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If this is what you’re seeing instead of a Daily Wrapup, it’s because the place we’re staying this weekend has no internet. Therefore you’re not likely to get many posts Sunday. Just an FYI.

Above: Next Question with Dana White
For the most part Dana does a good job till he gets quizzed on Canadian geography (which to me ain’t fair because no one gives a shit about that. For his credit, he didn’t call Toronto the capital of Canada).

Other videos after the jump:

Matt Serra and GSP on OTR: The segment with GSP, Matt Serra, plus Matt’s Next Question segment and a show where he’s alongside oldschool fighter Dave Beneteau.

Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson UFC82 preview : Some nice highlights and the same hack lines from Dana and Joe.

Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami : The only way to beat Silva apparently is for him to be disqualified for illegal strikes.

Mazagatti’s warning to Lesnar : I don’t hear it, but maybe you can. Of course, everything uploaded to Youtube sounds like you’re listening to it through a beehive.

GSP and Matt Serra on OTR

OTR Next Question with Matt Serra

Matt Serra on OTR part 1

Matt Serra on OTR part 2

Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson UFC82 preview

Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami

Mazagatti’s warning to Lesnar

Was just checking out the latest Smack Girl lineup and once again there’s a big fucking ommission: Roxy Modafferi. Not only that, but the lineup generally seems like it was put together by someone with a blindfold picking names out of a hat. They’ve got Megumi Fujii (aka MEGA MEGU, one of the best out there) fighting Cindy Hales, who has a 1-0 record. Cindy’s only win comes against lesbian blood artist Shawn Tamaribuchi, who we love but isn’t grounds for earning a fight against someone like Megumi.

I don’t pretend to know what the fuck is going on in Japan. In fact, I am probably the most ignorant person out there when it comes to how things work in their fight scene. Japanese promotions really don’t seem to give a shit about creating proper rankings and competitive fights between the best in their shows. Someone who’s won three in a row will just as likely fight someone who’s lost three, or worse someone who’s never even fought real MMA before. They simply don’t care. And fine: book the squash matches and book the fighters who put asses in the seats. But Roxy Modafferi is one of the best female fighters in the game right now, and she kinda sorta lives in Japan. It’s stupid not to take advantage of the situation and have her fighting for Smack Girl.

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(Oh Willa Ford. You were all hot for Chuck till he moved on to Dolphin Head)


Fedor wins Sambo tournament (with video)
Well big fucking surprise here. Fedor won the Russian Sambo Championship for his weightclass today, making his opponent look like an amateur. Oh wait, the guy IS an amateur. What the fuck is a professional fighter doing cleaning house at sambo tournaments? It’d be funny if it wasn’t so lame. Oh wait. Yes, it is still kinda funny.

Big Nog is ‘ready’ for Fedor
In other Fedor related news (no, not the Fedor love letter … I’ll get to that tomorrow), Big Nog is saying “I’m ready for you Fedor!” See, two can play at the whole “I want to fight the best but they are in another organization” game. It’s just kinda strange when someone from the UFC is doing it.

Sherk refuses to fight in California again
Sean Sherk continues to be a right arrogant cock, saying he refuses to fight in California again and refuses to be tested by Quest Laboratories. If he sticks by this, then he won’t be fighting in Vegas either because Nevada also uses Quest.

Dana White on Off the Record
This is a pretty cool speed interview where creepy Canadian marionette Michael Lansberg grills Dana. Right off the bat he slams the UFC’s pay system, and Dana White counters with a diss on boxing. Good verbal sparring – Dana White’s answered it all before so you know he’s got these talking points down.

What’s all up with that Pride lawsuit
More info on that potential scandal regarding the Fertittas and their Gambling license. There’s a laundry list of shit that DSE didn’t follow through on, like refusing to submit to criminal checks, ignoring a non complete clause, ya know … standard take the money and run shit.

Listen to Jenna and Tito on Howard Stern
Here’s the audio of Jenna and Tito on Howard Stern. It’s mostly Jenna talking, with Tito chiming in with random lovey dovey shit. But Howard is Howard, and he makes it enjoyable.

Dan Severn breakin’ the law
Native Americans got a pretty raw deal over the past few hundred years, so I’m always down for them abusing the few rights they have to do shit that pisses the government off. Case in point: they’re holding an MMA show on a reservation in Ontario. Of course the government is all “Hey what, fun? Don’t make us go Oka on your asses”. All this, co-starring Dan Severn.

That whole Brock Lesnar controversy
I refuse to go into this because I’m about as sick of Brock Lesnar as a person can be. I’ve even put away my Brock Lesnar action figure and taken down my Brock Lesnar posters. I just need some me time, no Brock. So you’ll have to get your stupid Lesnar-related fix elsewhere, because he’s dead to me.

Tim Kennedy shipped off to war
Hot on the heels of Tim Kennedy popping up in yesterdays Daily Update is the news that he’s been recalled for duty. Which is a bummer for him and the IFL because he was about to fight for one of their ugly ass belts. But that’s the risk you take when you work for the IFL – they’re cursed, and being recalled is just a symptom of that fact.

Dave Meltzer’s Where are they now, Pride Edition
Rather than just stick with the PRIDE FIGHTERS SUCK COCK attitude many Yahoo readers probably hold, Dave Meltzer has gone out and put together a list of Pride fighters and their accomplishments since the demise of their promotion.

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