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There was a press conference today to hype up UFC79, and one thing that came out of it was this interesting news:

Some people have questioned whether or not St. Pierre has had sufficient time to prepare for Hughes as he took the fight on three weeks notice. Accord to St. Pierre, taking the fight on short notice was not an issue as he was already in excellent shape. “I was actually training for the Olympic Games. For the tryout for the Olympic wrestling, I was in amazing shape and I had the best training camp of my life. A lot of guys came down, every round I was fighting a fresh guy all the time so I trained myself to fight an army so one man will never break me down.”

Well holy shit, Georges St Pierre is trying to get himself on the Canadian Olympic team? That’s pretty awesome, I must say. It doesn’t surprise me all that much either … word from everyone on the block is he’s definitely got the skills to back up the attempt. I just hope he doesn’t pull a Kid Yamamoto and take a break from MMA in order to fulfill his Olympic dreams. Considering all these stupid Olympic guys trying to make the jump to MMA, it’d be kinda refreshing to see it go the other way. WAR GSP!

Dana White has officially confirmed that the UFC will be hitting up Montreal in April. The rumored date is the 19th, although that wasn’t a lock during the interview. Regardless, it looks like we’ve got some serious planning to do because there’s no way in hell the UFC’s gonna roll through Fightlinker’s backyard without us lighting shit up like a motherfucker.

So I just wanted to put people on notice: if you live within 10 hours of Montreal, you’re officially being DRAFTED, and must show up or risk missing a once in a lifetime experience. We plan on organizing some epic tomfoolery throughout the entire weekend, and it’s going to be one fucking hell of a good time.

It’s another travel day for me as I leave the US and return to the frozen wastelands of Canada … well, semi-frozen because apparently it’s raining in Toronto, which is where I’m “flying into”. Quotes around that last part because if it’s really raining then I’m more fucked than an alter boy in a Catholic church, and I’ll be lucky to get home in time for UFC 79.

But rather than leave you all hanging, I’ve decided to do all my writing several hours in advance and space it out over the course of the day. So if anything earth shattering happens between now and eeeeer whenever the fuck my flight gets me back to Montreal, know that I’m stuck somewhere in an airport stubbornly refusing to pay twelve bucks for wireless access. So you’re on your own. Can you handle it? No? Well too bad for you.

Word is that Evan Tanner’s comeback opponent will be none other than Yushin Okami AKA the world’s most boring fighter in the universe ever. I know Tanner is always saying we have to ‘believe in the power of one’, but Yushin Okami believes in the power of holding you down with superior wrestling and grinding out the most boring decisions this side of Sean Sherk.

This is just like Aliens vs Predator 2 all over again. I get all hyped up thinking something is going to rock and then God throws a monkey wrench into things and totally wrecks what I thought was an unwreckable concept. And just like Hollywood somehow managed to fuck up Aliens fighting Predators on Earth, the UFC is now setting shit up to fuck up Evan Tanner’s comeback. How can they do this? It’s practically obscene. They need to be stopped.

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