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Jesus. The last time I heard anyone seriously talk about pit fighting, it was 1992 and it was in reference to that shitty Atari game. Okay, so it was only shitty because it rendered me an arcade junkie who’d root through his mom’s purse for stray quarters. Anything to get my fix.

But now Bob Meyrowitz (who could possibly still think it’s the 90’s himself) has teamed up with Live Nation and is bringing back the term for his new MMA promotion: YAMMA Pit Fighting. He’s also trying to bring back tournaments, ‘legend superfights’, and something regarding a new kind of fighting surface that promises to ‘revolutionize’ the sport.

Of course, what do you expect from a guy who brought us ‘the cage’ and almost added a moat full of alligators and barbed wire to MMA?

According to Josh Burkman’s myspace page, not only did he feel like he won the fight but that it was Mike Swick’s fault that it was boring. Take a look at his latest myspace bulletin:

First I wanna thank you guys for your support, I got alot of great messages and tons of support. Thank you!
I’m not gonna look back on the fight and be upset about the decision because there is nothing that I can do about it. I could have done more and I Will learn from it.

Thoughts on the fight… I was ready for a war and so was Swick. I saw it in his eyes at the press conference, weigh-ins and the stare-down I thought it would be a war!.. But when the fight started Swick realized he was not the better fighter… he was in there with a better fighter than he prepared for. Half way through the first round that look he had was gone and he wanted out!… He wasn’t in there to fight after the first round, i took it from him and we both know it… He’s still trying to figure out what happened, but sometimes you forget things when you’re scared!…

After the first he knew I was there to fight and He wanted no part of it!… When I would get ahold of him he would just hold on cause he felt safe there… I probably should have backed of the takedowns and clinch but I felt i was in control of the fight and that it was obvious. 2 criteria’s for judging are aggressiveness and octogon control… When did you start getting as point for good defense!… I stood in the center most of the second round just to prove a point… Maybe it would have been better recieved if i would have called him on, but that’s not my style… I felt if he didn’t want to fight I could atleast throw some kicks and some other crazy stuff to show I was there to fight or maybe it would get him to engage… I guess I was wrong.
I apologize for a boring fight, I learned alot from it and I will be back better and smarter as a fighter.
“People’s Warrior”

Here’s the deal: the fight sucked because Josh Burkman is one dimensional and the only iota of success he had against Swick was when pushing him up against the cage working for a takedown. While you can blame Swick for all the boring times when they were circling eachother, Burkman gets just as much blame for all that cage-hugging shit. Burkman called it ‘aggressiveness and octogon control’. I call it terrible boring bullshit. This isn’t the Ultimate Hugging Championships, no matter how much JBURK and Timmy Sylvia might wish it was.

You know, I will meet him halfway though: I think he deserved the judge’s decision, just barely though. But considering he was given a gift decision against Forrest Petz, I’ll let this one slide. Karma’s a bitch, JBURK.

It’s new hotness vs old and busted: the UFC is putting their new Brazilian acquisition Rousimar Palhares against Ivan Salaverry in May. You may remember Ivan Salaverry as the guy who doesn’t seem to give a shit about fighting in the UFC. You also may remember Ivan Salaverry as the guy who got trounced by Terry Martin in 2 minutes the last time he fought.

Honestly, I have no idea why this guy is even getting thrown a booking. There’s about several thousand more deserving guys out there who are young and hungry who would strangle their mothers to death with fishing wire for a chance to fight in the dark matches. But instead we’ve got cranky old Ivan stepping up once again. Blows my mind.

Minus a title fight, UFC Fight Night is now looking better than most PPV events! The show has been shaping up more and more as time went on, until now it includes 8 killer bouts between solid competition. I have to hand it to the UFC, they’re definately making it worth my while to sit through endless Castrol and Rambo commercials. Check out the card thus far:

      * Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon
* Stephan Bonnar vs. Matt Hamill
* Thiago Alves vs. Karo Parisyan
* Houston Alexander vs. James Irvin
* Marcus Aurelio vs. Spencer Fisher
* Josh Neer vs. Din Thomas
* Clay Guida vs. Samy Schiavo
* Anthony Johnson vs. Tommy Speer

As an added bonus, the event will mark the first time that an Ultimate Fight Night has ditched the standard “shitty venue full of morons attached to a casino” and moved their show somewhere bigger, better, stronger: Colorado. Yeah, it’s still nowhere near the east coast and us fans who live in the North East area of North America are still generally getting the shaft, but it’s a step in the right direction. The more new places the UFC visits, the better. And I’ll be eternally gratefull if I never have to see another event from a Hard Rock venue with a capacity of around 1000.

I dunno about this Ricardo Almeida guy who’s fighting Alan Belcher at UFC81. One of the ringers the UFC has brought in to try and fix their middleweight division, Almeida is best known for ditching MMA in 2004 to concentrate on his family life and jiu jitsu school. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t expect me to not question your heart or your head when you come back. Here’s a couple quotes from a article on Almeida that makes me think he’s not all there:

“Because you may not be training 24/7, but when you have a match two months from now and you’re gonna get in front of the entire world and get punched in the face, it tends to dominate your consciousness, and you don’t really think too much about anything else. And that’s really what I was walking away from.”

“I had a hard time dealing with the spotlight aspect of it. Fighting and competing was something I had been doing since I was 15 years old, but just the magnitude of it – the lights and the interviews and the expectations and the things happening behind the scenes – was definitely a little bit too much. So I decided to go to Japan to fight to be away from the spotlight. When you’re here in America, everyone’s calling ‘can I get tickets, can I get this, I’m coming to see you, could you get me in?’ And when you’re in Japan, there’s just no one around, so it ends being a little bit smoother and you don’t have to think about these things.”

“Just knowing that you’ve got a fight coming up and that you’re gonna be on the world stage forces you to eat better, sleep better, train harder and pay a lot more attention to everything that’s happening around you. That’s really what I missed, and just getting out there and competing. I love stepping out there, I really do.”

Man, this guy is gonna get eaten alive in the UFC.

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