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With the UFC sitting back and saying “We have to abide by what the sanctioning bodies tell us”, I figured we’d never end up seeing random drug testing of MMA fighters outside of the standard pre and post fight stuff. But now it looks like Nevada has taken the lead on this issue and is about to put the fucking smack down on any juicer who plans on fighting in Vegas:

Random testing throughout the year will further deter any fighters considering taking non-approved substances,” said Executive Director Kizer. “The additional testing, which will be paid for by the Commission, will help us keep the sport of unarmed combat safe and fair for all fighters.”

Selection of licensees for testing will be made in one of three ways:
1. Fighters may be randomly chosen for testing.
2. If there is some indication that a fighter is taking a non-approved substance, they may be tested.
3. If a fighter has previously tested positive for using a non-approved substance, they may be tested.

Oh fucking god yes. For those of you unfamiliar with how steroids work, here’s an ultra simplified explanation: all steroids have a half-life, which is to say a point where the steroid can no longer be detected by testing. Most fighters just juice up till that point before a fight so that by the time they get tested, they seem clean. Basically, up until this point the only people getting caught using steroids are the ones who are pretty damned stupid.

Random drug testing on the other hand is going to catch a big fuckload of fighters. Of course, I’m wondering how the tests will be carried out. Is someone from the NSAC going to be flying all over the world testing fighters for upcoming events? Are they simply going to be demanding piss and blood be FedEx’d to them? There’s still the possibility of loopholes that fighters will be able to exploit to avoid getting caught. But overall I’m fucking hyped about this. The last thing I want is the MMA turning into the Tour de France.

(funny side note: I typed ‘steroid user’ into google to find a good title picture for this post and Sean Sherk’s picture came up on the first page of results. I saw that as a sign.)

(above: Tanner’s mugshot photo for

Even though it smells like poo, I guess I’m okay with letting Ohio siphon off some of the AWESOME from the Montreal UFC for their own. Evan Tanner vs Yushin Okami has finally been officially announced, but for UFC82 in Columbus rather than Montreal as reported earlier.

Typically I just read MMAJunkie’s headlines and don’t bother much with a lot of the writing inside because it’s blah blah facts blah recap blah blah responsible journalism blah I already know this shit. But I’m glad I checked it out this time because tucked in there was a note about the UFC being “extremely pissed” that anyone knew about the Tanner-Okami fight before they announced it.

I suppose we all knew things would start to get like this : Dana White already hates us web news sites. After all, we’re just parasites trying to suck at his majestic teats, right? So I guess now he’s figuring if he can’t steal these sites’ web addresses through questionable legal wrangling anymore, perhaps he can kill their ability to report the news by CONTROLLING THE NEWS. You know, there was another group that tried to control the news. They were called Nazis. Or neo-conservatives. Hmm. Well I’m pretty sure they both did it. And they’re both evil.

(Jarry Park brought back Arianny Celeste for another interview. Proving that MMA fans are complete morons, the first Arianny interview was the most listened to interview in the site’s history.)

Oh it’s the weekend, which means we got a little bit of fight action tonight. It was nice to lay back on the couch and veg while watching the ShoXC event … it was pretty damned good from start to finish. Both Paul Daley and Eddie Alvarez layed the smack down, and so did Kala Kolohe (although it’d be a shame if they stuck him against Robbie Lawler like they keep trying to … dude’s just not ready). Past that here’s what else went on today that was too damn boring to bother covering in full:

UFC shooting for June Network deal
When the UFC says they’re working to try and land a network deal for their June UFC UK event, you gotta take that with a grain of salt. After all, the UFC’s original plan when they first hit the UK was to show all those events on HBO. And that worked out just great, didn’t it?

Boxing can still pull numbers
Jones vs Trinidad proves that boxing can still pull some decent PPV numbers without the name De La Hoya on the poster. The show, which was widely panned by many as being several years too late, pulled an estimated 500k PPV buys.

Patrick Cote is dumb
That fucker pissed me off after beating McFedries by making the belt motion across his chest like he’s even earned a permanent spot on the UFC’s roster or some shit. Now he’s talking about wanting a crack at Anderson Silva. Talk about trying to run before being able to walk.

Randy Couture to star in another stinker
As if the prospect of stinking it up in The Scorpion King 2 wasn’t enough, Randy Couture will also be featured in a movie based on the uber-lame comic book character Mandrake the Magician.

Ricco Rodriguez shit talks Kimbo
It’s ironic that all the shit talking Ricco does about Kimbo not being worth fighting only makes it more likely that Ricco will be the next guy Kimbo faces. Perhaps that’s the whole point behind Ricco doing the shit talking. Or maybe he’s just a big dumb coke head. Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Smackgirl stuff
Smackgirl’s got a new website and an event coming up in the middle of February. Roxanne Modafferi says she might be fighting in the middle of February. Hopefully these two facts are connected.

Captain Obvious: Hughes wants Serra
Wow, big surprise here. Matt Hughes wants a shot at Serrra once GSP is done with him. Big question is if there will be enough of Matt Serra left after St Pierre destroys him.

The IFL pays better than the UFC
Oh, ain’t it great when a rinky-dink promotion like the IFL is paying fighters more than the UFC? And don’t tell me that’s why the IFL is losing money. The IFL is losing money because they’re retards.

Kim Couture talks smoker, how she met Randy
Goddamn I hate Kim Couture, she’s the Yoko Ono of mixed martial arts. That is all.

Oh yeah, the Sylvia-Nog fight
Dave Meltzer points out that there’s apparently going to be another fight at UFC81 for the interim heavyweight belt. First I’ve heard of it.

The whole Bob Sapp
Here’s a good interview covering the history of Bob Sapp for those of you who give a shit.

The MMA Ninja knows what’s up. He’s also aptly named. In the short time (aka a week) since I’ve known him, he’s already tried to bamboozle an interview with Fedor for us (Fightlinker had his hotel phone number while he was in America and the Ninja speaks Russian) and offered to help make our site log people out less often. Awesome! But beyond that, the guy’s got a great blog that covers shit that other people don’t. I definitely recommend you guys bookmark his page and visit it often.

Latest in a line of good items is the Ninja’s translation of a recent interview with Fedor. While Fedor is about as exciting as watching paint dry in most US interviews, he really seems to open up for Russian interviewers, talking about getting remarried, his family and his new baby daughter. That makes two daughters apparently … Fedor cannot have sons because then there would be two ultimate fighting machines on the earth and the universe would implode from the mighty force.

Looks like Affliction is paying the price for setting up that whole Randy / Fedor date last week. The big report is that the UFC has banned Affliction from sponsoring fighters because Affliction now represents ‘competition’. This is all one big rumor at the moment but if you ask me the proof is in the pudding (whatever the fuck that means): No fighters at UFC80 were wearing those god awful shirts.

Now if the UFC existed in a bubble, I’d be down with them banning Affliction shirts. They’re tacky as hell and are only useful to be able to easily identify meatheads at a distance. However, the UFC doesn’t live inside a bubble, so I have to say that banning a huge clothing company that’s basically developing a fashion trend through the UFC (albeit a horrible one) IS A TERRIBLE FUCKING IDEA.

Honestly, Affliction and UFC have become pretty much synonymous : people see Affliction shirts and they think UFC. People watch UFC and they expect to see Affliction shirts. And this isn’t a bad thing for the UFC : tons of celebrities and sports stars have shitty taste, and a day doesn’t pass where there aren’t pictures taken of stars sporting a GSP or XTreme Couture shirt.

Of course, herein lies the issue: Dana White doesn’t like how Affliction is in bed with Randy, and you better believe the whole Randy / Fedor Affliction adverts probably pushed poor Dana over the edge. So now Dana has decided he don’t need no stinking Affliction. And hey, maybe he doesn’t.

Again, I’m not gonna complain as a fan because those shirts were like war crimes against my eyes. But you already saw that horrific velvet shirt Sean Sherk wore at UFC80. These bastards are gonna be dressing like fugs regardless of the ban. So putting our hatred of Affliction aside, ask yourself: how smart is it to run one of the biggest clothing sponsors out of your company?

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