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WWE Hall of Fame Announcer Jim Ross Wants to Work in MMA, World Explodes Due to Awesomeness

Does anyone else think it was a masterstroke for Dave Meltzer to be hired by MMAFighting? Now, we get extremely in-depth reports on backroom pro wrestling dealings that could affect MMA in awesome ways. Meltzer is now reporting that recently retired Hall of Fame WWE Announcer Jim Ross wants to work in MMA:

“I think that, quite frankly this may sound egocentric, but I think the transition from calling a pro wrestling match and calling MMA fights would be easy.”

To clarify, it was actually Ariel Helwani who conducted the interview on the MMA Hour, but it was Meltzer who painstakingly transcribed every single word of the interview for people who can’t watch the video because their stolen wireless only gives them half a bar of signal.

In contrast to shitty boxing judge C.J. Ross, WWE Hall of Fame Announcer Jim Ross (no relation) is awesome. And if every fight contains a People’s Elbow (as at 6:55 of this video), then it would be easy indeed. Ross is the ideal person to have there to make the call. The UFC currently has no regular ring entrance announcer besides the Red Hot Chili Peppers… If PRIDE ring announcer Lenne Hardt refuses to move back from Japan, this may be the next best thing. He could be added to the production without a hitch: he could appear behind Joe and Goldy’s shoulders, yell into their microphones when a fighter starts to walk out, and then return to his seat a few rows away.

Because Ross doubled as WWE VP of Talent Relations when many of the WWE’s biggest stars were originally signed, maybe he will serve as a magnet for heavyweight amateur athletes to enter MMA. If this plan goes through, wouldn’t it be nice to see the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, The Rock, Kurt Angle, and even Brock Lesnar (whom he signed to the WWE) start to transition to MMA instead of pro wrestling?

Shitty Boxing Judge C.J. Ross to Go Fuck Self, World Rejoices

In a satisfying development, one of the judges who has been ruining boxing with her flagrantly wrong scorecards is hanging her head in shame and withdrawing into a stupor of depression and painkiller abuse. C.J. Ross, who was one of the two judges who awarded the Pacquiao-Bradley fight earlier this year to the wrong fighter and erroneously scored the Mayweather-Alvarez fight last weekend a draw, is taking a leave of absence from boxing:

“I will be taking some time off from boxing but will keep in touch.”

That sounds like a nice way of saying “I’m going to go eat shit,” but OK. In a comical display of how inept and inertia-driven it is possible for political appointees to be, NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer defended the appointment of Ross as a judge even after she had borked the Pacquiao-Bradley judging earlier this year, singlehandedly messing up the entire outcome of the fight. Fortunately, one of the NSAC Commissioners, Bill Brady, has owned up to some responsibility and promised changes in how judges are appointed:

I accept the blame for that. I, as chairman, let the public down. I could have done something about it, and we chose to go the way we did.

I can guarantee there will be some changes. We have to protect the fighters, the viewing public and the betting public. We’re going to look at our vetting process. It needs to be more thorough. We have to get this right.

The really unconscionable thing is that for Kizer’s part, he didn’t stop at defending the appointment of Ross as a judge. Kizer actually defended Ross’ indefensible scorecard:

Kizer said when he told Ross she had scored it a draw, she was surprised. “Good judges, they don’t keep track of their scores,” he said. “It’s a round-by-round scoring system. All three judges thought Mayweather was the better fighter, that he won that fight as a whole. Because one judge had it even on the scorecard doesn’t mean that judge thought both fighters did equally well.”

“Let’s say you don’t agree with her on the eighth round,” Kizer said. “One round out of 24 you disagree with her and you think she should never judge again? “How is that nothing more than mob mentality?

“I understand why there’s criticism, because people think of the entire fight and think Mayweather was certainly the better fighter, so how can you have a draw?” he added. “The answer is the scoring system.”

Allow Dick to join BloodyElbow’s Brick Shithouse in wondering why Kizer gets to keep his job at this point. The idea that he could defend Ross’ nonsensical scorecard on grounds of “blah blah the scoring system” doesn’t really hold up when there are disputed rounds that pretty clearly should have gone the other way. Kizer is the epitome of the crusty old bureaucrat—a Boss Tweed without the money.

The problem is, now that we have PPVs that gross over $100 million, the money is too big to ignore the problem completely any longer. Fortunately, this also portends well for MMA, because boxing and MMA judges are selected by the same body. I hope this brings about a much-needed change in the basic appointment process of combat sports judges. It is no longer appropriate to do this in smoke-filled rooms; the public deserves better than to have judges like C.J. Ross ruin consecutive major fights and then withdraw quietly into the night.

conormcgregorConor McGregor’s 2013 is over due to a torn ACL but it looks like he’s enjoying life in the meantime. Someone on twitter asked him how much money he had on him and he flashed out this phat stack of 50 Euro bills.

Check out the UFC’s latest lil viral video to promote UFC 165. It’s so good you’ll lose your head! *foghorn* *slide whistle*

UFC 165 title challenger Eddie Wineland has seemed like a highly improved fighter of late: his victory over Scott Jorgensen cemented him as a fighter to watch in his division, and his upcoming fight with Renan Barao should be quite exciting. However, what’s scary is that he could have gotten this good long ago. When he lost to Urijah Faber and Joseph Benavidez, you see, he had something holding him back. But that thing was not a succubus-like woman or a run-of-the-mill drug problem. It was his mustache:

It got to a point where I just wasn’t feeling like myself and I started second guessing things. I’d never fought with a mustache before, so why should I start now? There’s too much on the line to change things up. A friend of mine put it best. He said, ‘Listen, when you get in the cage, you ain’t no gentleman, so unleash the beast.” We shaved it off and that’s what I plan on doing. It’s all good and fun and makes for good pictures, but when it comes down to it, I’m not that type of fighter. I’m a gritty, in your face-type of person and when I face off with somebody, I’m not leaning back with my fists in the air, I get in your face and let them know I’m there to fight.

It’s interesting that Wineland’s dignified, gentlemanly mustache was forcing him to act like a dapper mensch in the cage. If breast implants can make female British soldiers fight better by increasing their confidence, then I guess a mustache could have the opposite effect by making the fighter want to sit around waxing it while reading through a monocle by the fireplace. In that case, shaving the mustache would definitely fix the problem.

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