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So Mirko Crocop is making an announcement tomorrow about his career. FROM JAPAN. Seems like the UFC has been losing a lot of it’s ‘hardball’ exchanges lately:

I’m off to Tokyo!
A big announcement will come straight from Japan tomorrow (February 13).
When the official part is done I’ll be able to provide more information about everything,
and believe me, I have many things to say.
What you could easily guess by now is that I won’t be retiring.
I’ll keep on fighting, it’s my life, it’s what I do.

While this could mean anything, I don’t think it means Mirko and Dana showing up in Tokyo to announce the revival of Pride or the UFC’s return to Japan. That’s about as likely as a spontaneous Captain Morgan’s style song and dance erupting right afterwards, with pigs flying as a finale.

I also have no doubt that if Mirko is heading out to announce some kind of deal with another promotion, we’ll be hearing about more lawsuits within the next week. Which sucks because I had my money on a Tito Ortiz related lawsuit before a Mirko Crocop related lawsuit. Me and several other bloggers have a pool going, you see. Because the UFC eventually seems to sue everyone. The only question is who’s next.

Oh, and I’m going to reserve my “Crocop running from the UFC with his tail tucked between his legs” post for tomorrow when he officially announces he’s running from the UFC with his tail tucked between his legs. Although there might be mitigating circumstances. Word from a Croatian newspaper says the UFC was basically demanding that Crocop take a pay cut if he wanted to keep fighting for them. If that’s the case, then I’ll side with Mirko on this one and curse Dana White for jewing me out of Crocop in the UFC.

Don’t you love coming here? One day we’re like “OMG NO NETWORK DEALS EVAR” and then the next day we’re saying Dana White is off trying to lock up a network deal as we speak. Well, we’re not saying that … it’s Dave Meltzer from his pay newsletter that’s saying that:

“[Dana] White after the [February 2] show said he was leaving for a week and hoped to come back having made a major television deal, saying either with a network or a pay station.”

I had pretty much written off the possibility of a network deal now that the Writer’s strike is toast, and I’m still pretty damned skeptical that anything will come of this. Dana White simply seems to be too hardcore about control to be willing to let some fucking network suits mess with his shit. And without the added leverage of the strike meaning the networks were stuck losing money showing endless reruns ….

As I said, I’m still skeptical. But fingers crossed something happens.


Oh Fedor, why do you continue to make me cry? Latest news from the M1 camp is they’re making a reality show where 16 contestants compete for the right to fight the champion. Hmm … sounds kinda familiar, although the stupid advert for it claims this is ‘groundbreaking’ and ‘nothing like this has ever been seen before on American television before’.

I don’t think I have to go over the standard talking points on how Fedor is quickly becoming a joke. Honestly, this whole “Why isn’t Fedor fighting the best?” situation has gone from being somewhat debatable to completely farcical. At this point I don’t care who’s to blame for being unable to put Fedor in the ring with someone who’s not a complete joke. Is it the UFC for not being flexible with their contracts? Is it M1 for trying to cash Fedor in using a TUF clone? Is it Fedor for not taking a more active role in pursuing the best (say, like Randy Couture kinda has in a really dumb but probably honest way)?

At this point, I don’t fucking care any more. I’m done with the blame game. In fact, I’m just done with Fedor all together. Until he signs to fight a top 5 heavyweight opponent, he’s no longer getting the benefit of the doubt from me. This guy is starting to embody all of the reasons people hate boxers : they let business get in the way of fighting the best.

Mailbag is usually the first show of the month, but with UFC81 falling on that date we moved the show back a week. All your questions, from smart and insightful to dumb and crude, have been answered in this epic 90 minute block of audio programming. For your ears.


Or check it out using the streaming applet to your right. I swear to God we’ll fix the iTunes feed in the next 48 hours for all you people who are into that. It’s driving me crazy too.

For those of you who weren’t aware, I spend most of my days either working on this site or in the bushes behind Loretta Hunt’s house trying to get a good look into her bedroom. And while I haven’t gotten to see as much naked Loretta as I’d like, I do hear things from time to time. And it looks like Loretta has left the Fight Network. I don’t have many details at the moment past the fact that it seems like it was her decision. But maybe she made that decision after they moved her desk next to that guy with really bad body odor (Mauro). Fingers crossed this was in anticipation of a full Playboy pictorial. Or maybe one with Penthouse! I like those ones more because they do the whole ‘legs open, gates spread’ shot.

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