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Goran Reljic looked pretty badass in his UFC debut at UFC 84, knocking Wilson Gouveia down a weight class and winning fight of the night honors. But that’s nothing compared to this badass story sent to me by Robert from Free Fight Videos:

UFC fighter Goran Reljic risks own life to rescues two men

A crash that almost killed two young men on the 15th of October at round 3am could have had disastrous consequences when the two young men, both from Privlaka, spun and crashed into the sea.

Thankfully both men survived, due to the brave actions of Goran Reljica, the Croatian ultimate fighter, who resides in the immediate vicinity of the town in question.

When he heard the crash, Goran jumped out of bed, still in his underwear and jumped into the sea.

He swam to the car, proceeded to brake the windshield of the vehicle and pull both men to land. Several eyes witness accounts confirm the story and so does Goran himself who doesn’t want any praise or recognition for the good deed.

“The only satisfaction I get is that both young men are alive and healthy, I don’t need any praise, I simply did what anyone one would have done in that situation” said Reljic.

You know it’s a bad accident when your car ends up in the fucking sea. The only thing worse is somehow ending up in the ocean. Fortunately, if that happens, you apparently have a 22% chance that Goran Reljic will bust through your windshield to pull you out.

Original story here … again thanks to Robert at Free Fight Videos for the translation.

I know everyone has been waiting to hear what we have to say regarding the “Fedor letter” from M-1 vice president Jerry Millen, but it just hurts my brain too much to think about it. Simply put, all this bullshit doesn’t matter. At all. Fedor isn’t going to fight in the UFC. It’s not like the UFC hasn’t tried to sign him several times. But Fedor won’t fight for them. So why should I give the tiniest shred of a shit regarding what he and his camp has to say about Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva, and the UFC?

It doesn’t surprise me that Fedor is drooling over the idea of a fight with Brock Lesnar. He likes his fighters big and unexperienced after all. If it ain’t fatties or giants, its the winner of some pathetic reality show. A WWE superstar fits into that collection of characters quite nicely.

But you know what? I have no respect for a guy who calls out the people he thinks are easy pickings. Where the fuck was Fedor after Mirko CroCop had won the 2006 Pride Openweight Grand Prix? Josh Barnett has been calling out Fedor for years as well. And when the UFC re-signed Randy Couture with the promise of doing whatever it took to set up Couture vs Fedor, Fedor went and closed all the loopholes in his Affliction contract so the fight still couldn’t happen.

Fedor is a great fighter … one of the greatest fighters. But he doesn’t do himself any service by allowing his name to be attached to these kinds of statements, nor does he bolster his reputation by talking down fighters in an organization he refuses to fight for. The whole thing reeks of chickenshit theatrics. Personally, I got sick of that crap after 2007 involved Fedor fighting Matt Lindland and Hong Man Choi. The fact that he fought and dismantled Tim Sylvia in 2008 doesn’t absolve him of the past three years of absolute bullshit. No matter how awesome those 36 seconds were, they simply don’t.

So rather than release bullshit statements that distort reality, how about Fedor just go out and fight the best. Please. Don’t run off to Japan to fight the latest freak flavor du jour. Fight Andrei Arlovski. Fight Josh Barnett. After that I have no idea who else you can fight, but stop fucking around with dudes who have no business in the ring with you. Try to not fuck over promotions so badly that they go out of business. Ditch your leech management team who refuse to allow any deals that don’t involve massive irresponsible kickbacks. Stop acting like the kind of cocksucker athlete we left other sports to avoid.

Just in case you were worried that Dana White was running out of people to hate, Matt Lindland has decided he’s gonna start kicking up some dirt and he’s dragging a whole slew of people into the mess with him. A new documentary is on it’s way out called Fighting Politics, and it’s not about the politics of Matt during the Olympics or the politics of Matt during his political run. It’s about how the UFC ditched him back in the day and how Dana White is an asshole.

The trailer is pretty interesting and is full of all sorts of MMA journalists Dana doesn’t like, such as Loretta Hunt, Josh Gross, and Jeff Sherwood. Kevin Iole also makes an appearance, but he’s shown claiming he doesn’t know why Lindland was kicked out of the UFC. Mmm-hmmm. I gotta say, it’s pretty amusing to see the feuds between Dana and the press resulting in a feature film presentation.

Here’s the press release they’ve put out to go along with it:

Despite 39 profanity and threat filled text messages from the Cell Phone of Dana White, President of the UFC, FIGHTING POLITICS is here to tell the real story of Cage Fighter Matt Lindland. FIGHTING POLITICS has been submitted to the 25 largest Film Festivals for screenings, more dates to be released soon.

Cage Fighter Matt “The Law” Lindland had to earn his nickname the hard way, through perseverance and a good lawyer. Back in 2000 Matt was in one of the biggest political sports messes ever, resulting in his case on the steps of the supreme court. His success in the Sport of Mixed Martial Arts came to an abrupt halt as politics came knocking on his door again. This is his story.

MMA Torch has a unique perspective on how to get over the whole Brock Lesnar / Pro Wrestler thing. They argue that just because Brock was a pro wrestler for several years, it doesn’t mean that is who he really ‘is’, in the grander scheme of things:

Brad Pitt once appeared on “Growing Pains” and George Clooney had a recurring role on “The Facts of Life,” but neither one did it because it was their dream to appear on a sitcom or for the love of either one of those programs. They were young actors looking to put food on the table and to hope to make it out of such roles in the future.

Brock Lesnar was a young athlete and was able to utilize those gifts and garner a nice paycheck by being a professional wrestler for a moment, but this was only to put food on his table and perhaps give him the chance to do that which he wanted in the future. We all would take a huge paycheck to do something we didn’t love, and I guarantee that many of you would toss Danny DeVito’s salad for one million dollars, but you sure as hell wouldn’t want someone asking you how it tasted three years later. You would argue that you weren’t gay and merely did it for the money.

Yes, this movie is real, and yes it looks both terrible and awesome at the same time. They really need some kind of cool double-speak word that allows for both, but if they didn’t formulate one back in the 80’s to cover all those terrawesomeible movies from Van Damme, Seagal, and Lundgren, then I don’t think one will be invented any time soon.

Oh, and don’t think that “Never Surrender” has anything to do with “Never Back Down” or “Never Submit”. They’re completely unrelated films and the only thing they have in common is creatively devoid movie titles.

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