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Looks like the peeps at Zuffa didn’t like being accused of denying Tito Ortiz’ medical bills for his fucked up back. They’ve released a statement to clarify things:

“The UFC does not have the authority to deny or approve any insurance claims asserted by UFC athletes. Rather, Zuffa purchases medical insurance coverage for the benefit of fighters at levels significantly higher than those required by state athletic commissions. The decision regarding whether a filed claim is valid and therefore approved is determined exclusively through the standard review process of the insurance company AIG.”

The funny thing about AIG is that it was one of the big companies who’s collapse signaled the current economic crisis. Fortunately for UFC fighters everywhere, AIG has been nationalized by the US government. But it should still be no surprise that they refused Tito’s claim, because they’re too busy spending US government money on posh $500,000 executive spa retreats.

Heh, if there’s one thing I figured would piss you off more than paying for Tito’s back surgery, it’s paying for fatcat back rubs. Sucks to be you, America.

After all our speculation on how Junie makes it out of episode three of The Ultimate Fighter without getting kicked off, we now have the very simple answer: Drama = Ratings, so let anarchy reign supreme:

Dana arrives at the house the following morning and calls the fighters together for a meeting, though White says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do about Junie and Shane’s actions. After calling both fighters “drunken jackasses” is a variety of ways, White decides to allow Shane to remain in the house, but he’ll be forced to fight in the first lightweight bout. In one of the more bizarre twists we’ve seen over the first eight seasons White opts to keep both Shane and Junie in the house, giving both fighters a second chance.

If you didn’t watch the episode, Junie cuts Kyle Kingsbury by throwing a fucking glass cup at him, drags Ryan Bader into the pool and knocks Tom Lawlor on his ass. Oh, and he throws half the furniture from the house into the pool. Aaaand he threatens everyone with a bottle. Basically he realized early on that he was gonna get tossed out of the house so he decided to go big AND go home.

But regardless of the fact that he physically assaulted several of the other guys and could have seriously injured both Kyle Kingsbury and Ryan Bader, he’s sticking around. And from what I’ve heard and can tell from his blogging presence on, he’ll be sticking around throughout the rest of the season … despite the very obvious promise of continued havok.

There better be some sort of twist coming up soon that explains all this. As a shit-slinging monkey, I’ll enjoy Junie’s retardation from now until the season finale. But the healthy side of my Mini-Wheats is telling me Junie is a ticking time bomb, and it’s only a matter of time before he does something really crazy that we can’t just laugh off.

Yesterday, KJ Noons announced that he was a free agent because he only owed EliteXC ‘championship fights.’ Whatever that means. Several people have talked to Noons since then to clarify, and while he’s still claiming that championship fights are the only fights covered under his contract, that still … makes … no … sense. I would love to get a look at that contract and read the clause that supports Noons’ claims. And then I’d love to do some of the drugs whoever wrote that contract was on. Because they sound AWESOME.

Also mentioned is that Noons tried to resign before EliteXC stripped him of the belt:

“I have a written document, an e-mail that I had sent to them about four to five days before they stripped me of the belt and the e-mail basically said I wanted to give the belt back under the terms of them terminating me and no response,” Noons stated. “About five days later I’m sitting down with family and friends and I’m getting a million calls on a Friday night telling me that my belt has been stripped.”

I’m not sure what the point of telling everyone this is. Is it a “I don’t care because I was gonna quit anyways” thing? A “Look at how unprofessional EliteXC is” thing? Whatever the purpose is, I think it’s safe to say it failed. All this just leaves me more perplexed at the situation and how EliteXC and Noons managed to fuck themselves over so impressively.

The EliteXC stuff starts at 2:30 remaining.

“I’m not saying that EliteXC was looking to fix the fight but of course they were looking to manipulate the outcome. By definition you do that when you put a guy in who you think has no chance of winning and they wouldn’t have put him in if they thought he had any chance of beating their franchise fighter. And knowing that their guy was vulnerable on the mat and that that would be Petruzelli’s best chance of winning, is it possible that they made it worth his while not to go down there? Possible? Who knows.

“This much I do know. If you really are choreographing fights and manipulating their outcome you’re no better than pro wrestling which isn’t even a sport, it’s a soap opera. Which is fine because we know pro wrestling is fake. But we’re assuming what we see in the cage is legit. Investing millions in and then having the face of the franchise exposed as a fraud is bad but if EliteXC did anything to manipulate the outcome of the fight, it’s even worse. You can replace Slice, but you can’t get back your cred once you lost it. And what in the world is a mainstream network like CBS doing right in the middle of this?”

Name: Jenny Dodd

Weight: 118lbs
Bust: 30DD
Hometown: Reading/ Berkshire. UK

Jake: Ok, the standard question first: Who’s your favorite MMA fighter?

Jenny: My favorite fighter is Michael Bisping

Jake:I know that some women get a bit wild when they are around a fighter who’s just won his bout. Do you find yourself occasionally wanting their babies?

Jenny: Ummm, to be honest not really, the blood sweat and general status of them after finishing a fight isn’t exactly a turn-on for me, some audience members know that’s another scenario!

Jake: What’s the sexiest thing you do without knowing it (like sleeping naked for instance)?

Jenny: I have very “come to bed” eyes, and once I’ve had a few, my eyes do all the talking.

Jake: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during a photo shoot?

Jenny: Nothing too major thank god, however on one occasion I picked clearly an unsuitable thong as once I got the photos back I realized my foo foo [we assume that means anus] was all but winking at me.

Jake: What’s the sexiest thing about MMA?

Jenny: Female fights before things get too rough. I have to say the writhing around together even does it for me, let alone you blokes.

Jake: Who is the sexiest fighter in the world?

Jenny: It has to be from personally meeting Paul Daley. That body is one hell of a physique. Good lad too but the body is hummena hummena hummena!!!

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