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You gotta love how candid we are sometimes here at fightlinker. As most of you know, Ryan’s anatomy has been playing pretty mean tricks on him. As it turns out, his piss poor diet of “no veggies here” came back to haunt him. Last night, in complete agony, he crawl his way to the doctors so they might piece together what remained of his anus. After waiting three hours, a hot 24 year old doctor put her slender finger up inside him, wrote him a note for an obscure drug, and sent him on his way. Oh the romance of our Health Care system…

With that said, he’s feeling a little under the weather. Luckily, we aren’t at a total loss for content. I’ll be trying to fill his big stinky shoes today and throw the occasional article your way. For those of you wanting a good laugh, don’t forget to go listen to Wednesday’s radio show. Also, today is new comic day, featuring your two favorite MMA commentators. Go check them out, bitches!

The thing that pisses me off about the Diaz brothers is they’re always feeling like they’re being cheated. “Oh, I’m not getting this and that because I’m not a pretty boy and I don’t cut my hair like a moron.” “Oh, I’m so fucking persecuted, everyone’s out to get me.” Blah blah blah blah blah.

Latest in the long line of indignities suffered by the Diaz brothers is Nate being passed over for the big fights. Nate specifically wonders why Joe Lauzon is getting a shot at Kenny Florian when Nate was the one who won TUF.

Lauzon vs Florian is already something of a WTF booking, but Joe Lauzon’s still getting good mileage because of his knockout of Jens Pulver. Nate on the other hand will continue to be looked at as the guy who only won The Ultimate Fighter because Manny’s got a bum shoulder.

There’s no denying the potential Nate has, but throwing him up against Kenny Florian or Tyson Griffin now would be more of a disservice than continuing to line him up against mid-level lightweights. Put him in the ring with one or two more guys who either have the ground game to give him trouble or some striking to test his chin. Let him develop a bit more as an all around fighter. Then you can stack him against the best in the division and see if he washes out like his big brother did.

I like Corey Hill. Anyone willing to lie his way onto The Ultimate Fighter is okay by me. That’s exactly what I would do to get on the show … of course, I’m not 6’4 and 155 pounds. But maybe I could stack my Sherdog fight finder record with wins over imaginary people like Trip Shatfires.

Anyways, there’s a pretty damn deep interview with Corey over at I gotta give these guys props because for a general men’s magazine they don’t treat MMA with a half-assed ‘it’s hot so lets get some guy who’s seen a PPV or two over to cover it’ attitude like most other people do. This interview is 5 pages long and covers pretty much everything on Corey’s time with the UFC.

Before today, I’d have stuck to the above statement: James Thompson IS entertaining. But only in a ring or cage, because he tends to do stupid things that end with him either winning or losing in spectacular fashion. He trademarked a particular style which became known as ‘GONG AND DASH’, where he’d just tackle the guy and swing for the fences.

Of course, that resulted in him losing a whole bunch of fights he probably should have won. I attributed his retarded style to … well, retardation. He’s got a look in his eyes sometimes like he belongs in remedial elementary school, not a ring. But it turns out that he just wasn’t very well trained, and he’s the first person to admit it. In fact, he’s the first person to admit a whole bunch of funny shit about himself. And if there’s one thing you can do to get in the good graces of the boys at Fightlinker, it’s to not take yourself too seriously.

Check out this interview with James Thompson where he goes over why he used to Gong and Dash, how he used to fight gypsies across the UK, and his opinion on father’s rights in the UK. It’s a surprisingly good article with lots of laughs. I am now officially a fan of James Thompson the man, not just James Thompson’s spectacular wins and losses like before.

Last night, the Swick/Burkman snoozefest went to a decision, and something seemed a bit odd about the scorecards: 29-28, 29-28, 29-29 in favor of Mike Swick. In other words, two judges gave it to Mike and one called it a draw.

A draw??? Here I was thinking the 10-point must system didn’t allow for tie rounds, but it turns out judges CAN score 10-10 rounds. They just rarely do.

I’m not going to say I disagree with the call … in fact, if there was ever a fight that deserved to be called a tie, then it was Swick vs Burkman. I’m just still in shock at the realization that for the past several years of my life I had no idea what the actual rules regarding this were.

I’m torn, though. On one hand, a lot of rounds in MMA truly do deserve to be called ties, but it opens a huge can of worms: no one wants to see a tie. And if all of a sudden the judging at UFC Fight Night reminds other judges they can just pass the buck and declare a tie on close fights, I have a feeling we’re gonna see a lot more.

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