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Proving that life in the UFC resembles a game of Russian Roulette more than it does a stable career, Fabricio Werdum has been released from his contract over the weekend. This might come as a shock to some, as Werdum had just signed a new contract with the promotion over the summer and was focused so hard on a guaranteed title shot that he didn’t see the uppercut from Junior Dos Santos that knocked him out of contention and now out of a job.

Two factors may have played a part in all this (well, three if you count getting smashed by Dos Santos, but it’s the fight game and that shit happens):

Five Ounces:

According to the report, a failed attempt to re-negotiate Werdum’s contract is considered the primary reason why he has left the organization. While the report does not state as much, it is believed that the UFC attempted to reduce Werdum’s pay rate on the heels of the loss to dos Santos.

MMA Mania:

It appears that the offer may have been merely discussed and/or was contingent on a win in the “Windy City.” He also could have ruffled some feathers when he voiced his displeasure about being excluded from the mini heavyweight tournament put together to declare an undisputed division champion.

If Werdum’s low-profile grousing had anything to do with his getting released, I’m officially upgrading Dana White’s status from benevolent dictator to full on tyrant. The UFC has never shown any hesitation in taking fighters on the edge of the promotion and shoving them off a cliff for saying the wrong thing, but in Werdum’s case it’s hard to agree with the company since Werdum was already getting bent over and fucked like a bitch. To then be placed in the ‘expendable’ pile because he dared make a peep about the situation is lame.

As for the ‘renegotiation’, here’s how it probably went: “Hey Fabricio how you doing! Hey, we want to pay you half what you’re making now and if you don’t agree we’ll bench you until your new contract expires in 2010. But because we’re such nice fucking guys we’ll also agree to release you from your contract if you want. But only if that’s what you really want, pal.”

It’s contractual rapings like this that make me nervous that the UFC is probably going to be the only major game in town soon. At least in the past, fuck-overs only occured when fighters were being complete cocks or looking for insane pay bumps. Now with Werdum it seems like you’re only one excuse away from ending up in the headlights of the Job Cut Express.

MMA is a game full of strong personalities. Half the fighters out there might be idiots but the brains behind the operations are usually sharp and contentious. So imagine my surprise when I wake up to find a press release from a collection of the top MMA agents in my mailbox … agents who hate eachother’s guts and who’s interaction is typically limited to sniping at eachother on internet forums and websites. Ken Pavia, Monte Cox, Ed Soares, Bob Cook, Cesar Gracie and more put the following warning together:

Whether or not these contracts are legally transferable is a matter of law. What is not at issue however is Showtime’s disclaimer that the assets are being sold “as-is, where-is basis, without recourse, warranty or guarantee of any kind.” We intend to fight the lawful ability to transfer these assets, and as we believe these are personal services contracts, we do not believe there is an obligation to perform if transferred. With pooled resources we are prepared to fight this issue.

The unity of this effort is unprecedented and the message that is being sent is clear. Absent significant pre-established negotiated terms, do not bid on these contracts unless you are prepared to fight the challenge to their legality. It is our intention to honor our commitment to Pro Elite, but if Pro Elite is not able to perform in accordance with the contractual terms, the fighters should be granted unrestricted free agency with the unfettered ability to enter the marketplace.

If ProElite’s attempt to block Showtime’s asset auction wasn’t enough to drive away potential buyers, this release says things loud and clear: buy these fighter contracts and you’re basically buying yourself a few dozen lawsuits. At this point, Showtime basically has a better chance of making money off melamine tainted food from China than most of ProElite’s assets.

Hmmm … I kinda figured this would happen the other way around, but the worthless sacks of shit that made the white supremacist shirt Matt Hughes signed and held up for a photo have come out with the following statement:

Matt Hughes is not a member or supporter or associated with the White Boy Society in any way. The photograph was taken at a public autograph signing at Dales Harley-Davidson in Mt. Vernon, IL. Matt Hughes was asked to hold up the shirt for a picture for our website which he did then was rushed off to sign more autographs. The sole purpose of the photo being posted on was as fans of MMA, we were showing off the autograph on the t-shirt. The photo was not meant to mislead people into believing that Matt Hughes supported the White Boy Society or was endorsing our products. All speculation to Mr. Hughes having any association with White Boy Society is absolutely false.

I’ve already pretty much written this story off as a dumb fuckup by Hughes, not an indicator of any overtly racist tendancies on his part. But I figured since we brought it up, I’d try to be fair and follow up on any important developments.

Here’s some pictures of Roxy’s fight from Saturday. Here’s how she finished the fight … she came within 20 seconds of taking that arm home with her. More pics after the jump.

Steroids saved my life: I don’t know what the fuck is up with this video … basically it’s a series of vids documenting a 135 pound guy juicing up to 165 pounds over 12 weeks with steroids. Basically looks like a steroid infomercial. Go steroids! Not.

The rest of the vids are after the jump!

Bob Sapp Time!
Before Bob Sapp was a complete mockery in MMA, he was a big star in Japan. Here’s the music video for his pop hit, Sapp Time.

UFC91 Promo: Ever notice that Joe Rogan sounds extra screetchy when he’s shilling for the UFC? More hyperbole from the UFC promo machine. If you’re still not feeling too excited about Lesnar / Randy though, it’ll get you going.

MMA Girl with Kenny Florian: Joanne and Kenny in a dark cave talking about Ken Shamrock’s cut.


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Bob Sapp Time!

UFC91 Promo

MMA Girl with Kenny Florian

James Thompson vs Brett Rogers

Jerome Le Banner vs Semmy Schilt

Mirko Filipovic Cro cop vs Heath Herring

Kimbo Slice Vs. Seth Petruzelli

Scott Smith vs Robbie Lawler

Badr Hari vs Hong Man Choi

Randy Couture vs Enson Inoue

Gina Carano vs Julie Kedzie

Mirko CroCop Filipovic vs Remy Bonjasky

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