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Well big surprise. Andrei Arlovski’s management is refuting MMAWeekly’s claim that he plans on riding out the remainder of his contract and then leave for another company:

“The report was absolutely not true, and the UFC is working closely with us.” Khorlinsky said. “They haven’t been disrespectful to us. (Arlovski) has stated numerous times that he’s looking forward to his next fight with the UFC.”

That fight will likely come in March, according to Khorlinsky. Currently, only UFC 82 (March 1 in Columbus) has been officially announced by the UFC.

“When we talk to the UFC, we keep it confidential, and they keep it confidential,” Khorlinsky said.

Of course, I’m sure there are lawyers in the UFC’s vast legal empire who would have taken MMAWeekly’s claims quite seriously, possibly considering them a precursor to breach of contract. Why oh why would Andrei’s management team ever deny something like that??? And we should remember that MMAWeekly is a totally shoddy website that’s always getting stuff wrong. Oh wait, no they don’t. Hmmm.

Long story short, people: if someone denies something that they’re legally not allowed to admit they said, there’s a good chance they’re fucking lying, especially when you’ve got an established and reliable news source reporting the exact opposite.

I’m on a plane down to Tennessee today, but fear not! I stayed up all night drinking Rockstars and masturbating so that you would have content to get you through your dreary day. So this is basically just a note to say if something crazy happens like Josh Koscheck reveals he’s bi-gendered or Jeff Sherwood says he’s suing Fightlinker, I’m not around to cover it.

Past that point I leave the comments section in my hetero life parter Jake’s handi-capable hands. Be good, you stinking Jackals. None of that ‘substitute teacher’ bullshit while I’m away, or there’ll be hell to pay come Friday.

Hey everyone, just a reminder that we recorded a special Kwansaa radio show for you all! If I don’t say so myself, it’s quite the rockin’ episode, complete with new skits such as the Kalib Starnes Poverty Foundation and Matt Hughes Has a Limp Dick. That, plus over an hour of most excellent MMA blather.

Go here to download it or check it out using our handy radio applet to your right!

The IFL just released a document which basically details their battleplan for 2008. And if you wanna know basically what it says you could go and read the whole thing, or you can trust me when I say there’s nothing revolutionary in there.

They’re hoping live television and a smarter event schedule will save the day, along with their focus away from ‘teams’ onto ‘camps’. Hey, I’m sure IFL founder Kurt Otto also likes to call his ‘little’ penis ‘huge’ too, but that doesn’t change how terribly small it is. A team concept by any other name would suck as badly, as Shakespeare was fond of saying. He also was known to say “The IFL sucketh like a 17 year old on Spring Break – vigorously but with little to nary skill”

There’s a decent amount of info in there about the IFL wanting to draw other camps into the fray who wouldn’t otherwise have anything to do with the IFL. I’m sure Jay Larkin masturbates to the idea of Randy Couture submitting an Xtreme Couture camp to the picture, but that’s not likely.

Randy’s already whacked the UFC hornet’s nest too many times this year. Getting in bed with the IFL would be like sticking his penis into the aforementioned hornet’s nest. If that happened I wouldn’t be surprised to see the TUF7 finale featuring the ritual sacrifice of Forrest Griffin and the burning of all video tapes featuring the Natural.

In an effort to counteract the anger and vitriol I’ve been spitting out lately, I’ve decided to try and make one post a day about something I like. Whenever I visit FightOpinion or listen to their podcasts, I always wonder “Does Zach Arnold even like anything???” I’ve never heard him say anything positive about anything, not even puppies or rainbows or sunshine. The last thing I want to become is a cranky Zach-like individual because I hear that’s step one of the transformation into a full blown windbag like Eddie Goldman.

So for today’s ‘Stuff I like’, I wanted to point out the work of one Michael Rome who writes for BloodyElbow. To be honest, I fucking hate it when blogs become ‘collective’ blogs … MMA blogs in particular are bland enough as it is without there being half a dozen writers on board with equally banal opinions. But Michael is one of a kind: a writer who was added to a site that’s actually BETTER than the original writer.

And that’s not putting Luke Thomas down … it’s just that Michael is that damn good. Check out some of his recent stuff:

Anyways, the things that make Rome stand out is his coherent writing style, good ideas, and strong opinions. He’s willing to speculate and speak his mind. Most bloggers just regurgitate the facts and say “That’s good” or “That’s bad”. Rome always backs his opinions up with solid logic that’s hard to argue against. He fits into the Bloody Elbow site well, and is definitely the best writer on the site right now.

Tune in tomorrow as I deepthroat another random kielbasa on this magical journey known as ‘Stuff I like’.

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