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Well, it’s happened. A pro wrestler is now the heavyweight champ of the world. It’s not like he doesn’t deserve it though … he beat Couture fair and square. Couture did a good job of keeping the pressure on, pushing Lesnar against the cage and controlling him well. When Brock Lesnar took him down, he stayed calm and managed to get right back up. I had the first round going to Lesnar because of top position, but it was close.

In the second round Brock started landing blows, and since Brock is a huge dude, those blows fucked Randy up. Randy got a few good shots back and opened a cut above one of Brock’s eye, but he wasn’t able to capitalize. It’s too bad … Brock was keeping one hand pretty low, and I figured it wouldn’t take long for Randy to see it and capitalize.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to be … Lesnar threw a heavy overhand right and gonged Randy right in the temple, sending him crashing to the canvas. Mario Yamasaki let the fight go on as long as was ethically possible, but even with Brock throwing one inch hammer strikes, Couture was simply too dazed to recover. The fight got called, and again … Brock Lesnar is now the new heavyweight champion.

It will be interesting to see how Brock fares … Frank Mir or Big Nog, both guys are ground specialists and while Brock has proven himself to be capable on his feet and with his wrestling, I’m just not sure he’ll be able to beat someone like Big Nog. Mir, sure. Mir can’t strike himself out of a wet paper bag. But Nog? Anyways … whatever happens it will be interesting to see what Brock Lesnar does. And what’s next for Randy Couture.

Another fast fight … Kenny Florian takes it in the first round via rear naked choke. On the feet, Kenny was using his reach well, throwing fast combos and mixing it up with a few high kicks. He also tried a redux of his hit and run style against Roger Huerta. To Joe Stevenson’s credit, he did a very good job of keeping up with Kenny when he’d try to pull away. He cut off Kenny’s angles and then drove forward, putting Kenny against the cage.

From there he tried to take Florian down but Florian just wouldn’t go. After a slam attempt was foiled by Kenny grabbing the fence, Joe ended up on his back and Kenny went to work, overwhelming him and getting into mount. From there it was just a matter of time … Joe rolled over but didn’t manage to shrug Florian off, and Kenny dragged him back and locked in the choke.

Kenny Florian is definitely proving his merit as #1 contender. His striking, movement, takedown defense, ground work … it’s all just getting better and better. He’s still not on the same level as BJ Penn, but I think past Penn, Kenny is the guy to beat at 155. Let’s hope Penn decides to stay at 170 win or lose, and we get to see a rematch between Florian and Sherk for a vacant belt. I’ve got a feeling KenFlo would take that fight.

There is something about tonight … everyone is performing well, even the losers. Well, everyone except Josh Hendricks. He sucked. Adding to the list of losers looking pretty damn good is Rafael Dos Anjos, who put on a pretty damn game fight against Jeremy Stephens. Stephens had the fight on the feet, but whenever things would go to the ground Dos Anjos would start twisting Stephens up.

The fight went into the third round even, and then Jeremy Stephens unloaded with perhaps the most hardcore uppercut in the history of the UFC. Everyone flipped out over it to the point where the production team played the fucking thing 20 times. Every detail … from the spit flying out of Dos Anjos’ mouth to the eyes rolling back into his head … it’s all burned into my skull.

Damn … thus far this event has delivered on every fight. If things keep up like this we’re going to get to see all the prelim fights too. Awesome.

If you aren’t watching the show, let me tell ya something: Dustin Hazelett is sporting the most rediculous beard in the universe. Watching him come into the ring looking like a rapist, I mused “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it’s this guy who dethrones GSP.” Well damn … after seeing him dispatch Tamden McCrory, I’m not gonna say Hazelett is ready. But I will say he has the fucking potential.

The fight started off with McCrory doing a good job of striking, winning several exchanges and knocking Hazelett back against the cage early on. After a bit of feeling out, Hazelett pulled McCrory down on top of him and immediately pulled his leg over Tamdan’s head for an omoplata. Tamdan escaped but ended up getting omo’d again, and this time he couldn’t figure out how to escape. Hazelett grabbed McCrory’s wrist and pulled his arm straight, turning the omo into a nifty armbar. Putting all his strength into it, he pushed McCrory’s arm back to a sick degree, and McCrory was forced to tap. Slick slick slick submission, and he just pulled it out like it was nothing.

Hazelett is still kinda rough on his feet but he’s already proved that he’s a wizard on the ground. Some dudes have it and some don’t. Hazelett definitely has it.

Two quick fights into this pay per view and we’re already starting to see some prelims! I wasn’t expecting too much from Matt Brown vs Ryan Thomas but it was a pretty entertaining ground war. The start of the fight featured some great wrestling on the part of Ryan Thomas. He pushed Brown around and took him down by the cage a few times. Things started to change after Brown got away from the cage and had the room to work a submission. He pulled off a decent armbar that nearly caught Thomas … personally I think Thomas was pretty sloppy to let Brown sink it in.

Ryan Thomas showed some guts in escaping and some skills , but right at the start of the second round he let Matt Brown do the exact same thing to him! Again, gutsy attempt to escape but this time he didn’t get out. Brown tapped him 50 seconds into the second round.

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