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Yeah, I know I should have posted something up about there not being a show last week. But fuck, it was Christmas. And Comcast apparently fucks with Skype or something, which would explain why we couldn’t get that shit working while I was away in the states. Anyways, we’re gonna make it up to you tonight with the usual liveblogging you’ve come to love plus another special live episode of the Low Blow directly after the event.

So this is just a reminder: come by tonight for all your UFC needs! We’ve got your back, bro.

Mr Sunshine’s got another wicked interview, this time with the man we all love to hate, Tim Sylvia. The interview is full of golden moments, from the start where an obviously defensive Tim Sylvia threatens to leave if he doesn’t like the way the interview is going, and on to a discussion of Matt Hughes’ comments in his book.

I don’t know if it’s funny or heartbreaking when Tim Sylvia says “I personally believe that Matt Hughes is one of my best friends.” And then follows up later on in the interview with “I don’t care what the fans think, so long as I know who I am and who my true friends are.” Damn, man. Just damn.

Anyways, worth a listen. There’s probably about 10 laugh out loud moments in that interview. Then again, I might have just warmed up my funny muscle by watching the Harold and Kumar 2 preview (and if you haven’t seen this rated R version of the preview, you haven’t really seen the preview).

A lot of people gave Hong Man Choi shit for his terrible performance in the K1 World Grand Prix finals (myself included), but I wouldn’t be surprised if Choi just coasted through the loss to make sure he’d come out fit and able to fight Fedor on NYE. Looking at this vintage video of Hong Man Choi training gives me hope that he’ll be more than ready on NYE to face the #1 fighter in the world (arguably).

Sorry for the delay people … I know it’s a huge day for mixed martial arts and you guys needs your newses! I just want to blame Air Canada for making my 6 hour trip take 16 hours instead, and for losing my luggage. For those of you flying into Montreal for our UFC April Madness, I recommend you fly with a more reliable airline, like Afghanistan Ariana Airlines or Uzbekistan Airways. That is all! We now return to your scheduled Fightlinker content.

You want audio? Mr Sunshine’s got your audio. More audio than you can shake a stick at! Broken down into a whole bunch of teensy tiny little clips. Worth listening to! Stick em in your ear holes and enjoy!

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