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Man, I can’t tell you how excited I am about tomorrow. Not only do we have a new comic strip all about Chuck Liddell fucking anything that moves, but we’ll also be posting an interview and custom made highlight video of fellow jackal and top 10 female fighter Roxanne Modafferi. Add in the fact that this is the first week since January where I won’t be in and out of the hospital all the time and you’re going to be seeing the biggest and bestest week at Fightlinker ever!

Thank y’all for sticking through the wanky up and downs of the past few weeks. Shit’s really starting to roll and you’re gonna love what we have in store for ya!

(ABOVE) Viacheslav Datsik highlight: Viacheslav was the ‘drunken toughman’ from yesterday’s JackalTV and people can’t seem to get enough of this dude. He’s absolutely nuts and he knows it.

The rest of the videos are embedded after the jump.

AIKIDO ROOLZ: Haha, oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. Highlight? Dude dodging bullet? Old master flinging students around like rag dolls? There’s too many awesome parts to pick from

Ramon Dekkers Highlight: Goddamn. MMA might be more ‘real’ but kickboxing seems a lot more painful. I’d rather have teeth pulled sans anesthetic than get into a ring with Ramon Dekkers.

Funny Moments in MMA history: An oldie but a goodie. Lots of funny shit from across the MMA universe. This is probably the video that made Crazy Horse famous. The running rope jump against Butterbean is awesome too.

Rings Video Game 1997: I have no idea how I used to play video games back in the day. They look so fucking terrible now.

Retarded MMA Fans part deux: This is the most classic video ever. This guy’s got conspiracy theories out the ass on how Crocop vs Gonzaga was fake, Hughes vs GSP was fake, and Liddell vs Randleman was fake. I’m praying this video is fake. Seriously. Check this out. It’s AWESOME.

Another Crocop prank: I love how the Japanese guys thank him for doing that to them.

Quinton Jackson Highlight: One thing about Sherdog is they made some sweet fucking highlights back in the day. Props.


Ramon Dekkers Highlight

Funny Moments in MMA history

Rings Video Game 1997

Retarded MMA Fans part deux

Another Crocop prank

Quinton Jackson Highlight

For the most part, regionalized martial arts are pretty vaginal. But one fighting style that’s definitely hardcore is Krav Maga, the Jewish martial art. The system was started in 1930s Europe to help defend Jews against Nazis, and is designed around the idea that “Nazis deserve no quarter and should be fucking destroyed by any means possible”. Now that, I can dig. Of course, now Krav Maga is just used against whatever poor soul ends up facing a Krav Maga fighter. And while I guess this kinda shit flies in the middle east, I’m pretty sure you’d go to jail for like FOREVER if you ever used this shit on someone in North America.

Check out the above video, it’s the second part of the Fight Quest show on Krav Maga. It gives you a little bit of an idea of just how psycho this martial art is. If you wanna watch the rest of the show, Bloody Elbow’s got you hooked up. And a big thanks to jackal Omomatta for bringing this to our attention initially!

Here’s an interesting thought that popped into my head. Many people are comparing Randy Couture vs Fedor to Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva, saying it’s the new “Must Happen” fight of the sport. But I see one huge difference in these two bouts: Dana White worked his ass off to try and make Chuck vs Wand happen. As for Fedor vs Randy? Not so much.

The trials and tribulations of Dana’s attempts to get Chuck in a ring with Wanderlei Silva are well known. Dana sent Chuck off to the Pride middleweight grand prix, reportedly betting Sakakibara somewhere in the range of 250k that his boy would take out Silva. Later, he would again change standard UFC policy by allowing a PRIDE-signed Silva into the Octagon to challenge Chuck. Again, nothing ended up working out, but the key point is DANA DID EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO MAKE THAT FIGHT HAPPEN. I don’t doubt if Sakakibara said “Drop trou and bend over for this fight”, Dana would have done it. He would have taken Sakakibara into himself for that fight. Yes he would have.

So what the hell is so different about Fedor vs Couture? What was so different about this fight that made Dana and the UFC unwilling to bend on their standard terms like they did to try and make the Wand/Chuck fight happen?

The last time I tried to make a fighter/hummer joke, I incorrectly said a hummer was when you lick your partner’s anus. It kinda ruined the joke. But this time I’m gonna get the damn thing right:

Rich Franklin must really need some quick cash because he’s now offering to give a hummer to whoever will pay him the most for it. It’s a sad day indeed when a former champion like Rich is so destitute he has to hum TAPS with someone’s cock in his mouth!


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