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It’s interesting to note that small stories we won’t even think about a week from now can have real lasting long term effect on people’s lives. For example, the WCO event that got cancelled. For us, it was just another footnote in California MMA lore. But I’m sure for many MMA fighters it was a lot of money out of their pockets, a lot of debts which can’t be paid, a lot of rent that’s now outstanding. Months of their lives spent training and sacrificing, for nothing.

From that WCO story comes Ricco Rodriguez, who was strapped enough for cash that he tried to sell his strap on Ebay. Since his WCO fight was cancelled, he was now available to fight. EliteXC jumped at the opportunity to book him and replaced Gary Turner with him to fight against Antonio Silva on their big Feb 16th card. Just another footnote in booking changes, right?

Well not so for Gary Turner, who had to find out about the booking change over the internet. He’s pretty upset about the whole thing since he turned his life upside down preparing for the event. The official excuse from EliteXC was that they were afraid Turner wouldn’t clear medicals, which Turner proves to be complete bullshit. To me that sounds like an attempt to weasel out of their contract.

Hey, this isn’t rainbow land and I don’t expect companies to pass up on opportunities to set up bigger fights. But when you do that, don’t fuck over the guy who’s left on the outside. EliteXC was so into saying they treat the fighters right, but so far I haven’t seen any proof of that whatsoever. If it turns out that Gary Turner doesn’t get paid his contracted wage in full for this bullshit, then you better believe we’ll be writing a few more posts on the subject.

The biggest response to yesterday’s quick links was the story about Amanda Buckner being rejected by EliteXC on account of how she looks. Since last night, the quote she gave regarding the situation was taken out of the interview she gave, and the whole story has been pulled down by several sites ‘by request of Showtime’.

Of course, we’re not about to bend over and remove info just because some company doesn’t want you to see it. Here’s the quote from Buckner which caused so much controversy:

BH: It seems like Bodog and Showtime are the places to be if you are a female fighter, any chance we will see you on a Showtime card soon?

AB: We’ve heard from Showtime that, even though they think I’m a great fighter, they will not be using me unless I change my appearance and personality. This is obviously so insane and ludicrous that I can’t really think of much else to say about it. Until the quality of the fighters is the single most important factor in matching their fights, Showtimes womens division will be a joke (this is not a slam on their current fighters, as I think most of them are great).

The author of the interview, Bruce Hoyer, put out the following on the OTM forums to explain why he removed that quote from the interview:

So i just wanted to send a quick comment about this whole thing. I got a call from showtime’s PR office for writing this and they asked that I pull the article. Because they state that the comments are simply not true and no one from showtime has spoken to amanda. Again this is showtimes statement not mine.

Anyways I called Gumby [who runs OTM, where the interview was hosted] and asked him to pull the portion about showtime until showtime can issue a statement about the “allegations”. I understand that I made an error in that I did not contact Showtime and ask them to verify the comments, sorry for that. I also just wanted to comment that it was my desicion to pull a portion of the article not Gumby’s or anyone at On The Mat.

Gumby suggested that we leave it up there and wait for Showtime to issue a statement, I would agree but I have to protect my fighters interests and don’t want to harm their earning potential because of something I did.

So at the moment I’m trying to find out more details for you guys. Was it Showtime that contacted them or was it EliteXC? Is it just semantics regarding which group told Amanda to pretty herself up a bit, or are they saying that no one associated with anyone from the fight organization ever said (or implied) anything like that?

Of course, I’m not too hot on the idea of companies telling websites to take down information, especially when it’s involving something negative said about them. If someone wants to issue a statement to clarify the situation, and asks that their statement get tacked onto the accusations, then that’s cool. But past that I find the whole thing rather shady.

But who knows? Perhaps EliteXC has never even talked to Amanda Buckner and she’s just drawing conclusions from that fact. I’m willing to leave this whole case open to interpretation till I know a bit more.

That’s right … two live blogs in one week! Two live radio shows in one week! Wowsers! Zip! Zam! Zoom! Blap. The excitement is just overwhelming, just try not to defecate your pants, okay?

As per Official Fightlinker Protocol we’ll be liveblogging the Ultimate Fight Night, running a chat, and doing a live radio show immediately following the broadcast. Don’t be fooled by imitators: Fightlinker is the first and best ‘wacky play by play’ out there. Okay, so maybe we stole the idea from Sherdog. But we’re still better than everyone else*.

*Quality of play by play and radio show may vary depending on how drunk Ryan gets during the event.


Because he certainly looks like “That Yellow Bastard” from the movie. Remember kids: If he can get with Arianny Celeste, then there’s hope for you. Well, if you’re a UFC fighter.

Jackal Amy Robinson was talking in the comments section about something Dave Meltzer said regarding Brock Lesnar:

“It would be a mistake to dismiss Lesnar as an over-muscled fake; he’s arguably the best all-around athlete of any heavyweight in UFC history. Certainly nobody can match his combination of strength, explosive power, and speed to go along with his 265-pound fighting weight.”

Amy was basically saying “Come on now. Buying into the WWE hype much?” But as much as I hate to admit it, Meltzer may be right. Just check out these stats on Lesnar’s physical abilities:

Nobody questions his tenacity. His strength. His pure athletic ability. A few weeks after his wrestling career came to an end with a Wrestlemania loss to Goldberg, Lesnar ran the 40-yard dash in 4.7 seconds, a blistering time for a man his size. He has a 10-foot standing broad jump. A 35-inch vertical leap, not to mention the bench and squat numbers. It’s the tools of an NFL running back power packed into a gladiator’s frame.

So Meltzer would be technically correct to say that Lesnar’s strength, power, and speed are unparalleled in the UFC heavyweight division. Of course, your physical attributes and stats only mean so much in the cage. Luke Thomas asked “Yeah, but can he take a punch?” I think that’s the wrong question to ask. For all the hokey shit surrounding wrestling, you still have to be a tough SOB to last. If Brock Lesnar can walk away from something like this, I think he’ll be able to withstand any firepower Frank Mir can muster.

The real question is if Lesnar will try to coast on his physical attributes or if he’s working his ass off to pick up the required striking and ground acumen needed to get by. It’s pretty straightforward that the guy has all the physical tools he needs to make it in MMA. So lets see how well that pays off for him when he goes against guys who have been training MMA for years.

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