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(the Bodog tramps in all their classy glory. Bodog returns Feb 1st inVegas)

Okay peeps sorry it’s late but as Jake mentioned I spent last night at the hospital getting anally probed by some teenager that claimed she was a doctor. Without further ado:

ProElite stock drops 60%
I’ve been hearing shit about some big stock drop going on everywhere. I suppose the first stock to get dumped when the shit hits the fan is bullshit stock like ProElite.

Clay Guida vs Sammy Schiavo at UFN13
Looks like Clay Guida is getting a gimme opponent in the form of Sammy Schiavo. Insert joke here about whether the government will interfere with taking Schiavo off life support after Guida destroys him.

Rousimar Palhares to the UFC
The UFC continues to try and shore up it’s middleweight division, adding Brazilian Top Team guy Rousimar Palhares. Apparently, Palhares didn’t just beat some solid opponents, he burned through em.

Kurt Angle says Brock is mentally weak
I’m not usually one to report on shit that pro wrestlers say because you never know what’s true and what’s ‘part of the show’. I don’t even think a lot of these guys know themselves. But Angle was on some show and basically said that Brock Lesnar would do well, unless the going got tough because he can’t hack it under pressure.

Nick Thompson on Bodog and Brock
You can add Thompson to the list of guys who are sick of the way BodogFight is running it’s shit. He’ll be a free agent in February, and he talks about the pros and cons of several promotions, as well as his experience getting beaten up by Brock Lesnar.

Chuck wants Jardine
Chuck Liddell is telling people his next fight will ‘probably be in the summer’ and he’s gunning for a rematch against Keith Jardine. Fortunately, I don’t think the UFC is gonna let that fight happen. It’s just not big-money enough yet … if Chuck and Keith each win another fight or two then let them duke it out for #1 contender. Otherwise it’s just another rematch no one wants to see.

Julie Kedzie: the backup for the face of women’s mma
With the Gina Carano situation looking a bit sour, I’m sure EliteXC is glad they have a few extra girls in the wings who don’t look too shabby. Julie Kedzie looks pretty rough in the ring but she’s a cutie during the weigh-ins. Since this seems to be all EliteXC cares about, I’m sure she’ll be getting a big push if she wins this Friday at ShoXC

K1 MMA show returns in March
March will be when we get to see if Zombie Pride and HERO’s have merged for real, as K1 is putting on another MMA show. The event will feature Gesias Calvancante vs Shinya Aoki, Sergei Kharitonov vs Jeff Monson, Denis Kang, Zelg Galesic, and Marcelo Garcia. As with all Japanese cards, this card could change completely. Wonder if they’ll stick the Misaki / Akiyama rematch on this or save it for a bigger show in Korea?

Josh Neer is back in the UFC
Hindsight is 20/20. When a dude loses to some new guy, it’s easy to say the dude sucks. Then you realize the new guy is a contender, and then you regret ditching the dude who lost to them over it. Such is the case of Josh Neer, who was dropped from the UFC after losing back to back matches against Josh Burkman and Nick Diaz. I’m looking forward to seeing him again – and he better be sharp because they’re putting him against Din Thomas at UFN13 (fuck that card is stacked).

The payouts are out for Ultimate Fight Night, and normally, I would be breathing fire about how everyone is still getting paid shit. Of course, perhaps I’m still bitter over the fact that I didn’t get laid, but really, is there anyone else who wasn’t a bit disappointed? Maybe I’m fucking spoiled; I don’t know. I can’t remember the last time I dies of boredom watching a Fight Night. Fighters are usually so hungry for a shot at a real card, they normally stop caring about their own well being and fight like wild beasts.

I blame the main event, personally. I’ve never been impressed by Burkman, but Swick has always been a contender. Watching him struggle with a guy that normally gasses in the second round made me quickly lose hope of salvaging my night.

Diaz, Cote, and Pellegrina all came off looking pretty good in terms of salaries, and for what it’s worth, they definitely deserved it. I’m not on the Diaz bandwagon, but I can appreciate a good fucking triangle choke when I see one, and Pellegrino is going to need at least a few grand to stitch up that fucking nasty gash in his face. Still, I find it relatively too bad that McFedries only made out with 10 grand. I don’t even think that covers basic funeral costs. You would think that the UFC could hand that poor bastard a bone, but apparently, that’s not how they roll.

You gotta love how candid we are sometimes here at fightlinker. As most of you know, Ryan’s anatomy has been playing pretty mean tricks on him. As it turns out, his piss poor diet of “no veggies here” came back to haunt him. Last night, in complete agony, he crawl his way to the doctors so they might piece together what remained of his anus. After waiting three hours, a hot 24 year old doctor put her slender finger up inside him, wrote him a note for an obscure drug, and sent him on his way. Oh the romance of our Health Care system…

With that said, he’s feeling a little under the weather. Luckily, we aren’t at a total loss for content. I’ll be trying to fill his big stinky shoes today and throw the occasional article your way. For those of you wanting a good laugh, don’t forget to go listen to Wednesday’s radio show. Also, today is new comic day, featuring your two favorite MMA commentators. Go check them out, bitches!

The thing that pisses me off about the Diaz brothers is they’re always feeling like they’re being cheated. “Oh, I’m not getting this and that because I’m not a pretty boy and I don’t cut my hair like a moron.” “Oh, I’m so fucking persecuted, everyone’s out to get me.” Blah blah blah blah blah.

Latest in the long line of indignities suffered by the Diaz brothers is Nate being passed over for the big fights. Nate specifically wonders why Joe Lauzon is getting a shot at Kenny Florian when Nate was the one who won TUF.

Lauzon vs Florian is already something of a WTF booking, but Joe Lauzon’s still getting good mileage because of his knockout of Jens Pulver. Nate on the other hand will continue to be looked at as the guy who only won The Ultimate Fighter because Manny’s got a bum shoulder.

There’s no denying the potential Nate has, but throwing him up against Kenny Florian or Tyson Griffin now would be more of a disservice than continuing to line him up against mid-level lightweights. Put him in the ring with one or two more guys who either have the ground game to give him trouble or some striking to test his chin. Let him develop a bit more as an all around fighter. Then you can stack him against the best in the division and see if he washes out like his big brother did.

I like Corey Hill. Anyone willing to lie his way onto The Ultimate Fighter is okay by me. That’s exactly what I would do to get on the show … of course, I’m not 6’4 and 155 pounds. But maybe I could stack my Sherdog fight finder record with wins over imaginary people like Trip Shatfires.

Anyways, there’s a pretty damn deep interview with Corey over at I gotta give these guys props because for a general men’s magazine they don’t treat MMA with a half-assed ‘it’s hot so lets get some guy who’s seen a PPV or two over to cover it’ attitude like most other people do. This interview is 5 pages long and covers pretty much everything on Corey’s time with the UFC.

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