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As Ryan mentioned earlier today, I’m here in Fort Lauderdale covering the madness here at EliteXC’s third installment on CBS. And yes, Gina Carano did remove her clothing to weigh-in and yes, the towel slipped a bit, but no, I did not get any photos and even if I did, you wouldn’t be seeing them. Gina groaned as employees brought towels, covering her face, while Tito Ortiz yelled from the side, “Do what you gotta do, Gina!” I doubt that comforted her.

I’m of course out there putting my handiwork all over the internets and I’m finding most of the “reporting” to be vastly exaggerated and a lot of it plain untrue.

A lot of people are saying that Gina can’t drop a pound and three-quarters in the few minutes between her first and third attempt. Personally, I think the scale was running a teeny bit heavy from the EliteXC provided scale as I also stayed for the undercard and a few fighters were surprised to not make weight, having weighed themselves only half an hour ago. Mainly, I think what contributed to the strange second reading (where there was barely a difference even though she had removed her skirt) were the amount of people running around on the stage and some people even standing on the wooden platform where the scale sat. I believe if things were not so chaotic, that second reading would have been 141.

I’m also reading reports from the weigh-ins phrased as if she missed weight even after running around for an hour, but that’s not what happened.

The commission member nearly showed Daley’s royal jewels celebrating Daley making weight by pulling the towel away then realizing his actions halfway and putting the towel back. Paul Daley did what I knew he would, hype the fight by getting in Jake Shields’ face — why wouldn’t he? This is a guy who challenged Eddie Alvarez right after Alvarez won to a hometown crowd, yelling to all the boos, “I’m the fucking best!”

Daley reached to give Shields a playful pat on the cheek and Shields went after him. Even after they were pulled backstage, the curtain and the backdrop continued to shake and pull, and I wished I had a video camera since a photo of a moving curtain, is just a photo of a curtain.

Ken Shamrock shoved Kimbo, and while I expected Shamrock to hype the fight, I wasn’t ready for that. Kimbo certainly was not either and his manager was visibly upset that something like this was allowed to happen.

After the weigh-ins, Kimbo and his family hung out on the balcony of the Bank Atlantic Center’s Chairman’s club, laughing about the incident. Fiancé Antoinette reenacted her outrage at Shamrock’s antics, ready to hop on stage and thrown down for her man.

Check out the rest of the photos here and I just want to post this one of Kelly Kobold because I like it.

Last week, Luke at Bloody Elbow made a post claiming that the UFC’s “Fight for the Troops” event at Fort Bragg hadn’t been cleared or approved by army brass. Pretty much everyone in the MMA bloggomo-sphere ignored him (I was just too lazy / uninspired at the time to cover it), and the post generated 58 awesome comments full of flaming and drama. Definitely worth reading if you’ve got 5 minutes.

Now it turns out Luke was right: Fort Bragg hadn’t approved the event, and now the UFC has had to move the event down the street to the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This is too bad, because the change in scenery for the first UFC/Military event was one of the only things worth remembering about that event. Let’s hope this event is like a costume party where you HAVE to wear your military duds to gain entrance.

I’ve been surprisingly entertained thus far, but I’ll admit I actually had to spend about 5 hours investing myself in the show while putting together the TUF 8 preview posts. Apparently though, others thus far haven’t taken to the show: has learned that the 10/1 episode of the Ultimate Fighter on Spike drew a 0.8 rating (1.1 million viewers). That is the lowest rating in the series’ history. The program drew quarter hours of 0.80, 0.66, 0.79, and 0.90. The key demographic numbers were a a 1.13 in M18-34 and a 1.04 in M18-49.

Are you guys watching TUF? Or are you tired of ‘more of the same’?

Over at Bloody Elbow, one of the readers has put together a handy dandy list of TUF Fighter blogs. Since we’re not cool enough to have our own TUF blogger (maybe next season we’ll actually try), I figure why not read through everyone else’s painful entries and serve you guys up the cream of the crap. So if you’ve watched this week’s TUF, click after the jump for more inside info. If you haven’t, here’s the video. Then go read the rest of this.

Krzysztof Soszynski (the bald Canadian dude) via MMA Canada

To be honest, I only had one thing on my mind for the first few days in the house: the pain in my right hand. I was pretty sure I broke my hand in the fight against Mike Stewart. I think it was the right uppercut just before the ref jumped in to stop the fight. After watching Antwain Britt get sent home, I knew that if a doctor or an official found out I would be sent home too. I did not want to get kicked of the show; I worked so hard to get to this point. I had to be discreet. The only person I told was Dan Henderson, who was at the training center watching the fights. He offered me a few anti-inflammatory pills to help with the swelling and at the house I was in so much pain I was popping Advil like they were Tic Tacs.

John Polakowski (that hug molester dude) via MMA Rated

The doctor felt Karn’s nose a little bit to determine if it had been broke. The doctor told Karn his nose wasn’t broke and he should just ice it. Karn asked the doctor “are you sure?” The doctor was like your nose looks fine, a little swollen, but not broken. For most fighters that would’ve been good enough. But that wasn’t good enough for Karn. Karn INSISTED on seeing another doctor AND getting an X-Ray. I don’t think he realized it could put him out of the competition, but he insisted on a second opinion, so he kind of got what he deserved.

Junie Browning (the psycho) via

To be honest, I think they underplayed it, I was hoping they’d show a little more. They made me look a little more sane than I really am. Seriously though, it was somewhat embarrassing because I never really see myself acting like that big of an idiot, and now I can see where everyone’s coming from when they watch me and go ‘this guy’s a lunatic.’ Now I see it.

Phillipe Nover (the girly-man) via Five Ounces

I’ve read in the past where some people have blamed the UFC and Spike for making alcohol so readily available. I really don’t think they are to blame. I believe as an adult we should be responsible for ourselves. Not only are we adults, but also professional athletes (well, at least some of us are). So there should have been close to no drinking in the house. Spike and the UFC didn’t tell us we have to drink or force it into our mouths. We didn’t have to do anything we objected to. We didn’t even have to train or get up in the morning if you so willed not to.

Ryan Bader (CB Dollaway in disguise) via MMA Junkie

My good friend and “TUF 7″ alumnus CB Dollaway told me to get in the house and start ordering crazy stuff on the “list.” He said they would shut it down after a few days, but on Day One, guys were ordering ugly white sunglasses and even Nike shoes. (I am pretty sure CB was hoping I would get him a new pair of sunglasses.)

Once we made our way back to the house, the team lines are drawn. Jules Bruchez had his stuff moved out by the blue team and put into another room without his permission so that all of Mir’s fighters would be together. He felt somewhat disrespected, but Jules is a nice guy and let it go. But like I said, the battle lines were clearly drawn. Being a lifelong wrestler, I know the importance of having team unity, but just as in wrestling when you are in the cage, there is nothing your team will be able to do for you. It is man vs. man.

When we arrived home, I knew something was up pretty much immediately. The cameras were following me into my room, into my closet, and wherever else I decided to go. I realized that some stuff of mine was gone but wasn’t about to freak out. I am a pretty laid-back guy, and it takes a lot to really get me pissed off. We found the underwear outside and realized that it was everybody’s because of Phillipe Nover’s pink boxers and other very feminine undergarments.

Dave Kaplan via USA Today

There is a lot more to look forward to this season: Confrontations between weight classes; some people drink a mystery liquid; someone gets punched in the face; and I dye my hair blond and get a Mohawk. Keep watching.

Bradley “Da Sliycer” Crantle, via Martial Farts

Junie Browning acts tough and scary but really he is a super-sensitive guy. He got very drunk and tried to punch some people and some inanimate objects. He laughed for a while then he cried and kind of passed out but still cried a bit near the swimming pool.   I ahave a spying device that my mother gave to me (which the police never found) which allows me to watch from a safe distance. Some other guys dragged him back into the house and I sneaked out under cover of darkness and tasted his tears which were drying on the patio. They tasted of salt. And whisky. And despair. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Here’s MMA fighter Tiki Ghosn grabbing Dana White’s balls. Yep. I don’t know much about Tiki Ghosn other than the fact that he’s supposedly one of the founding members of Team Punishment and he was drummed out of the WEC after a 3 loss skid. As I try to keep tabs on all the people tickling Dana White’s nuts, any additional info y’all can provide would be great.

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