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I’m like the Microsoft Encarta of MMA knowledge, my knowledge runs deep. But when it comes to Japanese MMA, I will admit that I don’t really get it. I mean, I can APPRECIATE it: the screaming bitch, the ring announcer with his retarded mohawk and tuxedo. It’s also amusing when Sakuraba dresses up like an anime character. But do I understand what fuels the scene and drives it forward? Nah, not really.

Last week I shit all over Sengoku for booking Hidehiko Yoshida vs Sanae Kikuta. As far as I was concerned, Kikuta was a terrible choice and no one really gave a damn about him. But as usual, I missed the real thread going on here: Yoshida is big because he’s a judo guy, right? Wel, Kikuta is also a big judo guy. He hasn’t really accomplished anything in Judo, mind you … but he was apparently the student of Toshihiko Koga (the dude in the above video), and that apparently matters a whole bunch. Awesome by association?

Me, I’m still not impressed … but I am perfectly willing to admit that I don’t get it. Give me retarded gaijin shit like Yoshida vs James Thompson. Give me something epic like Yoshida vs a returning TK. I know that Sengoku is being put together for the Japanese and they don’t care what I think or want. But that’s not going to keep me from bitching and whining about it like an ignorant fucker!

There ain’t nothing but rumors, rumors, and more rumors floating around regarding Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, and Anderson Silva. We had already heard the one regarding Randy / Chuck / Germany / June, and despite the insanity of having such a big fight in freaking Dutchland, Bloody Elbow is reporting that it’s looking more real every day.

Others have been saying that Germany doesn’t make any sense, and that a fourth Liddell / Couture battle also feels a little old. I’ll agree on the locale, but I’m still down for a fourth battle. Truth be told you could have Chuck and Randy fighting eachother once every year and I’d be down with that. You could call it Fight Christmas, a fitting tribute to our God and heavenly baby Jesus. Keep it up till Randy is in a wheelchair and Chuck is certifiably senile. It would be better than Santa and faggy Christmas trees and all that garbage times a thousand.

But Germany … Germany? Is it just me, or does this seem like the UFC saying “Well, we said we’d be in Germany by 2009. Sure, there’s absolutely nothing done there but if we don’t just DO IT we’ll never get going!” That approach may be all well and good for taking vacations but as far as business expansion goes, I’m a bit dubious of the approach.

Antonio Bigfoot Silva is still upset about getting suspended for using Boldenone. Here’s the latest salvo from his camp, possibly hoping that things at the CSAC have changed a bit with the departure of Armando Garcia:

Bottom line is that Antonio did not use Boldenone, and it can be proved.   If there was a commitment to the truth and the will and humility to admit the possibility of an error.   Here are some things that can be proved:

Antonio was using Novedex.   The GNC store where it was bought is on the corner of the street where American Top Team is located.   Antonio payed with his debit card; so, we should be able to prove he purchased the product.   It is known fact that Novedex can produce a false positive for Boldenone.   I am sure that deeper analysis of Junior’s urine would be revealing.   I am also sure that another urine test with proper witnessing and chain of custody would also be revealing. B oldenone leaves traces in the body for a long time.

There are numerous ways of getting to the bottom of this and they should be pursued because its a guy’s life and career we are talking about here.   Mr. [Bill] Douglas talks about everyone else honoring their suspension.   Well, maybe everyone else was guilty; but, Antonio is not; and, we will stand by that and face anyone with it, no matter what.

I know it’s all fashionable to plead not-guilty on steroid charges and then maintain your innocence to the end of your days, but Silva’s case does seem pretty open and shut: He used Novedex, Novedex contains ADT, ADT has been known to show up as Boldenone on tests. ADT itself is not an illegal substance. So is Silva guilty or not?

I’m not about to pass judgment on the situation but I do think the CSAC should at least address it and make a decision on what to do in these cases. Instead, the CSAC ignored the facts and simply stuck with the theory that Silva used Boldenone – a theory not supported by the fact that Boldenone has a really long half-life and Silva re-tested clear of the substance.

The fact that the CSAC wasn’t willing to look into the real situation here really does make you wonder what else they ignore and what kind of crazy burden of proof lies on the athlete to get a fair shake. It’s just another example of the kind of bullshit California’s athletic commission is famous for. Here’s praying the people coming into power are going to turn things around, but I’m not about to hold my breath. Neither apparently is Antonio Silva, who’s letter seems like a last ditch attempt to sort shit out before leaving to fight in Japan.

A funny thing happened in Hungary yesterday. No, Shonie Carter didn’t surface there after a crazy coke and hooker bender. Gary Goodridge was fighting at some small show and ended up quitting the fight during the second round because the ref was crooked. Here’s what happened in Gary’s words:

Tatar held onto the ropes 20 times up to his arm pits. John Gnap told me it looked like a professional wrestling match.

I got behind my opponent and grabbed his legs to pull him off the ropes-the referee then stopped the match again and gave Tatar no penalty points. Once the match was started again, I took my opponent down to the mat. I was in control on top, and was looking for an arm bar. Just then, the referee stopped the fight again and made us stand.

After a 2 minute break it was round 2, and we both exchanged punches. My opponent pushed me into ropes, and I snuck out many times and gave him some knees. He was grabbing onto the ropes again to escape from my attack. John Gnap later told me that he had slapped Tatar’s hands about 10 times for holding the ropes, but it took a long while before the referee stopped the match again. At this point, I was pretty ticked off.

The referee wanted to start us again by the end of round 2, but I walked out of the ring, went to the change room, took a shower, and left the venue to go back to the hotel-this is the first time I have walked out of the ring in my 14 years of fighting-

An MMA referee has quite a bit of power in a fight. He can restart shit that goes to the ground, remove points for borderline offenses, and generally make it near impossible for a fighter to win a fight. Fortunately shit like this doesn’t seem to happen all that often … probably because when it does, it can result in situations like this where Gilbert Yvel knocked the fuck out of the ref who was trying to manipulate his match. That ref, by the way, turned out to be the coach of the guy Yvel was fighting.

(picture from Flickr via Jimrat)

Last nights Kim Couture vs Lina Kvokov fight at Strikeforce : Destruction was an abomination of a match and sets women’s MMA back a few steps. Kvokov had no idea what she was doing, didn’t want to be there, and broke before she even got hit once. Here’s the fight breakdown:

Couture, who suffered a broken jaw while trying to touch gloves in her first fight, didn’t bother touching gloves this time around. Instead, she stalked Kvokov, landed a combination, and then worked some knees from the Muay Thai clinch. Kvokov was clearly overmatched, appeared to be afraid to take a punch, and didn’t look like she belonged in a professional MMA fight.

The fight was mercifully stopped quickly, and Couture won a first-round TKO.

I’ve been hoping that with EliteXC out of the picture Strikeforce would pick up a bit of the slack and keep moving women’s MMA forward. Unfortunately thus far they’ve been featuring a number of completely bullshit fights featuring girls who look better in front of a camera than in the cage. And the result? The Karate Hottie vs Tyra Parks was an embarrassment and Couture vs Kvokov was a fucking farce. Women’s MMA is having a hard enough time proving it’s worth without amateurs and hobbyists muddying up the waters.

For shame, Strikeforce. FOR SHAME!

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