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Care of our very informed buddies at TKO Extreme:

According to, tickets for the upcoming UFC 84 to be held in Montreal, will be available for sale starting Feb10th. This may be pre-sale which is available to UFC Fight Club members, and newsletter members only.

This would make sense as reported earlier, the UFC is to Host a Press Conference on Feb. 4 at the Bell Centre to confirm the date and venue.

Note that if the 10th is the UFC Fight Club date, the general release date is typically 4-5 days later. So if you’re planning on coming to UFC 84 in Montreal, you now know when to smash open your piggy banks.

On a side note, we’ve been relatively silent about the situation with the conference we plan on holding on the same weekend. We’ve been balls deep in logistics and are just finishing our general research. We should be ready to announce everything next week.

Let’s play good news / bad news. Good news: Evan Tanner is fighting in Montreal. Bad news: Evan Tanner is fighting Yushin Okami in Montreal. After watching all of Yushin’s fights in the UFC, we pretty much know what to expect from him: agressive wrestling, gradual damage over the course of three rounds, and maybe a few armlock attempts for good measure.

On the other hand, what the fuck are we to expect from Evan Tanner? According to Tanner, this is the first time he’s actually been training fulltime. Plus you can’t discount the fact that he’s off the sauce. On the other hand, who knows where his head is really at right now?

All of these question marks make me worry for Evan. The UFC seems to have decided they’ll throw Tanner into the deep end to see if he’ll swim. They certainly don’t need another so-so middleweight who can’t beat top competition, so it does make sense that they aren’t gonna waste time. Tanner also represents the best threat at middleweight for Okami past Hendo and Anderson. You know the UFC is freaking out at the prospect of Okami landing a belt – he must be stopped at all costs! So if that means putting Tanner to the test, then so be it. I just hope he’s up for it.

Okay, what’s the deal with sticking two guys in a small space, stripping them down to their underwear and then squirting them with water till they’re nice and moist? Let me tell you, there’s only two places this goes on: super gay Squeeze Night at the CockTale Castle, and super gay MMA promos.

It makes sense for the CockTale Castle, since they’re trying to be as gay as possible. That’s kinda their thing. I mean hey … even their name is an awesome ass sex double entendre. But I don’t really get why MMA is using the same tactics.

The ‘promo staredown’ used to be a fairly tasteful thing. It was part of a package that also included each fighter looking buff and sweaty. But somehow some genius decided to combine the staredown with the buff sweatyness, which just tipped the whole affair over the cliff of coolness into the chasm of cheeseball.

Jackal GonzoDamon posted this pick up in the forums from MMAWeekly. Note the fountain of blood squirting out of Stevenson’s head. No wonder everyone ate UFC80 up like the dogs they are … it satisfied all our primal urges. Knockouts, beatdowns, comebacks, bloodbaths. It had everything*.

*except for a quality fast paced war between two equally skilled opponents where fighters showed their skill and versatility on the ground and on the feet. And if any of you bastards say Kelly/Taylor I’ll reach through your computer screen and slap you in the face.

Out of all the things the IFL needed to change, I don’t think their logo was one of them. Or rather, if they wanted to change their logo then at least they could have made it look less cartoony. Now it just looks like an uglier version of the old one. Rebranding means taking something in a new direction, not redoing something in the same style. The goddamn thing still looks like it was designed by a teenager learning Adobe Illustrator.

Anyways, this is just the first of many changes apparently. The IFL will be holding a press conference on Wednesday to try and prove to everyone that they don’t suck anymore. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. You guys know me … I’m like a dumb chick who keeps on going back to the retard that beats her. I’ll never learn that the IFL keeps talking about changing, but never really does.

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