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Xyience was gone. Premiere Fighter was in. Clock was sponsored by that god awful watch company, and Goldberg was wearing one the whole time that looked more like a shackle than a timepiece. Last but not least … LUMBER LIQUIDATORS? Did I see that correctly? And they weren’t even in one of the weird sides, they got their logo right in one of the fighter’s corners.

I know Dana claims he’s just fine without big name sponsors, but it’s kinda lame to see rinky dink sponsors making their way onto the mat and into Goldberg’s commentary. Nice score on the Harley Davidson sponsorship too … that’s a good fit if I’ve ever seen one. Ditto with Rambo. Heroes don’t die … they just reload!

Sure, it’s after the fact, which means it’s kinda like getting sent a picture of a girl’s boobs after she’s already given you one of those tricky boob-squeeze penis-job thingies (what the hell are those called?). But it’s still hella sweet work, and it’s always nice to see that some of our readers have talents outside of being good at making children cry. This was done by regular reader and commenter Vee. Check out his site for more great artwork.

If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does an animated gif say? To me it says one: P0WNED@!

I woke up early this morning to watch the IFL Grand Prix replay. I was pretty hung over and figured “Well, I can’t feel more like shit than I already do”. Well, I was wrong. I don’t know how I keep getting tricked into watching IFL product … is it because I feel a responsibility to the readers of this site? Maybe. Am I just a glutton for punishment via poorly produced crap? Yeah, that sounds right.

Anyways, the event was pretty terrible … they used old IFL Battleground footage to fill in gaps in the show, which really destroyed the momentum between fights. Their ring announcer looked like a carnival barker and committed the cardinal sin of white suit jacket with black pants. For shame! And goddamn, I would pull out one of my teeth with a pair of pliers to never hear any of the schlocky IFL team music themes again. Last but not least, the belts were fucking SNAKESKIN DINNER PLATES THAT LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE MADE OF TIN.

The fights themselves were so/so. No decisions in the title matches, which was good. You just got the feeling though that the guys you were watching simply weren’t all that great. Of course it doesn’t help that I couldn’t give less of a shit about the IFL. I’d rather watch curling or cricket.

Anyways, on to the meat. The highlight of my morning was watching the replacement’s replacement Ryan Schultz absoultely destroy Chris Horodecki. The reason it was awesome? Because the IFL was all about Horodecki being their new breakout star, and he just got beat by a guy who’s lost to both Horodecki AND Bart Bart Palaszewski to boot.

Something tells me his reign isn’t going to last very long. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the IFL makes another mockery of the tournament and schedules an immediate rematch so their golden boy gets a second chance. Although considering the mean pounding Ryan gave Chris, maybe he does have what it takes to hold onto the strap. Not like I’m going to care … my new year’s resolution is to stop wasting my time covering the IFL unless I’m getting paid to do so.

I’ve had it about up to here with people putting their two cents in on who should retire and why. The biggest bullshit reason I keep hearing is for ‘the legacy’. Apparently Matt Hughes should retire to keep ‘his legacy’ intact. He’s not going to beat GSP for the belt unless Jesus appears in a vision and advises him to diversify, so what else is there really for him to do? Fight more lame / dangerous fights with people like Chris Lytle?

Well how about he does what he’s been talking about for a while and move to middleweight to challenge Anderson Silva? Oh yeah, how soon we all forget that he was talking about that back in February.

I’m not the boss of anyone, which is unfortunate because the route I see Matt Hughes following is way better than what’s probably going to actually happen. My advice is a break from fighting for half a year. He waits till Serra / GSP is settled, and then fights Serra. He’ll most likely win that bout, and that way he can leave the welterweight division on a win so lame internet douches like me can’t say he’s ‘running from the weight class with his tail tucked between his legs’.

And then he’s on to Anderson Silva. By then Silva will have beaten Dan Henderson and either Evan Tanner (believe!) or Yushin Okami. Matt Hughes will ride to the rescue and save us from a possible Silva vs Kampman or Marquardt 2.

Anyways, that’s just how I see it. I think Hughes is a dick but I love seeing him fight … so as long as he wants to keep fighting, I think he should. And I think everyone else should stop acting like he’s got nothing worthwhile left to do if he sticks around.

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