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Okay, so I was wrong about Big John McCarthy leaving the reffing business with both middle fingers raised to the UFC. I had based that assumption off the fact that he has the same ‘Hollywood’ manager as Randy, plus some rumblings on the inside about Big John’s opinion of how the UFC runs things. Big John does seem to have some negative thoughts when it comes to the UFC, but I was foolish to think he’d come out and burn bridges. That’s just not how Big John rolls!

But if you do want to know what McCarthy thinks about the UFC, you’ll be able to read all about it straight from the horse’s mouth in this interview done by MMANews. It’s a pretty wicked read from start to finish (much better than some others done by that site), and while you may not agree with all of McCarthy’s opinions, you better believe he comes off intelligent and knows what he’s talking about.

John goes over how conflict of interest kept him from reffing and working for the Fight Network, his thoughts on knees to the head on the ground, the state of MMA at the moment and why the UFC’s dominance is bad, plus a boatload of other stuff. Check it out!

I, like many other fans of Pride, was all about soccer kicks and stomps. Are they insanely dangerous? Sure! But this isn’t a fucking tea party, so who cares??? It’s not like anyone’s getting stomped to death ‘Irish Wedding Toast’ style … it just means at any time the fight can be finished and the ref will have to step in.

Well, if you were looking forward to stomps and kicks to a downed opponent at Yarennoka, you are going to be disappointed. Because they’re not allowed. Boo-urns.

One thing I learned from watching Pet Semetary is that once you bury something, it doesn’t come back the same, and I guess that’s how things are with zombie Pride. At the moment it’s paltry number of matches kinda smells, and the lack of Mortal Kombat style finishing moves is pretty dissapointing too. I guess we’ll wait and see what happens though.

To all the readers and commenters who have made this site such a success, I wish you all a merry Christmas! If you all weren’t so supportive, there’s a somewhat decent chance that I wouldn’t spend quite as much time on this site as I do now. I don’t know many sites that have as vocal of a crowd as we do, and I just wanted to give props … half of the good stuff actually comes out of the comments section, which is awesome.

That’s the last time for a while I’m going to encourage you jackals, so enjoy it!

As for ‘stuff’ … we’ll be updating the site sometime this afternoon with more posts, and I’m going to try and shake Jake out of an eggnog induced stupor to record a Low Blow for you all tonight. Till then, go open some presents or something!

**UPDATE** Oh yeah, and as always the Links section of the site is always up to date with the best MMA articles across the internet. Over 20 new articles added just this morning. So go take a look at that if you’re starved for fresh MMA info.

I dunno what the fuck is up with this:

Sources within Justin McCully’s camp have confirmed the heavyweight missed a Wednesday deadline to accept a fight with French kickboxer Cheick Kongo at UFC 81 on Saturday, Feb. 2 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

Hey, I’m not surprised that Justin McCully hasn’t accepted the fight … he’s probably too busy perming his mullet or eating whatever fatty shit you have to eat to look like he does. I’m just amazed that Cheick Kongo went from potentially fighting Big Nog for the belt to Justin McFucking Cully.

The Fight Network also tries to sell McCully as some kind of big deal:

McCully (8-3-2), meanwhile, has not lost a fight in more than seven years. He made his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 9 in April, as he secured a unanimous decision victory over Dutch kickboxer Antoni Hardonk – a man who mirrors Kongo in many respects.

Ooh, he hasn’t lost in seven years? Wow. Well, it would be impressive if the guy had fought more than 4 times in the past seven years. And the two guys he beat recently outside of the UFC? A guy with a 3-9 record and freaking Warpath. Never mind the fact that his win over Antoni Hardonk was perhaps the sloppiest, shittiest fight I’ve seen this year.

All in all, a fight with McCully is a pretty shitty reward for beating Mirko Crocop. The last guy who did that got a title shot against Randy Couture. Now Kongo gets a big fat mullet man who doesn’t even belong in the UFC in the first place? Weak.

Of course, this just goes to show you that we’re not the only people with doubts about Kongo’s ground game. Joe Silva wouldn’t have booked this if he didn’t think it was a good test of Kongo’s ground game. But for fuck’s sake, Joe … don’t you have any decent ground fighters at Heavyweight who aren’t banal lay-n-prayers???

Okay okay, so Mirko CroCop isn’t fighting at Yarennoka, but word is he’s planning on making an appearance at the show. And let me tell you … people don’t travel all the way to Japan just for shits and giggles. There’s something going on here, although I’ll be damned if I know what the hell it is.

All I really know right now is that Mirko has been saying he was ready to fight in January while UFC brass has been saying they haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone from Mirko’s camp. While I don’t doubt that Mirko plans on legally fulfilling his contractual obligations, it wouldn’t surprise me if the UFC was fucking retarded enough to release him early because of his poor performance and high price tag.

Yes, considering all the other stupid moves they’ve made this year, they really are dumb enough to do this. In light of the high-school romance gone sour relationship these two parties have at the moment, it wouldn’t surprise me if Mirko is making an appearance in Japan just to prove he’s the fucking man over there. And to remind Fedor that he’s watching … and waiting.

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