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So here I am, sitting on a train. To think I thought “Oh, the train has WiFi, I’ll be able to spend the 7 hour trip writing posts and mucking around on the new site. Well, that would have been the case if ViaRail’s WiFi didn’t consist of two tin cans connected with a string.

Anyways, we’ll forge ahead because assholes never rest. The big news today is that people are talking about Houston Alexander again. Yeah, him … the guy everyone heralded as the second coming of Jesus till he got mounted and destroyed at UFC78. Other than the explosive sound of everyone jumping off his bandwagon, we haven’t heard much relating to Houston since then.

Now word is Houston is getting a soft rebound in the form of James “the Sandman” Irvin. James has the worst luck in the world. His knee spontaneously exploded against Thiago Silva back at UFC71, and then for his comeback fight he won … because the other guy dropped a knee in his face on the ground.

Now the poor bastard is getting into the ring with Houston Alexander, who I have no doubt will be pissed off and ready to pound someone harder than he did to Keith Jardine. Does Irvin have the ground game to beat Alexander? I dunno … I didn’t really feel like going through ViaRail WiFi hell looking it up. But at a glance things don’t look too good.

Okay, so obviously the new site is up … an hour and a half late because being the genius I am I decided to launch the site while on a train between Montreal and Toronto and the internet sucks balls. Who’d have thunk it?

There’s a few bugs that I’d like to iron out over the next day or two, but blogging comes first! So I’ll be concentrating on that and having shits n giggles in the forums / through the messenger till tonight and then will deal with everything.


Once again, if you listened to our weekly radio show you would know what was up already! You really should give it a shot … we don’t suck balls like 99% of the other podcasts out there! Anyways, the news you’d know already if you did listen to the show is as follows: We’re finally launching the new site we promised you guys months and months ago. And no, it no longer sports a smurf color theme.

There has been much trepidation in light of this news. Most of you seem to be afraid that the format of the site will somehow change. Let me promise you that the core of the site will continue to be my mad ramblings and my mad ramblings alone. We’re not bringing on 15 other writers to fill the daily quota of posts, and we’re not suddenly going all pussy on y’all.

That being said, here’s what’s being changed and added:

  • Comics : Yes, it finally launches, and will now be updated every Friday!
  • Store : Finally you can buy shit from us, including our first shirt ever!
  • Forums : Not your average phpBB bullshit code. These forms are clean, fast, and easy to keep track of.
  • Profiles : No longer must you be an anonymous keyboard warrior! Now you can be a famous keyboard warrior!
  • Instant Messaging : Which makes it a whole lot easier to keep me in the loop for inside information
  • Pictures : A section to upload images to your heart’s content.

Basically Fightlinker is expanding to include everything we need to grow a community of bastards and miscreants the likes of which the internet has never seen before! Those of you looking for a place to waste away your days at work, look no further. For those of you who avoid this kinda shit like the plague: don’t worry. The core of the site has been left alone and you’re free to just come and read the blog like you did before.

So that’s it. New site goes up early Friday morning. I’m sure you guys are gonna love it!

As a Canadian, I’m used to getting the shitty end of the stick. Crappy exchange rate. Double the taxes. No fucking UFC. But it finally looks like the tide is turning, because not only is the UFC coming to Montreal in April, it looks like they’re pulling out all the stops to make their arrival in Canada a monumental event.

First we have Georges St Pierre who will be fighting Matt Serra for the real WW belt, provided Serra is healthy enough to defend it. He says he will be, but who cares if he’s not? If Serra is nixed I bet we get GSP vs Karo, which is all right by me.

Now we have rumors that the Rich Franklin / Travis Lutter match that was initially proposed, denied, and then cancelled due to injury may now be held in Montreal as well!

Finally, Shogun Rua took some time off giving excuses for his loss to tell people his next fight will be … you guessed it! In April! Add Canadians Jason MacDonald, Patric Cote, and Jonathan Goulet to the card and you’ve got a card that’s already shaping out to be the best of the year! And in my own backyard to boot. Thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster! Thank you so much!

Those of you who tuned into the Low Blow this week have already heard, but we’re cooking up some big things for Montreal as well in the form of an MMA convention. Details are still sketchy at the moment since the Montreal show was only confirmed over Christmas holidays, but in the next week or two all of the details will be revealed and you guys will be blown the fuck away. For reals, if you live within 10-15 hours driving distance from Montreal, you DON’T want to miss this one.

We had a big discussion on what the fuck was up with ‘downward elbows’ a while back and came to the conclusion that it was a generally vague and stupid rule. But from whence did said rule come from? Well now we know:

Joe Rogan and Goldberg were discussing the fact a lot of people were wondering why downward elbows were ok to throw from the bottom, from the guard for example, but not from any of top positions. Rogan said that he spoke about this to “Big” John McCarthy, the UFC ref till he recently retired.

According to McCarthy when the state athletic commissions were reviewing various strikes during making of the rules for MMA, they, specifically banned them due to strong impressions from Karate and other Traditional Martial Arts (TMAs) “effectiveness” of downward elbows for brick and board breaking. Just like most of us, the state athletic commissions thought that if that’s what martial artists could do to a bunch of bricks, what kinds of terribly injuries could happen to a fighter getting with with one from the top.

Most of the Unified Rules came about from people watching hours upon hours of brutal no holds barred fights and rating attacks on a scale of “Tame” to “Brutal”. Headbutts, groin strikes, knees to the ground … all of these were culled from the repertoire after people saw them in action and went “Oooh … yeah, that’s a tad too much.”

So I find it simply awesome that the impetus for the downward elbow rule was based around those stupid board and brick breaking demonstrations by McDojo frauds. Of course, there’s always the possibility that there’s a generally unknown UFC or IVC floating around out there where some Kung Fu master used his thunderous downward elbow to crack his opponents in half like eggs over a frying pan.

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