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From Steve Cofield:

Evans can’t win for winning. He really didn’t get to enjoy his moment in the sun and show some real emotion. He got on his Fred G. Sanford heart attack routine but quickly nixed it when he felt the cold vibe around Philips Arena.

“I was there when Chuck knocked Randy out, this dude ran around the cage like five times and went over to see his people before he even checked on Randy. ”

There is a double-standard when it comes to celebrating. Maybe you’re given more leeway as an established star in the sport. Like him or not, people better get used to Evans and his “antics.” The guy is just scratching the surface.

I wouldn’t call it a double standard towards Rashad. People just react differently to different kinds of celebrating. When you win a fight, you’re allowed to be pumped, run around screaming, or do shit like jump up onto the sides of the octagon. All perfectly fine. But when you start doing shit like choreographed dances, little bang bang guns, grave digging shit, etc … that tends to piss people off. Because most people don’t see that as a natural adrenaline-filled reaction to victory. That’s showboating and people don’t like it.

It’s the exact same kinda standard in many other sports: hugs, ass slaps and general revelry is acceptable. Choreographed dances, bowing, and elaborate salutes are not. Here’s a good way of knowing if what you did after a win is showboating: did you think it up before the fight? Yes? Then it’s showboating and you’re probably gonna get shit for doing it. Don’t mind? Then go right ahead. But don’t do it and then be a whiny bitch because people thought you were being rude.

You have to be a real cocksucker to criticize the way people react to Evan Tanner’s death. Oh, hai Kevin Iole:

I contacted UFC president Dana White on Monday for a response and didn’t receive an answer. Though has a story by Thomas Gerbasi announcing Tanner’s death, there is no comment in that story from anyone connected with the UFC.

When ex-light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was arrested in July, White was on a plane to Southern California within an hour of learning the news. UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta or White (or both) should have acknowledged Tanner’s death with a statement on Monday. They look very bad for having seemingly ignored the tragedy.

Hopefully, the UFC will acknowledge his passing with an appropriate tribute at its next show. It’s the least they could do.

So let’s see: Kevin called the peeps at the UFC and didn’t get a response. So he assumes that Dana White and Fertittas are uncaring shitheads because they didn’t put quotations around some of the Tanner statements released on over the past few days. How dare Dana not fly out somewhere to show people that he truly cares?

What the fuck.

Sometimes I forget what a cocksucker Kevin Iole can be. We decided to do the whole Tannerlinker thing but we very nearly decided to leave the whole thing alone for personal reasons. Who is anyone to judge anyone for a perceived lack of caring when they don’t even know the real situation? People deal with that kind of shit differently, and to accuse someone of disrespect because they didn’t live up to YOUR perception of what is appropriate is lame. Writing an article like Kevin Iole’s finger wagging the UFC is even lamer. Congrats Kevin Iole on reminding me why I think you’re a total fuck.

While looking up Montreal’s XMMA show I found some pics of XMMA promo girls during F1 weekend. If you think just showing thier butts is somewhat sexist, that’s because you haven’t seen how they look from the front end.

Leave it to Affliction to try and go from ‘completely fucked’ to ‘We’re gonna change the MMA world forever YEEAAAAH!’ But that’s apparently what they’re trying to do. Following the news that their October 2nd card is kaput, we now know that the show is just postponed to mid-January. MMA Rated gets the goods again. Remind me to Hackney-sack Ariel Helwani next time we hang out and steal his rolodex.

Ariel Helwani: What is the reasoning behind today’s news?

Michael D. Cohen: At this present moment, I can not give the reason but what I can tell you is that there is going to be a public announcement made and this announcement is truly going to change the world of mixed martial arts. Unlike other similar statements made, the press conference that will be had in the near future will have the affect as I described it.

AH: When will we find out more about this announcement?

MCD: Within two weeks. We are truly hoping that it will be withing one week, but the reality is two weeks. MMA fans all around the world will understand the reason for the postponement for the event. And something I want to make clear to all the readers whether it’s on or any other website out there: The event has not been cancelled, it’s postponed, and the reasons will become very apparent to all.

Hmm, think this + this + this = this? And by this, I mean something retarded like Fedor vs Tito? Now let me clarify: I think Fedor vs Tito will make a lot of money. It will cause most hardcore fans to roll their eyes, but chances are if you own an Affliction shirt or Punishment flamer beanie, you’ll have a boner between now and January. That being said, this doesn’t change the world of MMA. Change the financial outlook for Affliction? Maybe. But I have my doubts that even the UFC could avoid financial ruin based on the growing costs surrounding this theoretical new card.

But hey, who knows. Maybe all this crap is unrelated and Affliction has something else up their sleeves. Like a mystery backer from Dubai with a billion dollar check? Other than that idea, I have no idea what else it could be.

Tito Ortiz is talking about a new totally sweet almost done fight deal, which would be very interesting indeed if he hadn’t already flown off the handle before, announcing an ‘almost done’ fight deal. That ‘almost done fight deal’ turned out to be ‘not done at all’. So even though Tito is talking big again, I’ve got my doubts that a deal is done at all. Here’s what he’s saying:

“Most likely I’m not going with the UFC, that’s about 99% sure that that’s not happening,” said Ortiz in an exclusive interview with “I’ve got to be thankful for Lorenzo (Fertitta), what he gave me to this point, but it’s too bad that they have a president the way he is, just hot headed the way he is, takes everything personal and I wash my hands clean.

“I did as much as I possibly could for them, and they did as much as they possibly could for me.”

The new deal is still being finalized according to Ortiz, but he expects the announcement to happen by the end of the month, putting to rest his free agency and starting the next chapter of the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy.”

I love how Tito’s speech patterns are just so backwards. Is there such a thing as verbal dyslexia? His shit reads more like abstract poetry than actual conversation, and I bet that’s with MMA Weekly cleaning shit up when transcribing. Here’s Tito-speak in it’s natural setting:

I’ve got to be thankful
for Lorenzo
what he gave me to this point
but it’s too bad
that they have a president
the way he is
just hot headed
the way he is
takes everything
and I wash my hands

One quick question: do you think Affliction canceling their event has something to do with a possible Tito signing? Or do you think their event shutting down means they’re toast for good?

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