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Dana White on ESPN’s Rome is Burning: You can tell that Dana still craves ESPN’s attention … he seems eager / nervous to really sell the fight, and then Rome spends most of the time talking about Tito Ortiz and Kimbo Slice. Awesome. Follow it up with a few dumbass boxing blowhards talking MMA and you’ve got an entertaining 10 minutes

The rest of the videos are after the jump.

Kim Couture Interview: Kim talks Affliction bullshit with Steve Cofield along with if all the lawyering eats up their time.

Nate Quarry Interview: Nate’s my pick for upset of the night … he’s gonna knock Maia’s head off.

Dana’s UFC 91 video blog day 3: More Dana and ESPN. Past a funny start where Dana talks about the last time he was there and they called him Fred White, it’s pretty boring as he wanders around ESPN’s office.

‘Fighter’ Trailer: Randy with hair, Dana with hair!

The Double KO: Not the one where Shonie is the ref, but another one from King of the Cage.

The Leg Kick Gone Bad: Don’t watch this video if you’ve got a weak stomach!


  • Brutal KO highlight
  • Judo in MMA Highlight
  • Georges St Pierre Highlight
  • Jerome LeBanner Highlight
  • Brock Lesnar vs Min Soo Kim
  • Mauricio Rua vs. Quinton Jackson
  • Chuck Liddell vs Alistair Overeem
  • Chang Song Jon vs Michihiro Omigawa
  • Mirko Crocop vs Bob Sapp
  • Frank Shamrock vs. Vernon White
  • Chuck Liddell vs. Kevin Randleman
  • Fedor Emelianenko vs. Zuluzinho
  • Fedor Emelianenko vs. Gary Goodridge

Kim Couture talks Affliction bullshit with Steve Cofield

Nate Quarry Interview

Dana’s UFC 91 video blog day 3

‘Fighter’ Trailer

The Double KO

The Leg Kick Gone Bad

Brutal KO highlight

Judo in MMA Highlight

Georges St Pierre Highlight

Jerome LeBanner Highlight

Brock Lesnar vs Min Soo Kim

Mauricio Rua vs. Quinton Jackson

Chuck Liddell vs Alistair Overeem

Chang Song Jon vs Michihiro Omigawa

Mirko Crocop vs Bob Sapp

Frank Shamrock vs. Vernon White

Chuck Liddell vs. Kevin Randleman

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Zuluzinho

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Gary Goodridge

Maybe we watched some kinda censored version of TUF last night because we did NOT see what everyone else saw. Here’s Scott Holmes of MMA Sunday School ‘fame’ with his Sherdog recap:

Kaplan and company kept drinking until things escalated to the point that they were drinking each other’s urine.

Yes, that’s right. On the heels of last week’s body fluid bonanza, Lawlor spritzed into a shot glass and then Kaplan knocked it down like a fat co-ed on Jaeger. Kaplan then took it a step further, reaching for the entire glass while Bader booted up his lunch in the kitchen. Those that weren’t laughing recoiled in justifiable horror as Lawlor yanked the glass from Kaplan and finished it.

“Why is this happening?”

Even Steve-O would be appalled. Of course Lawlor had feelings and he wanted everything to be fair, so he then drank Kaplan’s pee. What a treat. I’m officially done with dudes.

While I’m glad to hear that Scott Holmes is gonna give up ass-pounding men (I’ve had my suspicions since listening to his radio show), I’m still wondering: where the hell was this alleged piss scene? For me, the episode went from showing Kaplan drinking shots to Kaplan in the hot tub (which takes you from tipsy to fuckered in about 5 minutes) to Kaplan in the bathroom getting knocked out. Nowhere in there was there a urine drinking scene. I dunno, maybe people who got an advance copy of the show had something we didn’t?

If that’s the case, it’s too bad. Without the piss stuff, the episode was pretty damned entertaining. Once again Dave Kaplan takes the cake for living in a parallel universe where he is The Man and he Can’t Be Knocked Out. Even after the video above he was claiming he hadn’t been knocked out. Lordy. After this, does anyone still believe his claims that he didn’t eat the cum soaked sushi?

Past that, the pranks on the show were sweet and above the belt. Loading everything into Krzysztof’s room is the perfect example of a funny pain in the ass prank that doesn’t result in anyone vomiting or losing their shit. And Krzysztof’s revenge was pretty good too. I like how he did it to everyone since no one helped him clean out the room.

That’s something worth mentioning. You get the feeling if something like this had happened to one of Team Nog’s members, the entire group AND Nog would have cleaned out the room while singing Kumbaya. Team Mir on the other hand don’t seem to have any team spirit or cohesiveness whatsoever. If I was on Mir’s team, I’d be jealous. Big Nog seems to carry around sunshine and happiness where ever he goes. Frank Mir is just a big cock.

I finally put my finger on what bugged me about Kyle Kingsbury … he has a bunch of facial expressions and habits that remind me of a girl I used to date. To be reminded of a chick you put your penis in while looking at a man is disconcerting to say the least. And having Jake next to me laughing and mocking me the whole time, didn’t make it much better.

Long story short, last night’s episode was good entertainment, and it’s too bad Spike decided to include piss in it … or not. I’m still kinda confused as to what’s up with that.

For all the shit people throw his way, no one disputes the fact that Kimbo Slice is a really nice and humble guy. Check out the following zen statements coming from the Slice in a recent interview with ESPN radio:

Ferguson, 34, said he took the loss — which came in front of a hometown crowd in Sunrise, Fla., at EliteXC “Heat” — in stride. In fact, the only ones the bearded brawler said he had difficulty explaining the defeat to were his six young children, whom he told, “what comes up, must come down.”

“It comes with the territory,” said Ferguson. “It’s like I said from the beginning. I’m a fighter and that’s what I’ll continue to do, and I’ll give it 110 percent. If a guy catches me with a good one, that’s cool.”

“Expect the good with the bad. You’re an entertainer. The comments are gonna come whether they’re good or bad, it’s gonna come,” said Ferguson. “No, I’m not embarrassed by it [the performance]. You can’t be embarrassed when you’re an entertainer. If you’re gonna get embarrassed, whether it’s fighting, rap, or anything on that level, then you’re in the wrong business. Real professionals prepare themselves for the good and the bad.”

Kimbo also mentions trying his hand at boxing, which seems fitting to me. MMA fans were never conditioned to accept the idea of fighters getting protected the way boxers are – and the way Kimbo was being protected by Shaw. And here’s hoping we never will accept that shit. I suppose I can’t blame Kimbo for taking the path of least resistance / most money. If someone offered me more money, easier opponents, and rules that got rid of my achilles heel (well, the grappling achilles heel, we’re still not sure if he’s got a glass jaw achilles heel to boot), I wouldn’t pass it up.

We’ve been wondering for a while who the fuck is gonna get tapped to coach the US team for next season’s TUF: UK vs USA show. Originally Dana White implied that the winner of Hendo vs Franklin would get the nod, but thus far it doesn’t look like Rich is all that interested in the role. So perhaps as a backup measure, the UFC is adding Nate Marquardt into the list of potential candidates.

We’ve mentioned in the past that Nate Marquardt has the personality of a cardboard cutout, but we also predicted that this season’s Big Nog and Frank Mir combo would fall short of exciting television too. I gotta say, they’re actually the most entertaining coaches on the show since Tito and Ken. So maybe we’re totally off base on this one.

Here’s Cung Le in the 2006 movie Dark Assassin. Apparently the rest of the film is as terrible as these clips. From a review on IMDB:

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. No, actually this is one of the worst movies ever.

Don’t watch it. It is terrible. Well, I even don’t want to comment it but I think I must warn you. It is the worst martial arts movie ever. The story is terrible. The acting is terrible. Well, I guess you don’t need story and acting in that kind of movie. But “Dark Warrior” fails even in the action. The fights… Well, the fights are not exactly the most terrible fights ever but they are not good. The final fight is the worst I have seen.

If you want to see some good good story, don’t watch this movie. If you want to see good acting, don’t watch this movie. If you want some good fights… You know what to do. Don’t watch this movie.

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