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Combat Lifestyle photographer Tracy Lee spent a day up at Big Bear photographing Dan Henderson’s training camp. And while most of the pictures are atypical of what you’d see from most other photographers, Tracy always seems willing to go the extra mile and get into the fighter’s bedrooms for the good stuff. Ahem. In this case that means getting to see Dan Henderson pulling a Michael Jackson and sleeping inside a bubble:

Dan went upstairs to take a nap. I went up and caught some photos of him in his high altitude tent on his bed; reminiscent of the movie, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Scientific studies have shown that altitude training can produce increases in speed, strength, endurance, and recovery. Does that mean that sleeping in a high altitude tent, in a high altitude environment increases this effect exponentially? I took the time to explore the house a little and found 5 beds in each downstairs room, a pool table, fire place, and guitars for guitar hero.

Unfortunately there’s no Guitar Hero pics involved, but overall it’s worth checking out Tracy’s blog of the whole event and seeing what an average day in Dan Henderson’s training camp is like. Will it be enough to keep the remainder of his real teeth from being knocked into the back of his throat by Anderson Silva? Uuuuuuuuh. Hmmm. Guess we’ll see.

(pics of the Smackgirl ring girls from last weekend’s show are here. These are from MMA in Japan, who know that all it takes is a ring girl pic or two to sucker me into linking to them every day)

Renzo Gracie still wants a rematch with Frank
Boy, Frank Shamrock has really gone from having no opponents lined up to many. Right now the lineup looks like Cung Le, Renzo Gracie, Tito Ortiz, and Ken Shamrock.

Gomi wants JZ
Lots of interesting quotes in here relating to his shameful 2007, his thoughts on the UFC, who he wants to fight in the future, and how he would return the PRIDE belt if he knew where to send it.

Manny Gamburyan back in action at UFN13
If they keep adding fights to this card, we’ll have to start another petition to make UFC Fight Night a FOUR HOUR show! Manny gets a fast return to the cage, probably on account of the fact that he barely broke a sweat beating Nate Mohr over NYE. I dunno if this Jeff Cox guy is one to last much longer. His only prior UFC appearance was a quick submission loss to Gleison Tibau back in June 2007

Sengoku card is full?
I dunno what’s up with this … Japanese promotions are usually all about 12-15 match cards. World Victory Road is going for all of 7 fights, which seems a bit … well, small. There’s no denying all seven matches are good quality though. Thus the eternal question … big and long vs small but quality?

Jamie Varner talks about ‘mouthpiece-gate’
Hey, I just noticed MMA Mania took my picture and even gave us credit down at the bottom corner. Which is nice, because I just screenshot the broadcast, so it’s not like the picture is mine by any means. So nice of them. They’re such gentlemen. When are you going to start dating nice men like that? Hmm? Instead of those trashy ones who just want in your pants. Anyways, if you want to hear Jamie Varner say the same thing everyone else already has, checkit.

Chuck Liddell’s book cracks the bestseller list (again)
I really have to go out and get me a copy of this. The few excerpts I’ve read have been fucking terrible, and I’d really like to see if it can be consistently bad throughout the whole book.

Stop the press! Dana White talks shit
I dunno about this quote. I mean … there’s enough fucks to make it seem legitimate. And Dana White does tend to rip apart people who aren’t fighting for him. But I dunno. The whole thing seems a little too ‘In the know’. Does Dana White really know who Bo Cantrell is? Wouldn’t he have made up some kind of insulting nickname like “Dive Master” or something?

Originally all that talk of Mirko coming back to the UFC sounded like complete bullshit. But now after reading this, I’m starting to think it’s more than just empty words:

According to the Croatian website, Mirko Filipovic said, “..I have already mentioned that I will take part in three fights for Dream, and that then I will return to the UFC. And to all internet know-it-alls I say to put gloves on and to enter the ring or the cage themselves before insulting whatever fighter. I repeat, I am not avoiding the UFC, and will come back by the end of the year.”

I’ve got to say, the idea of CroCop taking care of business in Japan and then returning to the UFC upon a chariot built from the bones of fallen opponents … well, quite frankly, it arouses me. Down there. In my pee-pee.

There’s another cool quote in that article too about Mirko losing his will to fight in there too. I’ve gotta give it to him … when most fighters give excuses, they usually don’t involve “I sucked, I was weak, my heart was not in it.” Although I suppose that’s a less humbling excuse than “I’m a mid-talent fighter who looked good because of steroids and Pride match fixing.”

(ABOVE) Mario Rinaldi vs Kerry Schall AFC 16: All you ‘Ring vs Cage’ people should ask Kerry Schall which fighting environment he prefers. I’ll bet you a whole box o’ twinkies that he’ll tell you “Dear fucking lord, not the ring! Not the ring!” That’s if he’s still able to walk after what happened to him.

The Kimbo Slice R&B song: Such a soulful rendition of Kimbo ‘makin people pay, time to get slayed’. As a white guy I dunno how I’m supposed to feel about him calling Kimbo ‘Arnold Shwarze-nigger’. I guess it’s okay because he’s black, but I’m not so I just feel confused and full of shame.

Taku Aramaki vs. Shoji: As Mauro Ranallo would say, this fight has more grand slams than Denny’s. Of course, the really good stuff is at the end, where you get to see why foot stomps are illegal in the civilized world. My eyesocket screamed when it saw that shit.

Hardcore MMA fans: And in revelations it said “And ye shall know them as legion, and they shall be identified by the ghey Tapout shirts they wear.” I hear this guy is a brown belt in living room submission arts.

Pride’s Deadliest KOs: Can you ever watch enough brutal KO highlights from Pride? Plus 100 points because this one has the PRIDE themesong and not some terrible rap or nu-metal.

Jason Mayhem Miller Highlight: Shit, did you know Mayhem Miller actually FIGHTS? Yeah, I didn’t know that either. Here’s a nifty little highlight of his finer moments in the ring.

Ken Shamrock vs. Bas Rutten: Back in the day when Ken grabbed your leg, you were better to just tap out before he bent you like a six year old bends his GI Joe figures.

Rampage doing some good: Here’s footage of Rampage giving a homeless guy some change. He was gonna give him some actual cash before the guy said he was just gonna use it on booze. Good on ya, Rampage.

Rest of the videos embedded after the jump!

The Kimbo Slice R&B song

Taku Aramaki vs. Shoji

Hardcore MMA fans

Pride’s Deadliest KOs

Jason Mayhem Miller Highlight

Ken Shamrock vs. Bas Rutten

Rampage doing some good

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