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(FHM did a photoshoot full of zesty ring girl cameltoe. Check it out)

Jeez, you’d hope the world would stop in it’s tracks when there’s a UFC to watch but apparently not so. Tons of shit went down today, and i’m not sure what I’ll include tommorow in longer posts or leave out. So just to be safe I’ll include most of everything, and if I write another post about whatever in here, that’s just more love to the readers.

Evan Tanner comes to Montreal
Awesome news: the Montreal dreamcard continues to get dreamier with the inclusion of everyone’s favorite inspirational fighter, Evan Tanner. Too bad he’s liable to get layed on for three rounds by his opponent, Yushin Okami.

Trinidad / Jones controversies
Oh boxing, you so cra-zee! First there’s drama at the weigh ins because Felix Trinidad is 2/10ths of a pound over the weight limit. And then there’s more gayness because Roy Jones wanted to use different colored boxing gloves than specified in the fight contract. SOMEHOW these things were resolved and the fight apparently happened. On a side note, Mariah Carey called and said she’s supposed to be the fucking bitch prima donna, not these guys.

K1 World Max on Feb 2nd
I hate the World Max shows because it’s usually a bunch of model-looking boys whackin at eachother while the Japanese girls squeal like rusty screen doors throughout the entire fucking event. But if you’re into that kind of thing, here’s the lineup.

Oscar wants a warm up
Oscar de la Hoya wants a tune up fight before setting up a match with Floyd Mayweather. The fight will happen on May 3rd “at either Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca or the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.” Well doesn’t the Home Depot center sound more exotic? Yeah that’s what I thought too. Why do shit in Mexico around May 3rd when you can do it at the HOME DEPOT CENTER, with it’s rich history and proud name. As for his opponent, none is named yet. Maybe he should challenge that stripper that released all those pics of him dressed like a girl.

UFC and TNA team up
Did I write about this already? I think I tried but it was too depressing. The UFC has reached an agreement with TNA for all sorts of promotional shit to showcase Brock Lesnar’s upcoming UFC fight. That means tons of ads, interviews, and Kurt Angle giving his opinion on the whole thing. Fortunately for Fightlinker, we won’t be sieged by the hordes of monkey pro wrestling fans googling Brock + UFC 82, since we only refer to him as Cock Chestnar.

UFC ‘in talks’ with Sakurai, Yamamoto, Gomi
Joe Rogan said that the UFC is in talks with the holy three of Jap MMA. I wonder if ‘in talks’ actually means they sent them an insulting contract that basically says “we look forward to having you fight in the preliminaries of a UFC card soon!” (that was a Gono reference).

Diego Sanchez is back at UFC82
Well, Montreal couldn’t get ALL the good fighters. Diego Sanchez is finally getting back into the Octagon at UFC 82 against Roan Carneiro, another victim of Jon Fitch. Since Fitch beat Carneiro worse than Diego, I’m siding with Diego on this one. I call that ‘the Fitch equation’.

Frank Shamrock now says he’ll fight Ken in 2009
Well looks like the goofy clock Frank set up is completely wrong. He just said he’s looking to fight Ken sometime in early 2009. I think the brothers are delaying this in hopes that their adoptive dad dies before having to see this heartbreaking affair take place.

Rich Cockface Clementi vs Sam Stout in Montreal
Ding ding ding another wicked match for Montreal! Hail Satan! Getting to see Sam Stout pound the shit out of Rich Clementi might make me so happy my brain will break and goo will come out of my ears.

Brandon Melendez asks out of UFC contract
Yeah, i don’t remember who he is either. Apparently he was on TUF 5

Kevin Iole is an idiot
I get the feeling that Kevin Iole saw the first 2 minutes of the Paul Kelly / Paul Taylor fight then went to take a massive dump or something. Because he’s calling it ‘Fight of the Night’ somehow. I already know that he’s often factually incorrect and his general knowledge is piss poor. But come on now. Kelly/Paul was fight of the night only if it took place in Reverse Land, where everything you say means the exact opposite. And in Reverse Land I could also say “Kevin Iole is the best MMA journalist in the world”.

Goulet vs Hironaka at UFC84
I guess they had to put Jonathan Goulet up against someone. Hey, this Hironaka guy isn’t doing much but could put up a fight. Lets use him!

Kim Couture to fight in smoker Feb 23rd
I hope her opponent punches her in the face once for every day since she convinced Randy to ‘be a man and stop taking shit from the UFC’. I really hope she’s as delusional about her MMA skills as she is about how much Randy was making.

UFC80 videos
MMA Fever’s posting them up, doubt they’ll last very long before they’re taken down again.

It’s 1:30AM so I make no promises as to the spelling in this post. Goodnight!


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If I wasn’t already giddy enough about BJ Penn winning the lightweight belt, he made my night by telling Sean Sherk “You’re dead” over the house mic. Sherk got his purple velvet shirt all in a ruffle over that and came in to say “Duurrr that’s not very nice!” And everyone booed. They gloriously boo’d.

It’s funny because I doubt they booed him because of the steroids … personally I booed him because he was coming in and raining on BJ Penn’s parade. BJ Penn just made UFC history by becoming only the second man to win titles in two divisions and the first thing I hear on the PPV is fuckwad Sean Sherk flapping his fag face about how he wouldn’t go down so easily. Eat shit you bastard.

And then he comes on the ring and gets on the mic like people want to hear what he has to say. What did he expect to happen? Everyone cheered Penn on like he was the second coming of Jesus Christ (and hey, he’s finally starting to live up to that hype!). Having Steroid Sean come in and blab on the mic is like pulling your cock out at an open casket funeral. It’s just not the time. Well, not in front of everyone at least.

Yep, it’s all over for those of us who remembered that this event was happening at 3pm and not 10pm. If you happened to miss this, then what the hell is wrong with you??? It was freaking awesomeness to the 10th degree. It packs more punch than Jorge Rivera and Wilson Gouveia combined!

Download the show here, or check it out in our new and improved streaming applet to your right. iTunes hates us so expect that to show up on like Monday.

Okay peeps, here’s the winners:

UberTwat got the most right and came in first place with 13 points.

Then there was a tie for second place between Murph1313 and Jackal Matt. They both got 11 points. So to tiebreak it we gave the win to whoever got the most perfect fights (called winner, round, and sub type). That was Jackal Matt with 3.

I’ll be flimming the winners tommorow morning with details on how you claim your BetUS $100 credit!

Thanks to everyone who participated, we got a great response. Hopefully we’ll be able to do all this stuff a lot more in the future, because I know everyone loves to get free shit!

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