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While things sure seem pretty good for the UFC at the moment, I’m starting to get this nervous feeling like Zuffa is playing a dangerous game of jenga and the tower is starting to get mighty unstable. Forget all that piddly shit I wrote a few days ago regarding rising costs and lowering returns. There are now two scandals that could very well change the future of the UFC forever:

1. The DSE lawsuit
At first glance, the lawsuit against DSE seems more like a face saving exercise. Who knows much money Zuffa will be able to squeeze out of the company in American courts? But now people are starting to talk about implications relating to the Fertittas’ gaming license. And that’s a big fucking deal:

Pride FC Worldwide is a company that was formed by Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta – the majority owners of Zuffa, LLC and the Ultimate Fighting Championship – to purchase the Pride brand name and related assets from Dream Stage Entertainment, Inc.

Because the Fertittas are involved in the gaming industry – they are part owners of Station Casinos – Dream Stage was supposed to go through a background check and drug testing to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Fertittas’ gaming license in Nevada.

Things are still foggy at the moment, but trust me when I say the UFC is but another amusement in the Fertittas’ toychest compared to their casino license. If shit starts smelling because of their involvement in MMA, I don’t doubt they’d drop everything to clear their names and hold onto their gambling empire.

2. The Xyience debacle
If the Fertittas dumping millions of dollars into a failing company that dumps it right back into the UFC isn’t fishy enough, now we have the latest accusation:

In order to secure a $325 million loan, the UFC needed to prove a certain amount of annual revenue from sponsors. So, they passed Xyience a bunch of money through questionable means, and Xyience passed it back to show that the UFC was taking in sponsorship revenue; without this arrangement, the UFC wouldn’t have gotten the loan.

So basically if you claim you’ve got big sponsors but the big sponsor is actually just you behind the curtains, then you don’t really have big sponsors. And that means you’re not being truthful. And what’s it called when you’re not truthful on a loan application? Fraud. Oh me oh my.

These two stories haven’t exploded yet and who knows, maybe nothing will come out of them. But I’m not about to ignore two stories which have the potential to affect the Fertittas’ gambling license. Because if it’s the license vs the UFC, you better believe the Fertittas will pick their license. Hell, who knows if they’d even be willing to tarnish their reputation at all in order to try and ride these out?

Big John McCarthy demonstrates one of the most effective submissions out there.

**UPDATE** Man I’m fucked. I posted the wrong video. Although the ” target=”_blank”>Watt Miman video was funny too


People are always talking about how MMA is all blood and guts and violence and smashing. Never do they talk about the sensitivity and sensuality in and out of the ring. Today I’ve decided to spend a bit of time digging up some tender moments in MMA history. First off, here’s Fedor hugging a distressed Hong Man Choi.

(thanks for the find, Fighters Only)

Hey boys and girls. Just a reminder that we’re in the middle of an attempt to get SpikeTV to show 3 hours of UFC Fight Night 13 instead of two. The cause has been picked up by various other websites and forums (and is now being pushed on Sirius satelite radio to boot), so to say things are going well is an understatement.

But we can’t quit now! If you haven’t already mailed SpikeTV, DO IT. If you have more than one email account, SEND AN EMAIL FROM THEM ALL. And if you’ve got friends, harass them into sending as well.

Today I’m concentrating on getting other big MMA websites to fight with us. Hopefully over the next few days we’ll have the number of emails sent up from the hundreds and into the thousands!

(an oldie but a goodie: Clay Guida +Vodka + Breasts = Victory???)

UFC “loves” Arlovski
Here’s where the UFC denies that anything is wrong and that everything is great between them and Andrei Arlovski. On a related note, the UFC also says don’t mind those bruises, Andrei just ran into a door. Again. He’s so clumsy.

Okami disses Sylvia
Sylvia never gets any love, and now he’s being criticized by Yushin Okami for having no heart. Tim could say “Okami is boring”, but that’d be way too pot calling kettle black. And really, what else can Tim say about Okami? Well played, Yushin. Well played.

Kid Yamamoto’s cheating kicks ruled ‘Okay’
Even though those kicks Kid Yamamoto threw were totally illegal, his win was upheld because ‘they didn’t contribute to Rani Yahya’s loss’. Translation: Rani was losing one way or another anyways, so who cares?

Roxy Modafferi on Laura D’Auguste
Here’s an interview with Roxy Modafferi where she tries to draw Laura D’Auguste out of blissful marriage pseudo-retirement in order to extract revenge. I’d say Roxy should move on and start calling out Shayna Baszler, the only chick to ever finish Roxy off.

Tito Ortiz on Howard Stern
Tito’s back doing what he does best: not fighting. Here he tags along with his girlfriend to Howard Stern’s show and gets off a couple tame trash talk points at Dana White’s expense. Example: “Dana’s just like Don King except Don King is black.” Oooh very astute Tito! Don King IS black!

Mir wants to be on the next Ultimate Fighter
If the thought of Frank Mir and Tim Sylvia as coaches on TUF doesn’t terrify you, then you’ve been reading too much Kevin Iole.

Mark Hunt signs with HUSTLE
Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder what is up with the world when fighters like Mark Hunt end up having to pro wrestle for a living. Breaks my fucking heart.

Leben vs Sakara on the main card
Man, if you’d told me last year that Diego Sanchez was gonna be facing some unknown Swede on an undercard while Chris Leben would be on the televised portion of the card, I’d have told you to fuck off back to Liarland. But that’s what’s happening now.

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