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We love to give other MMA websites a hard time, it’s kinda what we’re all about. One of the regular things we do is call people out for selling out or setting the sport back. This amuses us because getting served on shit like that by us is like being called a potty mouth by Dana White.

To prove the point that we are total hypocrites, here’s some hardcore midget cage fighting. And this isn’t some pansy shit like the ‘fake’ stuff we featured before. These guys are kicking the literal shit out of eachother and even dropping some nuts on neck action 1:40 in a la Rich Clementi.

So it looks like the relationship between Gina Carano and EliteXC is on the rocks. We here at Fightlinker noticed some cracks in the facade a few weeks ago when Gary Shaw referred to issues with Carano as ‘legal matters’ … never a good sign! You’d think Shaw would be happy that one of his up and comers was breaking out on national television, but no … he seemed pretty peeved about the whole situation.

Now things get worse – in all of the promotional appearances Gina has made over the past few weeks, she hasn’t said the word EliteXC once. And the latest news is that she’s off the February EliteXC card. Oh Gina … please don’t tell me you’re choosing American fucking Gladiators over mixed martial arts?

Hey, you can’t blame someone for picking the easier route that pays better. I figure Gina probably had a few more fights left before she started getting her ass whupped by the cream of the female MMA crop. And I bet Gina figured the same thing … it’s not like she’s not training with some of the best fighters in the world at XTreme Couture … working with those people, you know exactly where you stand in the skill department.

So yeah, I can understand why she might be fucking off but it still peeves me off. She was given the role of “the face of women’s MMA” and now she’s ditched that in favor of a cornball show that only exists because of the writer’s strike.

Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that the UFC has officially filed suit against Randy Couture. I’ll get to that a bit later in the day, but honestly … we were all expecting it to happen sooner or later, so past the fact that today is the day, there’s not a whole lot to say about that.

On the other hand, I wanted to take a minute or two to note the quiet machinations eminating from the Couture camp. While Dana White and the UFC have been stomping around making their actions regarding Couture crystal clear to everyone, Randy has been silently setting himself up to escape the contract he signed.

This might seem a bit ‘tinfoil hat’, but let’s spend a minute to talk about Randy’s cast. A lot of people were wondering why Randy still had the world’s largest cast on his arm during his celebrity poker tournament over the weekend. After all, the Gonzaga fight was months and months ago. Shouldn’t the arm be healed by now? Word is Randy re-broke the arm training, but I have to wonder if that’s true or not.

Think about this: the UFC offered Randy the fight against Big Nog knowing that Randy was going to turn it down. This set them up to be able to say “Look, Randy refuses to fight” in court. But with the cast on, Randy has a very straightforward reason to turn down the fight: he’s injured. And so long as he continues to be injured, the UFC cannot fault him for turning down bouts.

Anyways, I thought I’d share that little nugget of conspiracy with you.

Back at the end of August, Ryan Shamrock (son of Ken Shamrock) made his MMA debut. Up until this point there was absolutely no photographic evidence of the newest Shamrock, which sucked because reports had him standing nearly 6 feet tall at only 130 pounds.

Well, with the news that Ken Shamrock bundled himself with his son to sign a new contract with EliteXC, our favorite photographer Esther Lin was on the scene taking pictures for the press package that no one seems to ever get. Fortunately for you all I have her flikr account on RSS, and now I share this first look of Ryan Shamrock with you all.

I have to admit … normally I’m not a huge Jason Mayhem Miller fan … I just use his videos as filler when I don’t have time to write good posts. But this video is actually pretty entertaining (although I also won’t deny that at the moment I’m a bit short on time to write out posts. That’s just what happens when you stay up till 3am editing a radio show).

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