brief thoughts on some major issues that have developed over the last year and a short verdict on each.

Continue after the Jump ››

Mir’s “Best Days Have Occurred,” Says Slightly-Older Barnett

Former UFC champion and current 35-year old Josh Barnett told MMAWeekly that Frank Mir is past his prime, but Barnett still doesn’t consider his 34 year-old opponent a bad fighter. Noting that it only takes one fight for an old-timer “to pull it together and come back to their championship best,” Barnett said he wasn’t underestimating Mir. But he also said he considers himself the defending UFC heavyweight champion.

“No one ever took my belt from me, so I don’t know what belt they were swinging around, but that wasn’t the UFC heavyweight title as far as I was concerned,” Barnett said, “and I was off at Pride fighting the top dudes in the world at the time.”

Technically, the UFC took Barnett’s belt from him in March 2002, shortly after he stopped Randy Couture in the second round of their championship fight and then tested positive for banned substances. Barnett spent the next six years fighting in Japan, competing in Pride FC’s well-regarded heavyweight division before returning to the United States to fight for Affliction and Strikeforce.

Barnett’s return to the UFC should therefore delight fans of Japanese MMA and kayfabe alike. His insistence that he thinks of himself as the heavyweight champion hearkens back to the days when Chael Sonnen walked around with his own middleweight belt. So does his winking non-reference to past problems with drug testing. Like Sonnen, Barnett seems willing to play the heel in interviews, calling attention to his flaws even as he explicitly denies them.

He differs from Sonnen in two significant regards, though. The first is his record: Barnett has won nine of his last ten fights, dropping a five-round decision to Daniel Cormier last year but otherwise cutting a swath through non-UFC heavyweights. The second is a matter of opinion, but it may do even more to distinguish him from Sonnen: Barnett is self-deprecating.

When he says that the slightly-younger Mir is too old, it’s hard not to hear Barnett acknowledging his status as an aging veteran. Much of his MMAWeekly interview has to do with the long years he spent exiled from the UFC and the sensation of watching his contemporaries succeed in his absence.

It’s a testament to both his intelligence and his experience as a showman that Barnett can acknowledge those years without breaking character. His personality is a welcome addition to the sometimes colorless UFC heavyweight division. The question of whether his athletic skills remain as sharp will have to wait until Saturday night.

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