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Jon Jones wants to be a movie star

Hollywood seems to be going MMA crazy again, importing fighters left and right for movie roles. And one guy who wants to get in on some of that action is Jon Jones. Via MMA Junkie:

“I’d like to model my acting career on Dwayne Johnson, the way he came out of [WWE] and started off tough guy roles and then moved over to doing ‘Tooth Fairy,’” Jones told during an appearance at the UFC’s “World Tour” in Los Angeles. “That’s when you really saw that he could act, and he’s the one I admire and respect a lot, so I know I’d love to model my acting career after (him)…

“As an entertainer, I think acting is one of the highest levels you can get, and right now, I’m doing pretty well in my field, which is the martial arts world. To branch out a little bit and get my feet wet there and maybe prepare myself for a career after this career, I think it’s all part of the plan.”

There’s so much WTF in all this I don’t know where to start. Namedropping The Rock’s performance in the Tooth Fairy as the point where he started being taken seriously as an actor? W. T. F, sir. And even trying to compare himself to the Rock in the first place? The Rock is an extremely charismatic guy who’s so enjoyable as a character that he just plays himself in all the movies he’s in. Jon Jones is like the Anti-Rock. People don’t really like him – he’s a great martial artist in the cage but as a person the most used words to describe him are ‘fake’ and ‘not genuine.’

Never mind the fact that Jones can’t act to save his life. Back when Bud Light had Jon and Dana White appear in a commercial together, White ended up having to say Jones’ lines because Jones couldn’t even say ‘Here we go!’ convincingly. So let’s rest easy knowing that no matter how much smoke sycophants blow up JJ’s ass, he’s never going to get any sweet Tooth Fairy style roles that will win him critical acclaim.

Matt Brown thinks he can out-wrestle GSP

Is Matt Brown a redneck Anderson Silva? I know we just said nothing good ever comes from Spider comparisons, but the way Brown has gone from an average middle of the road fighter to a seemingly unstoppable knockout artist kinda reminds me of Silva’s transformation from just another guy in PRIDE to the best fighter in the world. It’s still too early to say what’s what in this case, but taking out Mike Pyle in 30 seconds certainly adds credence to this theory. And Matt Brown certainly believes in himself:

“I know where my wrestling stands,” Brown told Radio ( “It’s simply a matter of executing those abilities in the ring with ‘GSP.’ I can outwrestle him. I’m calling it right now.

“It sounds f—ing ridiculous, and everybody is going to laugh at me, and I know the forums, everybody’s going to talk about how I’m delusional and this and that. … I know where I’m at.”

“I don’t think [St-Pierre has] ever fought anybody that can put the kind of pressure that I put on him, and I think I can stop his takedowns,” Brown said. “His best chance is to get a takedown. People haven’t seen my wrestling. I’m training with the best wrestlers in the world right now, and I’m getting pretty damn good at it.”

Brown must come from the Chris Weidman school of confidence, where you talk your skills up for so long that by the time you finally face the champ, you completely buy your own bullshit. And like we saw with Chris Weidman, that faith in yourself lets you actually fight when other guys might freeze up. Could Brown actually fight off GSP’s wrestling? Probably not. But you know he wouldn’t stand there afraid to fight like Jake Shields.

All the Phantom Cam action from this weekend’s UFC

It’s no PRIDE ref cam, but I’m still a pretty big fan of the FOX Sports Phantom cam. Here’s some highlights from this past weekend’s event, full of super slo mo face smashing and jiggling cauliflower ears.

As Mayhem Miller might say, big tings agwan for da UFC’s international expansion plans:

Today at an EA press conference in Germany, UFC executive Garry Cook, who’s a vice president and managing director for Europe and other regions, unveiled six countries that will get events next year. They include four that previously hosted shows – England, Sweden, Ireland and Germany – as well as two new stops: Poland and Turkey. Exact dates and other details were not disclosed by Cook, who helped unveil the UFC and EA Sports’ upcoming video-game title, “EA SPORTS UFC,” at today’s Gamescom press conference in Cologne.

Now keep in mind that the UFC has made big promises regarding international expansion before. Not to say they haven’t done a good job of getting their brand out and around the world, but when push comes to shove and the calendar is getting loaded up, big US and Brazil shows tend to take a higher importance than another Germany gig. And where’s that huge UFC show in India, Lorenzo Fertitta??

But there’s a lot here that does signal the UFC being pretty effing serious about these shows. This wasn’t some off the cuff comment from Dana White or Garry Cook pulling a Scott Coker and just sayin’ stuff. This was an official announcement made at a big press event – the kind of thing that implies perhaps that 2014 calendar already has this shit locked in. Is this the point where the UFC lets Garry Cook drive the European expansion wagon to success or failure? The guy has spent enough time navigating the sports market there. It should be interesting to see what he can do.

Anderson Silva doesn’t want to fight Brazilians any more

Anderson the Artiste is at it again, shooting down future contenders because of this reason or that:

“I don’t think so,” Silva told Combate about the possibility of fighting Belfort again. “What was supposed to be done was done. Of course, we are employees of the UFC, but I don’t like to fight against Brazilians. I don’t see that possibility.”

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, a former Strikeforce champion, will probably never fight for the UFC title if Silva reclaims his gold at UFC 168.

“If I’m your friend, I’m your friend, and money or status won’t matter,” he said. “Honor is more worthy than life for me. ‘Jacare’ or another one, I wouldn’t like to fight a friend of mine. But that’s the thing. I’m in a position and I never had to take anything from anyone to get where I am today.”

Let’s not forget that Silva didn’t want to fight Chris Weidman either. In general he seems pretty unimpressed with the matchmaking he’s presented with – a legit complaint back when it was Patrick Cote and Thales Leites and James Irvin getting the call and still now when strange shit like Stephan Bonnar happens. But like it or not, Vitor Belfort is top dog at 185 after Silva and Weidman. If Jacare wins a few more, he’ll be in a similar position.

Fighters shouldn’t get to pick their opponents, and they certainly shouldn’t get to pick who they aren’t going to face. Champions should face all comers, something Silva has done. It’d just be nice if he wasn’t such a giant complainer about it.

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