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Okay okay, so Mirko CroCop isn’t fighting at Yarennoka, but word is he’s planning on making an appearance at the show. And let me tell you … people don’t travel all the way to Japan just for shits and giggles. There’s something going on here, although I’ll be damned if I know what the hell it is.

All I really know right now is that Mirko has been saying he was ready to fight in January while UFC brass has been saying they haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone from Mirko’s camp. While I don’t doubt that Mirko plans on legally fulfilling his contractual obligations, it wouldn’t surprise me if the UFC was fucking retarded enough to release him early because of his poor performance and high price tag.

Yes, considering all the other stupid moves they’ve made this year, they really are dumb enough to do this. In light of the high-school romance gone sour relationship these two parties have at the moment, it wouldn’t surprise me if Mirko is making an appearance in Japan just to prove he’s the fucking man over there. And to remind Fedor that he’s watching … and waiting.

It’s Christmas eve, and that means nothing is going on. No one (past me) is updating their website, so you’ve got no escape from your family. But wait! The FightOpinion guys have just put out their super ultra deluxe Christmas podcast extravaganza!

Almost as long as Braveheart, their show features Tyson Griffin, Bas Rutten, honorary Jackal Mac Danzig, and Quinton Jackson. Last but not least, Jeff Thaler’s dad also shows up to talk about what a disappointment Jeff is as a son and failure as a human being. Heart warming stuff. Go check it out now!

It’s Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller’s birthday today, and I figure the best way to celebrate it is not by featuring one of his fights but instead another interview where he totally fucks around with Stephen ‘Darth’ Molen. Molen is an okay guy but anyone who’s nickname sounds like it was ripped from Star Wars deserves whatever they get in life.

If you were interested in seeing pictures of Josh Barnett trouncing a much smaller opponent from last night’s Pancrase event, go here, scroll down a bit and look on the right of the page.

Word has been spreading across the internets for the past few days that JZ Calvan vs Shinya Aoki was canceled on account of an injury JZ suffered on the 17th. Or is it because JZ had recently had knee and nose surgery and hadn’t trained at all for the fight? You pick.

Either way, once again Monte Cox was the last one to know. It must be embarrassing when reporters phone you up knowing more about shit than you do. It’s kinda like when the paparazzi informed Britney Spears that her sister was pregnant … talk about being out of the loop! Britney gaining weight and getting the same ‘deer in the headlights’ look that Monte seems to have lately just makes the comparison all the more apt in my books.

Anyways, I feel haven’t done enough ripping on Yarennoka up until this point. As I’ve stated before, I just expect Japanese promotions to be a total gong show, so nothing really surprises me. But I figure you readers might want to know that at this point (just shy of a week from the day of the event), Yarennoka only has six matches confirmed:

      * Fedor Emelianenko vs. Choi Hong-Man
* Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Kazuo Misaki
* Mitsuhiro Ishida vs. Gilbert Melendez
* Hayato “Mach” Sakurai vs. Hidehiko Hasegawa
* Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Luiz Azeredo
* Murilo Bustamante vs. Makoto Takimoto

This is in stark contrast to K1’s new years eve show, which is weighing in at 14 matches. Just thought you ought to know!

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