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RawVegas got together with Karo Parisyan for a quick interview. The good: Karo seems like his old self … in other words, he’s a cocky asshole in the video! Hurray!

More good news: Karo just got a new 8 fight contract with the UFC. Sure, the UFC probably has the right to cut you at any time and therefore you could just as well have a 2 fight contract or a 2000 fight contract with them. But hopefully they had a sitdown with Karo and are giving him enough money now that financial concerns aren’t causing him any mental breakdowns.

No talk about his injury or anything about that….

(props to MMA Convert for finding this, quality blog which I recommend you check out when I’m being a lazy non-updating fuck)

Those of you looking forward to a CroCop / Overeem rematch on NYE may be out of luck, as the damage to Mirko’s nuts is severe indeed:

Mirko will have to undergo a testicle exam which got injured in the Overeem fight. Mirko’s genitals still hurt a lot says dr. Zeljko Kapulica.

“Mirko’s left testicle is still hurting and I have to examine it to determine whether it’s stable in the scrotum; complications might occur if the testicle rotates and clogs the blood vessels. Also I need to check if the inguinal canal in which his tescticle was pushed in is open because it could lead to a hernia.”

Mirko also feels pain in the right knee which was operated earlier this year.

I haven’t taken that much time to criticize the garbage that puts on it’s website because it’s just started and while the ‘MMA Web Shows’ they have right now are pretty balls, who knows how they’ll develop down the road. But one thing is for sure: the douchebags above are the lamest individuals in the world. Here’s some quotes:

The ‘Tanner guy’,”having coyote paw prints on his back where he was humped.”

“He goes out 200 miles from any town, runs out of gas, supposedly he’s this brilliant intelligent guy and he doesn’t see this coming?”

“The sad part is Evan Tanner goes out on a losing streak against the Spida (Kendall Grove) he lost and now mother nature. Now he’s like all those pussies in Louisiana.”

“Isn’t it odd that he was an alcoholic and ends up dying from dehydration.”

“Chicks don’t care for beards but coyotes love’em.”

Not only are these guys assholes, but factually incorrect assholes.

Remember: they have the freedom to say whatever they want, but so do we. Tell Spike what you think of these guys at

**UPDATE** From Full Contact Talk:

Full Contact Talk just spoke with David I. Schwarz (Vice President of Communications for Spike) regarding the controversial video that was uploaded to mocking the death of UFC fighter Evan Tanner. Spike immediately yanked the video from its website once it was viewed internally.

I just wanted to take a few moments to discuss Gina Carano as the face of female MMA. As Jake mentioned on Tuesday, Gina essentially denounced the title saying that she no longer wanted to be known as that. More has now been said on the subject during another media call for October 4th, where she tried to clarify that she’s just didn’t want the label to overshadow her individualism.

But there’s a bigger issue beyond that point, one thing that’s bugged me for a while that I’ve finally pinned down. Gina reaps all the rewards of being the biggest name in female MMA, yet she hasn’t put much work into advancing the female cause in the sport. Sure, just showing up with a smile and kicking ass helps a lot. Without Gina there probably wouldn’t be a female division in EliteXC at all. But am I being greedy for expecting more?

I remember seeing Gina doing the in-ring interviews at a Fatal Femmes Fighting event and thought that was a really cool way to give back and help draw people to an event that was all about the girls. Perhaps Gina is doing other stuff like this on a regular basis? If she is, I’m not hearing about it and neither is anyone else.

There’s a good amount of animosity in the women’s MMA scene towards Gina, and while many see it as jealousy, I’ve heard differently. Many just feel like Gina has been lifted up to this higher level, and she’s simply not doing all that much to turn around and help others up as well. Women’s MMA is a tight knit group, and everyone helps everyone out whenever they can, even if they’re fighting or have already fought. So it sticks out pretty plain when someone isn’t part of ‘the team’.

A rising tide is supposed to raise all ships, but as it stands it seems like women’s MMA is stagnating. Zuffa is sticking with it’s pigheaded view that women have no place in the UFC or WEC. EliteXC’s division is closer to a Gina division than a true women’s division. And women’s participation in smaller leagues is going down instead of up! If there was ever a time where women needed a true face of MMA to stand out and bang the drum for them, it’s now.

I can’t accuse or demand too much of Carano. She is who she is and by many accounts she’s a shy person who’s still coming to grips with her own fame, let alone the pressures of carrying the hopes of an entire gender on her back. I can understand why she wouldn’t want the pressures of being ‘the face of women’s MMA’. But that’s where she is, and she’s been happy enough cashing the checks off it. She might wish it was someone else, but it’s not. So what is she going to do about it?

Who gives a fuck what Jerry Millen says? When he turns out to be full of shit and Fedor fights on NYE in Japan, will everyone please realize that Millen is NOT a reliable source for anything regardless of what his fake-ass job description may be? If he said the sky was blue, I’d half expect that shit to turn green. That’s how wrong he tends to be about everything.

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