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Everyone has been going on about the new and improved BJ Penn, but usually when people rage about the new it’s because the old just wasn’t up to snuff. This isn’t exactly a fair assessment for BJ Penn, who’s only lost four times in his career to top tier talent. It’s not like the old BJ Penn was ‘bad’ … I guess it’s just when people have been hailing you as the Jesus Christ of MMA, there’s certain expectations to live up to. And if since 2001 you haven’t exactly set the world on fire by holding and defending a major title … yeah, you get the point.

The general excuse people give for BJ Penn is that he’s a lazy motherfucker, but I prefer to say that he’s just made a lot of dumb mistakes. Ditching the UFC welterweight title after winning it? Dumb mistake. Refusing to fight at a more sensical 155 when he returned to the UFC? Dumb mistake. Not spending 6 months explaining to people that he didn’t gas during his last Matt Hughes fight? Dumb mistake.

So now people think he’s a lazy motherfucker, instead of just thinking he’s dumb. Which is too bad, because I’d rather people thought I had something wrong with my head than my heart. Regardless, in both scenarios there is a need for a ‘new’ BJ Penn. People keep asking if he’s been working hard at the gym when daily videos from and 1001 pictures show that he has been. Too bad no one has bothered to ask if he’s going to stop making stupid mistakes.

Okay, I’ve done a bit of responsible journalism and investigated the situation with the UFC UK event in March. It turns out that it was never the plan to hold an event in London on March 8th. The original plan was to hold a UK event in Liverpool sometime in March, but the arena they were looking to use wasn’t ready. Since then the plan has been a big April show in Manchester.

So long story short, the UK event isn’t turning into a US show, it’s just changing dates. I hope all you other MMA news sites appreciate all the effort it took writing six people who know what they’re talking about to ask them wassup.

If you were wondering what the circumstances behind the canceled WCO show were from the mouth of the WCO themselves, go check out this link. It’s an interesting read, but of course who knows if they’re telling the truth or not? The first half comes out sounding pretty reasonable, but then everything hits conspiracy land:

Now this is where things get interesting. One week out from the show Bellochi received an email from Zuffa lawyers informing him that they plan to sue him and shut his show down for using the name “World Cagefighting Organization”, stating it too closely resembled WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting). “They felt that the public would think it was a WEC show so our lawyers had to go back and forth and it came down to that we didn’t have to change the name but that was still only three days before the fight.”

Why did they include that bit of information in their story about the CSAC shutting them down? Because of this chaser statement:

With that behind him, Bellochi then received a text message from an agent who shall remain nameless telling him that: “The UFC doesn’t want this show happening Bruce, don’t be surprised if something happens and be ready for bumps in the road.”

The whole thing is sketch through and through, so I’ll just let you guys make up your minds as to what to think about that. I buy the idea that the Zuffa threatened to sue over the name World Cagefighting Organization, which is pretty creepy because it means they’re probably ready and willing to sue anyone with the words “Fighting Championship” in their names too. Or if you use an octagon. Or if you say “ultimate fighting” ever. Possibly even if you just think it. These Zuffa laywers are fucking serious!

BloodyElbow has some interesting quotes which they say are coming from the mouth of typically vanilla Jon Fitch. I can buy the idea that Jon is finally starting to open up and let his gums flap a bit to generate some buzz and popularity. But am I really to believe that Fitch is sincerely saying this:

I like to steal the phrase at the end of every cheppell show, Im rich, bitch!!! and change it to Im Fitch, Bitch!!!!


its all about my training through osmosis theory. if you want to lose weight hang out with skinny people. If you want to gain weight hang out with fat people. if you hurt your ribs, eat ribs. hurt your foot, eat pigs feet. want to be taller, fuck tall bitches.

Who knew the UFC had another Quinton Jackson hidden in the form of Jon Fitch? Of course, Rampage just says shit because he’s Rampage, and Fitch just says shit to try and prove he’s not boring. I mean really … who the hell does that???????

For all the controversy swirling around the Misaki / Akiyama kick from Yarennoka, another instance of illegal strikes finishing the fight has been completely swept under the rug. Fighting on the K1 Dynamite card, Rani Yahya was kicked in the face on his hands and knees by Kid Yamamoto, ending the fight. At the time I just assumed that only Yarennoka banned kicks to a downed opponent. But here’s Rani telling us what the score is:

Denis: The outcome of that fight was controversial because fans weren’t certain if soccer kicks were allowed. So are they or not?
Yahya: They weren’t. He waited until the referee raised his arm, announcing he was the winner, and then he left the ring quickly to not be disqualified.

Yahya goes on to say he doesn’t really care if the contest is overturned or not (it won’t be), but I still think it’s bullshit. When you go into a cage understanding there’s certain rules in place, they change the way you fight and the way you respond to different situations. If kicks to a grounded opponent are illegal, you don’t protect yourself on the ground the same way you would if they were. Rani essentially left his head wide open for a foot to the face because he trusted Kid Yamamoto not to be a fucking spazz.

Bonus: Mystery Fightlinker Theatre 3000 : Rani Yahya vs Kid Yamamoto

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