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I’m sitting here trying to get some posts done but I’m hung over and exhausted at the moment so blogs might not be up until a little later in the day. Last night was the XMMA show and it was pretty good. We hung out with UFC/Pride/Bodog/IFL ronin Aaron Riley and Joe Stevenson – both very nice guys – and then after the event with the Fight Network peeps John Ramdeen, Robin Black, Chris Horodecki, and Nicki Ryann.

Once the card was over there were a whole bunch of buckets full o’ beer in the VIP area, so we drank the shit out of those with jackal W and his pal and then moved the party to our place and watched old K1 highlights till 5am.

Oh, David L’Oiseau won, although until his hail mary knees in the 5th round he was getting beaten up pretty consistently by Solomon Hutcherson. L’Oiseau said he dislocated his shoulder in the first, which makes pulling off the W a bit more impressive.

I’ve got video of a bunch of stuff, it’ll probably go up on Monday or Tuesday.

Remember when Anthony Burns almost lost an eye to Kevin Burns in the octagon? Burns poked him in the face several times during the fight before finally putting a few digits of a finger right up into Johnson’s eye jelly. Johnson collapsed in a screaming heap. For that, Kevin Burns was awarded the win and Anthony Johnson was awarded a detached retina, long medical suspension, and stitches in his eye (yes, apparently they do that).

Johnson’s agent Ken Pavia filed a complaint with the NSAC and here’s the result of that, care of

“Based on advice from the Nevada Attorney General’s office, the appeal was rejected due to lack of remedy,” Kizer revealed to

Yeeeaaah. ‘Lack of remedy’ sounds like ‘Our gay rules don’t have anything in here that will allow us to overturn his loss, so even though this is the most black and white case ever, suck it up bitch. Nothing is gonna happen.’

Ken Pavia is up in Montreal this weekend at the XMMA show and I’m gonna try and get some words from him on the decision.

Jesse Holland from MMA Mania has an interesting take on Evan Tanner:

Recently I came across a public petition to have Tanner posthumously inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. While the argument has merit, it’s hard to take seriously when it’s signed by many of the same people who called Tanner “washed-up” after his recent 0-2 run in the UFC.

But that pales in comparison to the abundance of Tanner quotes now making the rounds on the MMA Internet boards. A year ago they were a punchline – now they’re gospel.

I admire people who are sincere in their efforts to restore nobility to the memory of a great fighter, but I ask you, where were all these good Samaritans when Tanner was broke, unemployed and suffering from alcoholism?

I can’t say for sure, but I do know they are there for him now that he’s passed. In fact, it was a mere 48 hours before his estate was contacted about securing the publishing rights to his life story.

So we’ve got confirmation that Affliction’s world changing news isn’t action figures … it’s a co-promotion with Golden Boy:

Golden Boy Promotions – the boxing promotion company spearheaded by Oscar De La Hoya – and Affliction Entertainment on Saturday are set to announce a partnership between the two companies.

Golden Boy Promotions’ CEO Richard Schaefer and Affliction vice president Tom Atencio will make the announcement during the Ricky Hatton vs. Paulie Malignaggi press conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Golden Boy is one of the promoter’s of the boxing match set for Nov. 22 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

So it seems to me that Affliction continues to branch out in search of an angle which will allow them to break into the profitable end of the fight game. MMA wasn’t going to cut it alone so they added heavy metal music. That didn’t help much so they’re now stuffing boxing in there to see what happens.

The good thing about boxing is that it’s PPV revenue isn’t ‘owned’ by one company like mixed martial arts is. Golden Boy already has a damn good track record of getting people to pay retarded money for their fights, so that’s a plus right there. But will that translate into more PPV buys for Affliction in January? If the plan is to do a boxing/mma hybrid event, will that shit attract fans from both sides or turn them off? I’m a general fan of both sports but even I’m questioning the concept of mixing these sports together. It will be interesting, for sure. Will it change the words of boxing and MMA? Doubtful.

From Nightmare of Battle:

According to SENGOKU have gotten a TV deal with TV Tokyo. On the 27th this month (the day before SENGOKU V) a 1-hour program will be shown that will be about SENGOKU I-IV. After that, starting from October 6th, a 25-minute show will air every week with the (temporary) name SENGOKUG (G=Gold) (戦極G). And also, SENGOKU’s new years event, which the article says is on January 4th, will get a 2-hour (or more) slot on the network.

According to wikipedia, TV Tokyo is the smallest of the major Tokyo television stations. But smallest of the majors still sounds better than biggest of the minors. I’d comment more on this, but I don’t know enough about Japan to be able to really give you too much insight into the ramifications of this deal. Hopefully some peeps in the comments can help.

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