Bellator gets out of the women punching each other business

Like Roy Nelson, who holds the record for most punches to the face eaten without being KO’d, Sheila Gaff now has an interesting factoid attached to her name: she’s the first woman to be cut by the UFC. She can take her place next to other dubious WMMA honorees like Carina Damm (first woman busted for steroids), Carina Damm (first woman busted for not providing urine for steroid test), and whomever’s titty is the first to flop out during a UFC fight (tick tock).

In other WMMA fighters being cut news, Bellator has gone ahead and released Felice Herrig, Jessica Aguilar and Jessica Eye. That’s all the remaining Bellator women, effectively shuttering the flyweight division. Here’s Bjorn Rebney on the thought process behind that:

I’ve said many times that fighters need to fight and fight often. Given our current focus, we are not in position to provide these very deserving women regular and reoccurring fights on a large platform. And, I felt it was best to let them go and secure options that did. I genuinely wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and will be rooting for each of them wherever they fight.

Less promotions pushing WMMA seems bad on it’s face, but it’s not like Bellator was doing all that much to begin with other than tying up talent like Jessica Eye. Bloody Elbow notes that out of 380 fights over the past 36 events, only 10 featured women. And with even the championship fights ending up on the undercard … well, let’s just say it was clear the promotion wasn’t all that dedicated to making WMMA happen. Which is too bad, because the early scouting and initial 115 pound tournament was pretty badass.

FOX Sports 1 has its big launch sorted out

Good news for those of you who kinda sorta wanna watch this Saturday’s FOX Sports 1 UFC card! FOX has managed to wrangle out deals with DirecTV, The Dish Network, and Time Warner Cable so a nice phat 100 million people will have access to the channel’s launch.

The three carriers — satellite broadcasters DirecTV and Dish and cable operator Time Warner Cable — all have agreed to carry Fox Sports 1 when it launches. Those three distributors combined reach over 40 million homes.

A Time Warner Cable spokeswoman said it would have the channel on its systems when it launches. However, final distribution contracts are still being hammered out with all three companies.

It was kinda scary leading up to this – insiders all agreed that this would probably get resolved at the last second, but considering FOX’s high carriage demands – 80 cents per subscriber, up from the 23 cents when the channel was SPEED – it wasn’t a sure bet by any stretch. Consider this: Time Warner is currently in a similar carriage fee spat with CBS that has resulted in them pulling the network from their roster. CB mafakin S! And during NFL preseason time no less. So it is joyous news to hear that things have been sorted out and you’ll probably be able to find Chael Sonnen and Shogun Rua duking it out somewhere in the upper reaches of your channel guide.

All yous Canadians out there – the event will be featured on Sportsnet 360 and TVA Sports. Hope you’ve got a good cable package.

Cris Cyborg set for Muay Thai bout with champion Jindrova

News this afternoon from USAToday that everyone’s favorite convicted steroid cheat Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino will take her first steps in professional Muay Thai in September opposite Czech titleholder Martina Jindrova.

Justino, whose last name formerly was Santos, has signed on to face renowned kickboxing champion Martina Jindrova at Lion Fight 11 on Sept. 20 in a fight that will air on AXS TV. Justino did some Muay Thai work in her native Brazil years ago, but this will be her first elite-level experience in the sport.

“Obviously, I like to compete,” Justino told USA TODAY Sports by phone Tuesday. “In Brazil, I competed in Muay Thai. It’s good experience for my game and a good opportunity for me. I like to always keep training in jiu-jitsu and standup, and now Muay Thai. This will be a good experience.

It comes as some surprise to me that for Cyborg’s considerable striking skills, she hadn’t yet actually cut her chops in competitive Muay Thai but this booking should be interesting opportunity to see perhaps the best striker in women’s MMA compete against a legitimate Muay Thai queen.

Jindrova, according to USAToday, boasts a record of 17-5 with 3 knockouts in Muay Thai, including this beautiful spinning elbow KO last year in Thailand.

This fight will hopefully give Invicta some time to figure out who next to face their new featherweight champion without shelving the gal, who’s fought twice in the last four months after a year and a half out for her positive drug test after destroying Hiroko Yamanaka in late 2011.  Their seventh show is as-yet unannounced.


Jinh Yu takes out Darla Harris at Sugar Creek Showdown 18 in Oklahoma. This video, plus 10 more crazy SCS KOs, after the jump.

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This isn’t MMA related but I figured it’s the kind of thing that’s right up your alley and worth sharing. Our buddy Vince from Filmdrunk spent the last weekend in the middle of Buttfuck Nowhere Illinois at the Gathering of the Juggalos, where over 20,000 Insane Clown Posse fans converge to get their freak on. He’s writing up extensive war journals of his time in the heart of darkness, and they’re so vivid you can practically smell the vomit and Faygo. Check out his day one write-up here, or peruse his Instagram full of classy images from the festival.

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