Depressing Link Day #2!

Hello again, Jackals! I hope you’re having a pleasant day. It’s Dick here to make sure your good-morning blowjob didn’t go to waste with another edition of Depressing Link Day!

UFC veteran Matt Grice Clinging to Life after Car Crash

If you’re a fan of car crashes, the last Depressing Link Day post did not disappoint. This one won’t either. Last time we saw UFC fighter and Oklahoma City police officer Matt Grice, he picked up one judge’s scorecard in a tight loss to Dennis Bermudez at UFC 157. Now, he’s in critical condition and they’re picking pieces of windshield out of his brain. He was rear ended in a multi-vehicle accident and suffered the most severe injuries because he was not wearing a seatbelt. He was scheduled to face Jeremy Larsen at the upcoming UFC 166: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos. Now, it is a major news story when his pupils respond to light, indicating some residual brain activity. It is unclear whether he will ever regain consciousness.

Matt Riddle’s Bad Rib Forces Him into Retirement

After Matt Riddle cracked his rib, rendering him unable to fight in his scheduled Bellator debut September 20, Bellator told him they couldn’t find him another fight until the next tournament. Because Riddle can’t afford not to work for that long, he announced his retirement from MMA. He retires having only fought professionally for the UFC. According to Dana White, he was released from the UFC not for actually failing two marijuana tests but for “being a dumbass.” Hey, look on the bright side: he can still make a living writing for Fightlinker.

Alistair Overeem is One Loss from Doing Something Else, Hopes Testosterone Grows Soul

The Reem hasn’t looked too good in his last couple of fights, so if he loses to Frank Mir at UFC 167, he says he’d “better start doing something else.” He doesn’t say what he’s going to start doing, but he says he’s not going to retire, so what plan is he concocting? Is he going to grind up horse testicles and inject them directly into his eyeballs now? What else is left, Alistair?

Nate Diaz and Gray Maynard to fight again for some reason

In the vein of other uninspired matchmaking such as Chael Sonnen vs Rashad Evans, we now have a third fight between Nate Diaz vs Gray Maynard scheduled for the TUF 18 Finale on November 30, 2013. Although it’s not officially a rubber match, as Diaz / Maynard 1 was technically an exhibition match on The Ultimate Fighter Season 5. Diaz won that one via submission 1:17 in to round 2, while the more official Diaz / Maynard 2 in 2010 was a borefest that resulted in Maynard getting one of his patented rough blanket decision wins.

Mayhaps Diaz is chomping at the bit to even up the score on the official record? Not according to his twitter where he sounds oh so stoked to face Gray again:

After two losses in a row and some intolerant remarks? Who do you think you are, Chael Sonnen?


If you were wondering why Joe Warren was taken out of this past weekend’s Bellator event, it turns out that the guy’s propensity for getting knocked out badly extends outside the cage and into the practice room.

MMA Fighting was told from a source close to the commission on Saturday night that Warren was “knocked out while sparring,” and that is “100 percent the reason he was pulled from the card.” This prompted the Tribe’s commissioner Mike Mazzulli to pull the plug on the bout upon seeing the medical report. The source said that he only learned of the situation on Wednesday, meaning the incident happened fairly close to the fight.

“What I can tell you is, the specialist who tested him in Denver said, look, if it were my son I wouldn’t approve it. But there are circumstances that would cause me to approve it if you can wait three or four weeks and we can do the tests again That’ll answer any questions, and we’ll be 100 percent. And [Mazzulli] said, if we’re not 100 percent we’re not allowed to go.

“My assumption, and Mike’s assumption, is that within two to three weeks Mike will be able to take him off of suspension, so long as everything comes back clean.”

Good on Mazzulli for pulling the plug on this one, even though it sounds like the doctor in question didn’t give them a firm no. The only thing worse for a brain than a concussion is repeat concussions over a short period of time, and Joe Warren is known for sustaining bad ones in the cage even when he shows up perfectly healthy. The last thing we want is for him to be on the set of Fight Master asking why he’s there. Anyone else wondering that is normal. With Warren it’s a sign of brain damage.

Testosterone user talks about testosterone user’s testosterone use

There’s just something that doesn’t jibe right to me when Dan Henderson – one of the original purveyors of testosterone replacement therapy - talks shit about Vitor Belfort, whose own use of TRT isn’t socially accepted because fuck that guy.

“It doesn’t bother me, it is what it is,” Henderson told Wednesday. “That’s an issue with the commission. I beat him the first time when he was on steroids, I suppose it won’t make a difference.”

Some fans claim that the UFC is hiding “The Phenom” in Brazil so that he can keep using the therapy, and Henderson agrees with that theory.

“He’s a star here too, but I think is primarily because of the TRT issue,” he said. “He wouldn’t be able to get that here because he tested positive the first time I fought him. They won’t give him an exemption for that.”

Henderson will apply for an exemption (TUE) for his next fight, and he’s confident “there won’t be any issues.”

“I don’t take that much and I’m always testing myself during camps even when I’m not required because people accuse me,” he said. “My levels are always normal.”

Dana White has implied that Vitor is also getting tested and one assumes his levels are adding up too because there hasn’t been a big scandal over it. Yes, implications and assumptions are what we’re stuck with here – oh where art thou, age of transparency? Maybe that’s another reason why people are so anti-Vitor nowadays. He duck dodged dipped and dived on TRT questions until it was finally revealed that yes he was on the sauce, and then he basically snapped and threatened a reporter who asked him questions about it.

And of course, there’s the fact that he’s ripped to the gills and even his muscles have muscles on them. Will he magically balloon up even more for this 205 pound fight against Dan Henderson? One would hope that he’d have the common sense not to make his TRT use any more of a mockery, but this is the same Vitor Belfort who was okay letting people watch him lick his wife’s feet. Shameless may not be the word for it, but I bet the thesaurus can get you to the right one in a jump or two.

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