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Just a reminder for everyone to hit up the forums and put in your picks for who’s gonna win at UFC80. The two persons with the best predictions will win a $100 credit with BetUS!

As mentioned, the rules are simple. Put the guy who you think will win, what round they’ll win in, and how they’ll win. You can win up to three ‘points’ per fight based on how many of those you get correct.

So get to it! Go to the forums and post your predictions.

So it’s time for the first weekly progress report in my mission to fight at Middleweight. Let’s cut to the chase because we got a UFC happening in two hours: I started getting back into shape a few months ago … I was 230 pounds (and I stand 5’10).

Yesterday I weighed in at 213.4 pounds. So that’s over 15 pounds, not too shabby but I can do better in the next two month period. The current regiment is Mon-Wed-Fri I do 1 hour of weights and 1 hour of cardio. Tues-Thurs I do two hours ‘vale tudo’ at Tristar. Now it’s time to kick things up a notch.

The new plan is to add another hour of cardio in the afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday to compensate for private training sessions I’ll be adding on Wednesday and Friday nights. Another goal is to get some extra cardio in during the mornings, but at the moment things are so busy between my day job and the site that it’s not really possible. I need rest more than I need more cardio time right now. Hopefully in a few weeks that will change.

The only ‘real’ different between before and now in excercise is the extra nights of private training … past that I’m just shuffling the other stuff around. The big thing that’s changing now is the diet. While I’ve done a good job of cutting out a lot of the bullshit I used to do, like eating a whole box of cookies or bag of chips or tub o’ jujubes, it’s time to take things to the next level.

It’s time to stop just ‘avoiding junk’ and time to start eating at a whole new level. I’d love to hear what your guys advice is for healthy meals and snacks and all that shit. Right now my regular diet routine consists of

  • 9:00 Vector or All Bran
  • 11:00 banana
  • 12:00 workout
  • 1:00 Myoplex shake
  • 4:00 Peanut butter sandwich on 12 grain
  • 5:30 workout
  • 7:30 Either chicken breast or extra lean ground beef, cooked on one of those George Forman grills

Obviously there’s tons of food groups missing there and I really need to level shit out. I plan on picking up a Greens+ type supplement so i can get the veggies in that I need, as well as start taking multi-vitamins since the variety of my foods is now gone and I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible.

This is a learning experience for me so I’d love to hear what you guys have to say regarding diet, nutrition, supplements, etc.

Till next week.

(Daily hot chick: Mickey’s Spokesmodel Anne Rivera.)

Welcome to another day of Daily Wrapup. Day 2 to be specific. Lets get this shit on the road because i’m approaching 36 hours with no sleep and the voices in my head are demanding I do bad things. So before I start taking their advice, lets wrap today up!

Demian Maia vs Ed Herman @ UFC83
They’ve been added to the mystery moving date card. Back at UFC77, I gave Ryan Jensen a high five on his way into the Octagon (I was on my way back from the bathroom – I didn’t wash my hands). Jensen then went on to get handled by Demian Maia. The reason I’m talking about Jenson instead of Maia is because I don’t know much about Maia. Ed Herman we all know: just another perpetual middle of the pack fighter in the UFC’s middleweight division. In this fight Herman plays the role of the gatekeeper. Let’s see if Maia’s got a slick enough ground game to get past him.

Gary Shaw flaps his gums
Pretty much the only time anyone pays attention to what Gary Shaw says is when he disses the UFC. We pay attention not because Gary’s words are worthwhile, but because we know they’re secretly doing their job of pissing Dana White off. Yesterday Gary said that so long as the UFC doesn’t field it’s champs against his they’re not ‘world’ champions, just ‘club’ champions. It’s a smart play by Shaw, and who knows … if he actually manages to wrangle up some decent opponents to showcase his champions maybe the fans will take up the call. And maybe pigs will fly outta my ass.

Felix Trinidad vs Roy Jones Jr
Yep, it’s this weekend. Everyone and their dog seems to be giving this one to Roy Jones Jr. Pretty much the only thing anyone gives to Trinidad as an advantage is his heart, so I guess we’ll see if he pulls out the stops and manages an upset. It’s too bad this fight didn’t happen 5 years ago when it was relevant. Hmmm, sounds like another big fight that just happened….

Tito survives another week of Celebrity Apprentice
Last night Tito got his chance to head his team, and apparently everything was pretty fucked up. If it wasn’t for one of the washed up Baldwin brothers, things would have really been done for. But hey, does anyone care about this show? Yeah I didn’t think so.

Tamdam McCrory doesn’t want to be a fucking fighter
Is there ever a better time to go back to school and graduate then right after a bad loss? Yeah, I’d say there is. Last time I checked, colleges don’t fuck off. They stick around and you can go back anytime to finish your shit. The opportunity to fight in the UFC? Not quite as solid.

Mac Danzig’s fighting in Montreal
It looks like all of the chickens and ferrets I’ve been sacrificing to Damballah are paying off. Another fighter I want to see has been added to the UFC84 card in Montreal. He’ll be fighting Mark Bocek, who I guess was just a bit too lackluster in his win over Doug Evans. And now he’s being fed to the vegan.

Hominick returns to the WEC
Mark Hominick will be fighting on the WEC’s Feb 13 card against some guy named Josh Grispi. Hominick claims he’s got a new vigor but I dunno … he fought some total scrub at the last TKO and couldn’t manage to finish it. Sure, he beat the living shit out of the kid for three straight rounds, but if you can’t finish someone like that, how are you supposed to beat GOOD fighters?

Judo and MMA
Do you like MMA? Do you also like Judo? Then you should check this article and website all about how Judo guys do at MMA! Another unique find from the MMA Ninja.

Riggs vs Villasenor in March
The undercard for the Cung Le / Frank Shamrock event gets a little boost from Joe Riggs battling Joey Villasenor in the “Battle of the Joes”. It’ll be interesting to see if Riggs is really back and focused. Villasenor is a decent test, but if Riggs is prepared he shouldn’t have too much trouble.

The Crow gets another fight
Hardcore Championship Fighting is picking up the slack from the WCO debacle last weekend and has booked David L’Oiseau to fight Jason Day. Day surprised everyone by beating Jonathan Goulet a few months ago, so he’s definitely a dangerous opponent.

No UFC in Hawaii till 2009
Dana White got everyone all wet downstairs when he implied he wanted to bring the UFC to Hawaii and do an event in a huge stadium. Well, those ambitions will have to wait as Dana just said he’s not hitting up Hawaii till it’s got it’s regulations in place, which is July 1st.

Jon Fitch out another opponent
First Karo ducks him, and now Gono is injured. Who the hell is Jon Fitch going to fight now?

Bang Ludwig added to the big Feb Strikeforce show
Everyone’s buzzing so much about the March co-production between Strikeforce and EliteXC that people have forgotten about the excellent Strikeforce card being held in February. It’s got Bob Sapp, Maurice Smith, and now it’s got Duane “Bang” Ludwig too. Who they’re fighting, I have no idea. Hey, it’s only a month away. Who needs details like that???

I’ve gone through three different sites full of videos and pictures of the UFC weigh ins and I haven’t been able to find a single picture of the newest Octagon Girl, Edith Larente (or as she’s listed on, Edith Labelle).

I certainly hope she’s still around, because for all our bastardry we’d still feel pretty bad if the ruckus we caused cost her a job. Plus we like staring at her humongoid fake boobs. Let’s just hope that we’ve got an overblown sense of our own importance and Edith is just arriving later because of airport delays or something.

Well this has gone down just as I suspected. Andrei Arlovski has languished on the bench since April 2007. Zuffa wanted him to sign a new contract before he fought again. Arlovski’s people were determined that he fight first and then they’d sit down at the negotiation table and deal. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what happened next: nothing. Neither side blinked, and nearly a year later it seems that Andrei is pissed the fuck off and the UFC is prepping to lose him.

What’s involved in that prepping? How about quietly booking Andrei for UFC82 and not making any mention of it. And how about putting him up against the fluffiest blanket in the UFC, Jake O’Brien? The first part has been done, but Jake is still a question mark on account of his spine being all fucked up.

But you see what the UFC is doing: exactly what I said they’d do back in September. I wish I could claim to be smart or some junk, but I only knew because they were doing the same thing to Brandon Vera when he was being ‘uncooperative’. Lets hope that like with Vera, things get worked out and this isn’t the end of Andrei in the UFC.

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