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We had a big discussion on what the fuck was up with ‘downward elbows’ a while back and came to the conclusion that it was a generally vague and stupid rule. But from whence did said rule come from? Well now we know:

Joe Rogan and Goldberg were discussing the fact a lot of people were wondering why downward elbows were ok to throw from the bottom, from the guard for example, but not from any of top positions. Rogan said that he spoke about this to “Big” John McCarthy, the UFC ref till he recently retired.

According to McCarthy when the state athletic commissions were reviewing various strikes during making of the rules for MMA, they, specifically banned them due to strong impressions from Karate and other Traditional Martial Arts (TMAs) “effectiveness” of downward elbows for brick and board breaking. Just like most of us, the state athletic commissions thought that if that’s what martial artists could do to a bunch of bricks, what kinds of terribly injuries could happen to a fighter getting with with one from the top.

Most of the Unified Rules came about from people watching hours upon hours of brutal no holds barred fights and rating attacks on a scale of “Tame” to “Brutal”. Headbutts, groin strikes, knees to the ground … all of these were culled from the repertoire after people saw them in action and went “Oooh … yeah, that’s a tad too much.”

So I find it simply awesome that the impetus for the downward elbow rule was based around those stupid board and brick breaking demonstrations by McDojo frauds. Of course, there’s always the possibility that there’s a generally unknown UFC or IVC floating around out there where some Kung Fu master used his thunderous downward elbow to crack his opponents in half like eggs over a frying pan.



Sent in by a reader who shall remain anonymous due to possible South County style retribution, here’s some pics of Rob Emerson and his ‘gang’, the Lords of South County. As you can see, the first picture is in their pouty emo delinquent youth days and the second looks like some kind of reunion shot. Missing from these pics is the group prison shot complete with orange jumpsuits and bleeding anuses. Although considering the posing in the reunion shot, perhaps they were more willing than you’d think!

If you didn’t know already, Emerson was part of a ‘gang’ called the Lords of South County. They’re basically a pack of rich white kids who went around beating the shit out of random people. Suffice to say, jailarity ensued for several of the members including Rob.

Join us again tommorow for more insider looks into Rob’s life when we present pictures of his retardedly hot girlfriend. Naked? Maybe. We’ll see. But they’re definitely proof that being hot doesn’t mean you’re smart or have any taste whatsoever.

Happy birthday to Pete Spratt who turns ‘I don’t care’ years old! While checking out his Myspace page I found out a whole buncha things about him. Like the fact that he’s a fucking movie star! Above is the preview for the movie Repentance where Pete plays a guy who’s hellbent on killing Asians or something. Awesome.

Here’s the breakdown:

Lola, a beautiful, grief-stricken woman, seeks revenge when her baby brother is killed in a relentless Dallas gang war. She brings in Adrian Lincoln (UFC’s Pete “Secret Weapon” Spratt), a martial arts expert and hit man from Los Angeles, to eliminate all those involved in the murder. By cleverly setting in motion a series of events that pits the Black and Asian crime families against one another, the assassin is able to go about his vengeful killing spree undetected in the middle of their bloody gang war. Loaded with masterful fight scenes and gun battles, this exciting action flick leads to an ultimate confrontation with Adrian set against his mentor, Daddy O, the head of the Black crime family.

Montreal ex-pat Ariel from Jarry Park has another interview up, this time with Arianny Celeste. I gotta hand it to Ariel, he manages to politely bully a lot of information out of people. Perhaps I should try his interviewing style because my style usually ends up with the person breaking down in tears and hanging up on me (that was Rory Singer). Of course, that’s still more polite than when MMAJunkie called Arianny ‘borderline retarded’ … oh, to think it was a mere year ago that Dann was letting his jerk flag fly. I miss that.

As for Arianny, the only questions she wasn’t asked was “Is Arianny Celeste really your real name for real? Because it sounds fake and porn-starish”. There were a few questions right at the beginning regarding the rules of fighters dating ring girls. Oh, and she said she was no longer dating Josh Burkman (old news), and went as far to say “Ew” when Ariel asked her if he was still a favorite fighter of hers. COLD.

Here’s a quote regarding all that shit:

“I’ve hung out with fighters, I’m friends with a lot of fighters, so I’ve broken that rule. I’m not with Josh Burkman and according to the internet I’ve dated a lot of people from Rampage to Henderson to GSP but it’s all rumors. I have a lot of friends and I’m not gonna stop hanging out with them because of what the internets say. I enjoy life and that’s it.”

I love how the new codeword for “I like sex and sleep with lots of guys” is “I enjoy life”. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with “enjoying life” … in fact, I think all girls should “enjoy life” more. Over here in North America we’re still pretty stuffy about that shit. I was over in Australia a few years back and that opened my eyes to what girls “enjoying life” is really all about. And let me tell you … it’s fucking AWESOME.

I tried to figure out several different ways of reporting the news that Thales Leites was out of his bout with Nate Marquardt but i just couldn’t manage to make myself give a shit. No disrespect to Thales, I just don’t know enough about him at this point to care. I vaguely remember his quick wins over Floyd Sword and Ryan Jensen, but it’s all just a blur. Why oh why must I drink myself stupid whenever I watch the UFC?

Anyways, this story has taken an interesting turn because the UFC has gotten Jeremy ‘Gumby’ Horn to fill in. Horn was ‘the shit’ a few years back until he seemed to get burned out and started phoning in performances for paychecks. But who can blame the guy? He’s had well over a hundred fights … I know most ‘factual’ websites like to stick to the Fight Finder for their stats but you just know the guy was traveling the earth back in the day battling it out like Kane in Kung Fu. That shit doesn’t make it into the Fight Finder, just like Houston Alexander’s weekly kumite outings didn’t either.

I’m fucking hyped to see what Horn does with this second chance at stardom. If there’s anyone who deserves to make it in the UFC, if only as a crafty veteran gatekeeper, it’s Jeremy Horn. Let the dude make some good coin off fights and bonuses so he can retire and avoid the same fate as Dan Severn, who’s fifty-something and still fighting every other week for some Rib Shack sponsored promotion in the mid-west.

(oh, image is from Northwest Fight Scene, which is an awesome site that you gotta check out if you live anywhere around there so you can catch Dan Severn next time he’s nearby.)

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