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The thing that annoys me most about this whole Kimbo thing is that for the next bajillion years I’m going to have to hear retards and morons argue over whether he’s “The Real Deal” or not. His fight with Bo Cantrell certainly didn’t prove anything. And while we learned a little bit more from his fight with Tank (he did defend a takedown of questionable quality, and showed he’s got pretty accurate striking), I’ve still got more questions about Kimbo than Kimbo’s got people in his entourage.

But my main question is more to the MMA community than to Kimbo: Do we really need to be having this stupid debate on Kimbo’s abilities? This isn’t a situation like Fedor where arguments regarding his talent decide who holds MMA’s #1 pound for pound position. Everyone admits he’s still untested, and no one really knows how far he’ll go. It just seems to be this kneejerk reaction from people … they can’t resist blabbing about how Kimbo sucks whenever someone talks about how wicked he is. Luke Thomas still likes to label that racism. Me, I think it’s just general waddage from people who don’t want Kimbo’s street fighting past to blur the line between felony fight and mixed martial arts.

Whatever the reason, can’t we all just sit back and enjoy Kimbo’s fights until the day (long in the future, I bet) that Gary Shaw decides to put him up against someone legitimate who’s under 40 and not going to take a dive? Then maybe we can have a debate over his talent and future as a force in the heavyweight division. But until then we’re all just wasting our time.

The Diaz brothers blow me away sometimes … they’re so full of themselves it’s crazy. I’m all for a bit of smacktalk and some animosity, but if you asked them what they thought of the T-1000 in Terminator 2, they’d be all like “That fucker is a pussy. I’d whup his ass like the bitch he is!”

Of course, this smack would be a lot more believable if Nick Diaz hadn’t been sucking it up since Nevada took the W out from his crown jewel asskicking of Takanori Gomi. Since then he sucked it up in a terrible fight against unknown Mike Aina and then got absolutely PUNKED by KJ Noons (who he should have slayed). Of course now Diaz is once again saying “That KJ fucker is a pussy. I’d whup his ass!”, and is accusing Noons of ducking a rematch.

While I’m all for Nick Diaz getting a rematch sooner or later, it really should be later rather than sooner. Word is they’ve shipped Nick out to Hawaii so he can get his smoke on without fear of suspension + fight another sacrificial lamb. I hear they used to throw these people into a volcano back in the day. Now they just stick them in a ring with Nick Diaz. Of course, the way Nick has been fighting lately, I’d choose him over Mount Kilauea any day of the week.

Both Jake and I had a 10 minute encounter with a guy named Tom on Monday night while we were recording the Low Blow. Tom is was a friend of ours who travels around the world training security companies on new technology. He also tends to pick up a number of fucking sicknesses, which he then transfers onto us when he comes over to watch Star Trek.

So long story short both Jake and I are lying in bed (different beds, you pervs) shaking worse than Michael J Fox in a political commercial. I know how much this blows goats – stuff has sucked with my ass problems, then I got stuck in America for four days, and now I’m fucking sick. All this inconsistency in posting is driving me absolutely nuts, and I promise that I’m going to try my best to at least get some shit done today, and as soon as I’m better you’re going to see things better than back to normal.

So the numbers have finally rolled in for UFC81 and they’re looking pretty damned high – early numbers say 600k and final count will probably be closer to 650k. I’d just like to point out though that the UFC’s PPV numbers are typically secret, guys like Dave Meltzer and Kevin Iole always seem to get a hold of them when the UFC wants to make some kind of point. In this case, what point are they trying to make? We’re still the fucking shit. Oh, and Brock Lesnar deserves to get paid, so other fighters should shut the fuck up.

For those of you who aren’t that great with numbers (specifically those WEC judges in New Mexico who can’t even add up a scorecard), these numbers make 81 the fourth best selling PPV in UFC history, behind Liddell-Ortiz 2, Shamrock-Ortiz 2, and Liddell-Jackson 2. What makes it more impressive is Brock Lesnar basically carried the card by himself, and can now take his place in history as ‘The most famous guy with a gigantic cock tattoo on his body’.

Big props also have to go out to the UFC, who marketed this fight perfectly. You may or may not remember, but K1 had an MMA show featuring Brock Lesnar last summer, and it performed about as well in PPV as Paris Hilton’s new movie did in theatres. I think more people have been inside her vagina than a theatre to watch that pile of shit.

Thanks to the hundreds of people who helped spread the word and the thousands of people who have emailed Spike TV, we now have a three hour UFC Fight Night on April 2nd! While we were the main ones stupid enough to think harrassing Spike with emails would cause this change to happen, we wouldn’t have succeeded without the support of nearly every blog and forum out there. I’m super hyped – we’ll now get to see an extra 35 minutes of Castrol and KFC commercials (and possibly another fight or two – brought to you by World of Warcraft).

With this news it looks like the UFC is also upping the ante, adding Nasty Nate Diaz (I call him that because he’s ugly like a motherfucker) vs Kurt Pellegrino. Kurt isn’t 100% confirmed yet but all signs on that magic 8 ball point to yes on that matchup.

So let’s take a second to pat ourselves on the back here. We has done good, peoples. We has done good.

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