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Holy shit, I’m so fucking excited. You all know I’m a Shamrock nuthugger through and through, so could there be any bigger news than the possibility that Frank vs Ken Shamrock has been locked up??? I was following this story as it evolved all day yesterday but didn’t want to comment on it because my brain was malfunctioning and all I could do was make impressively uneducated comments about Japanese fighters I knew nothing about. But now I’m back in true form, and it’s time to break out the party hats, because I’m pretty sure this shit is set up.

Why all the ambiguity? Because rather than a big press release or something that would actually help sell the event, word has slipped out through a shoddy looking webpage called Basically the only thing they’ve got up is a little flash intro showing the two brothers and then a whole bunch of blood splatters (which of course is the classy way to advertise siblings competing – fucking BLOODBATH, BITCHES!).

There’s a counter down at the bottom that keeps changing … first off, it was setting the fight date sometime in April (and boy, when it said that I was all a jubbles with anticipation). But now the clock has been changed to a much less exciting 350 days. Which seems awful far away to me.

I mean look at it like this … that’s practically a year. Who knows what can happen in that time! Frank Shamrock’s leg could be ripped off by Sokoudjou again. And the alien life force on Ken’s face that is masquerading as a beard could envelop Ken’s entire head by then. And where would that leave us??? With no fucking fight, that’s where!

‘But Fightlinker’, you say. ‘Why should we even believe that this is a legit site?’ Well, for one thing it points back to MMAE, which is a company owned by Frank Shamrock. Plus, the shitty flash is right up Frank’s webdesigner’s alley. If you don’t believe me, check out Frank’s academy website where he uses his laser eyeball to forge his fruity signature across the bottom of the screen.

I dunno if it’s just lowered expectations for Ultimate Fight Nights, but the UFC continues to excite me with the matchups they stuff on the free Spike shows:

Lightweights Spencer Fisher (20-4) and Marcus Aurelio (15-5) will fight on the UFC Fight Night card set for April 2, according to

The SpikeTV special is set to return to Colorado for the first time since 1995, according to the report and a recent Web site update from Stephan Bonnar right here.

Of course, the “American Psycho” is penciled in to take on Matt Hamill that same night in a light heavyweight tilt. In addition, 155-pounders Kenny Florian and Joe Lauzon are expected to headline the show.

Fisher got outwrestled like a bitch by Frankie Edgar the last time he fought, so it’ll be really interesting to see how he holds up against a top tier jiu-jitsu guy. As for Aurelio, he’s still trying to make people forget about his stinker of a loss to Clay Guida where he looked absolutely lost. He finished his last fight against Luke Caudillo quick n easy, so this will be an interesting one. Will Fisher bounce back after that brutal loss? Will Aurelio wash out like so many of his Pride compatriots? Good matches are all about answering questions, and this one will answer tons for these two guys.

Add the always improving Stephan Bonnar vs Matt “the Swinging Hammer” Hamill and K-Flo vs J-Lau for the Gayest Nickname Championship, and you got yourself a hell of a card!

Interesting stuff going on in Japan. While 2007 in Japan was thrown into somewhat of a disarray with the death of PRIDE, it looks like 2008 is gonna be a hell of a year. You’ve got smaller promotions taking advantage of all of the free fighters floating around. New people coming in trying to replace the void left by PRIDE. And now it looks like some kind of alliance between HERO’s and Zombie Pride:

Japanese sports newspaper Tokyo Sports reported that FEG might finish with the HERO’S series and start a new show in March. “From the March show on, I would like to see the entire Kakutougi world unite to do something very interesting.” The report began with FEG head Sadaharu Tanikawa talking about a second “grand coalition” but since there is not going to be a second Yarennnoka! show, and FEG and ex-PRIDE people are going for a complete integration it’s basically about a new MMA show being started by FEG and that also means HERO’S could now be completely over.

I’d rather have two separate promotions, but I’ll take one mega promotion if that’s all I can get. Big question to ask is if the Pride scandal that got it kicked off TV will somehow carry over with this merge. Although knowing Japan, K1 is probably just as dirty as Pride was, so it won’t really matter in the end.

I like Dave Meltzer and all … next to Kevin Iole he’s like a bastion of reporting ethics. Well, lets ignore the fact that Dave cherry picks what he’s going to report for Yahoo in favor of his for-pay newsletter. But fuck … Yahoo probably demands that all it’s MMA news be stale and obvious.

But one thing I don’t like about Dave is that he constantly compares MMA to Pro Wrestling. He just can’t help it … that’s his background, so he’s powerless to resist comparing the two:

There is a business lesson from pro wrestling over the past few years that UFC should heed. WWE increased from 12 to 16 pay-per-view events, and the results of the overexposure were such that they are cutting back to 14 this year. UFC’s current schedule (running major events on Dec. 29, Jan. 19, and Feb. 2) is the type of schedule that caused the WWE base audience to begin to pick and choose between events.

It’s a slippery slope that becomes a difficult rebound. This is not as much a factor to boxing, because few boxing fans buy every show, with most picking and choosing only the big-name fights. UFC, like WWE, sells almost as much on the brand name as the main events, drawing a regular monthly crowd.

The big difference here is that on top of all those PPVs, the WWE does five hours of new television a week, hours of syndicated programming, and several house shows. Quite frankly, the UFC would have to quadruple (or perhaps even octogonize) themselves to even get near the amount of content the WWE is pumping out. If they did, would they then be over saturated? Sure. But as it stands, the UFC is still in a situation where the demand outstrips the supply. That’s the only explanation as to why they’re able to put out shit like UFC78 and still get sales.

I’d say quality suffers before the saturation point, and that’s the real problem. The UFC is in no danger of exceeding the demand for UFC product … but they are having a hard time upping the quantity without the quality suffering. Because of the pace of the events, they’re just not developing enough new stars to stack their PPVs like they used to. The solution? Don’t lower the number of pay per views. Up the number of Fight Nights and other events which don’t rely on a stellar card. Develop the new talent, make your guys fight more often to establish a clearer line of contendership.

Anyways, I just find it funny how the pro wrestling writers are always comparing MMA to pro wrestling. Sure, there’s always paralels to read into when you’re dealing with two companies which deal in the same mediums, but for the most part the comparisons are just stupid.

It certainly puts things into perspective: Why should Joachim Hansen fight in the UFC where

when instead he could stay in Japan and

Let’s not forget all that sweet Asian poon you get being a foreign fighter in Japan. All in all, I can’t say I blame him for passing on the UFC.

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