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Snapchat lands Mayhem Miller back in jail

Yesterday brought the unfortunate news that Jason Mayhem Miller was once again being sent to jail – the third such event in the past month. It’s all related to the same initial case where Mayhem is accused of punching, kicking, and urinating on his then-girlfriend – charges he denies by claiming any physical altercation was started by her attacking him after she refused to leave his home. Where exactly the urine comes into all this still isn’t clear – legit MMA journalists! Stop slacking off, damnit! We demand answers!

The case has been winding its way through the court system, and the guys at scifighting have been attending the hearings and have this update on what exactly landed Miller in the clink again:

Jason Miller was arrested at approximately 3:15 PM PST yesterday at the conclusion of his first hearing in an ongoing domestic violence case in Southern California.  He was taken into custody by the Orange County Sherif’s Department after the alleged victim revealed a snapchat video to the court of him saying “I love you”.  Since snapchat messages are designed to disappear from the recipient’s phone seconds after viewing them the alleged victim waited until the hearing to open the message in front of the district attorney to bolster the veracity of her claims.

Unfortunately for Mr. Miller although the contents of the message were completely benign in nature, under the provisions of the protective order, any communications from Mr. Miller to the alleged victim are strictly prohibited.  The judge deemed Mr. Miller in violation of the protective order and as a result the DA asked that the bond amount be raised an additional $15 thousand, however Judge Andre Manssourian, apparently wishing to drive a point home with Mr. Miller, ordered the bail be set at $200 thousand.

Mayhem posted bail at approximately 10:40 PM last night and was set to attend a second hearing this morning.  Upon arriving at the court house our field reporters were informed that the hearing date had been moved to October 10th to allow Mr. Miller time to secure private counsel after he had opted to release his public defender from her duties.

Jason has said “The only thing I’m guilty of is falling in love with someone as crazy as I am,” which sounds terrible because I doubt he means she’s super haha crazy ala Mayhem – or at least the Mayhem we’ve seen in the past. Who knows exactly what new crazy Mayhem is like. At least he’s in jail for sending “I love you” snapchats and not new charges of domestic abuse or death threat tweets. That’s … an … improvement?

The $74.95 Boxing Pay-Per-View Moneys Buy ALL THE COCAINE

Now we see why Floyd Mayweather was such a hard-ass in negotiations over his $41.5 million guaranteed fight purse against Canelo Alvarez this Saturday. You see, it turns out that Floyd isn’t the selfish asshole we all thought he was when he demanded so much of the money. In fact, he was trying to assure that the promoter, Golden Boy Promotions’ Oscar de la Hoya, wouldn’t have too much of the money to spend on alcohol and cocaine:

Canelo Alvarez and I have big fights coming up this weekend. His is the ring and mine in treatment. I will not be at the fight to cheer Canelo to victory since I have voluntarily admitted myself into a treatment facility. I explained this to Canelo and he understood that my health and longterm recovery from my disease must come first. Thank you for your understanding. I ask for your support and privacy during this difficult time for me and my family.

Alvarez is also mentored by De La Hoya, so his absence will be particularly notable during this fight. How does De La Hoya respond to allegations that the $74.95 Pay-Per-View (PPV) price was newly jacked up to throw half a gram into the deal for himself? With the standard “please respect me and my family during my time of disease” line, of course. After all, “I considered suicide.” Well, if charging hapless joes $74.95 for an escape from their workaday world so that you can have more blow is a disease, then I suppose Oscar has a disease. I also have this disease where I smoke pot and then write jerky things about Oscar de la Hoya ripping people off so he can buy coke—it’s sort of like a tic.

In Display of Machismo, Vladimir Matyushenko Brandishes 80% Win Probability

Leave it to Russian fighters to keep finding new ways to impress us with their cold, calculating minds. We were all convinced we literally had the T-1000 on our hands when Fedor Emelianenko stared his emotionless stare and explained that he never actually thought he would win… until he always did. So it makes perfect sense when Vladimir Matyushenko explains his fights as if he can calculate his exact percentage chance of winning. He claims that he simply got unlucky during his fight with Ryan Bader, because he actually had an 80% chance of winning:

If I fight Bader 10 times, I probably beat him eight out of 10; but, that doesn’t happen, it’s not the case. You have to wait all of this time to try and take it next time. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m trying to prove to myself, fans and sparring partners and my coaches that I’m still capable of good fights.

With that kind of success rate, it’s interesting that the other 20% involved Vladdy tapping to a guillotine in under a minute. He made $40,000 for the fight, meaning that his win bonus likely would have been another $40,000. With his 80% chance of winning, he was likely expecting to make $32,000… I hope he didn’t spend it beforehand. I wonder what it would be like to hear him recap his fight with Jon Jones… “Yeah, that one was rough, I had a 50% chance of winning”? A friend and I used to joke that he was called “The Janitor” because he “cleans up”… Now, I think there’s a 35% chance that he’ll end up as an actual janitor. My favorite memories of Matyushenko will be his split decision victory over Eliot Marshall, against whom he deserved 52% of the points, and his win over Alexandre Ferreira, whom he knocked out 70% cold.

GSP wants to do ALL THE TESTS

After being accused of ducking VADA, Johny Hendricks has turned the tables and is now making it sound like Georges St Pierre is ducking WADA! Kieth Kizer backs up Camp Johny’s claim that GSP’s people seemed awfully concerned that WADA might test for some things GSP wasn’t prepared for – just adding to the perception that Georges has something to hide! Coming to the media relations rescue is Georges’ coach Firas Zahabi, who is now saying “VADA or WADA? WHY NOT BOTH!”
Hendricks is the second fighter to point towards his opponent’s ‘relationship’ with VADA as the reason they decided not to get in with the testing. Shane Carwin did the same thing when Roy Nelson tried to peer pressure him into extensive steroids testing – something you’d think he’d be interested in to back up his claim that his extensive steroid use (exposed in a pharmfarm lawsuit) was all prior to his MMA career. But after VADA reposted a blog entry from another site claiming ‘Shane would teach his TUF team how to use a syringe’, he had grounds for his decision.

There are some things to be concerned about regarding VADA – their relationship with BALCO roid slinger Victor Conte being a big red flag for me. Do I actually think they’d do something sketchy related to any tests? Not really. But would I bet a million bucks on it, as Hendricks basically would be by trusting VADA not to bork anything up? Eeeeh. Probably not. At least WADA has an established reputation and isn’t aggressively angling to become the big supplementary drug testing agency for big fights.

Here’s a simple solution that’s too obvious to actually happen: why doesn’t Georges do VADA and Johny do WADA? That way both guys undergo extra testing from a trusted source and we don’t end up drawing several quarts worth of blood out of them leading up to their fight. I know it sounds crazy, but it just may work.


Many people have been asking me if Roxanne Modafferi would be blogging about her time on TUF here on Fightlinker. She is blogging, but at a more respectable site called Mass-MMA (cuz she’s from Massachusetts) that is less likely to inadvertently piss off the UFC or have commenters that discuss the taste of TUF contestants’ vaginas. This is why we can’t have nice things, kids.

Here’s an excerpt from her first blog:

We were secluded to our hotel rooms at first- luckily, I had the final volume of The Wheel of Time to keep me company.  I texted Tara occasionally, read a ton, and tried to deal with the immense amount of anxiety, which I’d never experienced before.  Even before my Strikeforce title fight against Sarah Kaufman I didn’t feel so anxious.  Everything was on the line.  Getting into TUF would mean a resurgence of my faltering career.  My winning streak was broken by the infamous powerbomb slam (which is like one of the first things that comes up when you google my name! Nooooo! ).  My record spiraled downward with unsuccessful cuts to 125 lbs against top athletes in that weight division.

I HAD to win my elimination fight.  It embodied the very essence of my dream and ultimate goal- to fight in the UFC someday.  After ten years of fighting and double that of training, my body is feeling the wear and tear, so I knew this might be my last chance. I might not have time to slowly climb the ranks as a younger fighter might.  It was also very important to me to show my coach that I could do what he taught me.  I had joined Groundslam over one years ago.  Katsumura-san and BJ Kojima-san especially taught me a lot.

After weigh-ins, I found out I was fighting Valerie Letourneaux.   Tara LaRosa and I conducted  stealthy ninja-like research, by making notes of who was at interviews and doctors checks at TUF tryouts.  Then, we compared notes via Facebook once we got home,  after looking everybody up.  We hadn’t been able to get much info about her, except that she trained at GSP’s gym.

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