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Out of all the people involved with M1, I’d say the only guy I trust further than I can throw him is Monte Cox (and even then, that’s only because I can’t really throw him that far). Regardless, I kinda feel like he’s at the helm of an out of control ship in the middle of a storm … he can only do so much, and the ship will sink or survive more on God’s grace than anything else.

Anyways, Cox did an interview with some random guy, and had this to say about why Hong Man Choi was chosen to fight Fedor:

Brandon Brigham: Fedor will be fighting Hong Man Choi on New Years Eve in Tokyo, Japan. What are your thoughts on this match up and what do you have to say to the fans that have been critical over Fedor’s previous opponents and now, Hong Man Choi?

Monte Cox: There are a lot of politics and issues when you do fights in Japan. We are trying to get all the Japanese organizations to work together and we needed the opponent for Fedor to be from K-1… we looked at the Grand Prix and Choi was the only guy excited to do the fight… it will be a big deal in Japan and Korea… and that was the major concern… not how U.S. fans felt about it.

Of course, Monte forgot to mention that Semmy Schilt also basically called out Fedor after winning the Grand Prix tournament. I can understand why M1 ended up choosing Choi, but it’d be nice if Cox didn’t pretend like they had no other legitimate choices. Schilt took Fedor to a decision last time they fought, and that was before evolving into the best kickboxer in the world.

And Monte also gives us a hint of what Josh Barnett is up to (past beating up men who dress up like cat maids):

Brandon Brigham: The whole MMA World seems to be wondering what is going on with Josh Barnett. Has M-1 been in contact with Josh at all and if so, how have those talks been going?

Monte Cox: I contacted Josh shortly after I got the job with M-1 Global and never got a call from his manager. I keep hearing he is going to sign with Elite, but I’m not sure what he is doing.

It blows my mind that Barnett’s management didn’t return Monte’s call. Of course, who knows if other M-1 people were talking to Josh at the same time, causing all sorts of crossed wires and stupid bullshit. M-1 seems to have a pretty big problem with different people doing different stuff without anyone knowing what the fuck is actually going on.

As for Josh signing with EliteXC … it’d be kind of sad considering he’d be stuck fighting guys like Bigfoot Silva, but at this point I don’t really give a shit any more. Any fighter that’s not signing with the UFC is gonna end up fighting scrubs half the time anyways, so we all might as well just get used to the idea and move on with our lives.

It’s Christmas, which means the entire MMA industry shuts down for 4-5 days because the bloggers which break news are trapped in hellish family situations where booting up the laptop and checking your email = potential divorce / finger waggling from parents / drunk brother in law chucking laptop in a snowbank.

Fortunately for you all, my girlfriend already dumped me a few weeks ago because of my internet addiction and my parents are either dead or so far gone I could do the naked macarena in front of them and they wouldn’t recognize who I am. So it’ll be semi-regular business as usual around here. Even though there’s not that much ‘fresh’ news, there’s literally 1001 stories I never bothered to cover in the first place which I can catch up on now. So spare me the ‘old news’ comments if you know what’s good for you, or I’ll just put my energies towards this bottle of vodka instead of this website!

We love to poke fun at Evan Tanner, but truth of the matter is we’re huge fans. Which I suppose sucks a bit for Evan, because apparently being friends with Fightlinker means being made fun of all the time. Regardless, it’s all in good fun, and although we’ll gleefully point out when Evan fucks up and sinks a boat, we’ll also point out when he’s doing well for himself:

Everything is coming together. I set a date back in October. I set a date to make some major changes in my life. I stood by it. I did what I said I would do. It was a very deep hole to climb out of, and although I am still dealing with some financial issues, life is good.

From first hand experience, I can tell you that there’s nothing worse in life than a lack of purpose. Fortunately for Evan, he’s re-found his purpose: to fight in the UFC. No word yet on if this will carry him past his first bout though. I’ve always wondered how fighters can stay mentally strong and motivated with 3-5 month layovers, especially after quick wins or devastating losses. To me, this is the greatest challenge a fighter faces in their career.

No, this has nothing to do with MMA. But screw you, this is my website and I do what I want. Especially during Christmas. Okay okay, here’s a cheap MMA related joke to make the post more suitable for your consumption: WOW LOOK AT LAZY CAT REMIND ME OF FATTY RASHAD EVANS IN 3RD ROUND LOLOLOLOL HE SO LAZY ROLF

The “Will he / Won’t he” guessing game regarding Rich Franklin’s participation at UFC 82 has ended with the sloppy crunchy pop of a torn meniscus:

According to J.T. Stewart, Franklin’s publicity manager, the 33-year-old fighter recently experienced swelling of his knee — the same knee in which he tore a meniscus “several years ago” in a UFC match. His doctor determined that floating particles from the first injury had caused swelling, and while examining the knee, he realized Franklin had again suffered a similar tear.

The UFC’s former middleweight champ will fly to Las Vegas for corrective surgery, which will take place during the first week of January.

Franklin expects to return to the octagon sometime in or around June, Stewart said.

Of course, this was following Rich’s cryptic denial that he was fighting Travis Lutter in Columbus anyways:

I am told there are rumors of me fighting multiple people in March. I have not signed for a fight in March. I don’t believe that I am allowed to fight more than once in a night. I hope this clears up any confusion. I have not signed to fight anyone in March, or any other month.

I don’t know who said anything about Rich fighting twice in one night … maybe it’s some random hater who shouts obscenities at Rich when he’s wandering around Cincinnati. Are we to expect a follow up note from Rich saying “And I want to state that I do not eat testicles for breakfast, and I have no intention of riding a pogostick sideways up my ass.”

It is interesting to note that no one backed off their original claims that Rich had agreed to fight. In fact, MMAJunkie re-iterated in their post about Rich’s injury that it occurred one day after Rich had signed the bout contract. Such a tangled web of lies weaved between fighters and the mma media. Perhaps Rich forgot to mention the fight to his wife before it broke on the internets. And perhaps she had been promised a ‘nice big vacation’ before he agreed to fight again. And perhaps Rich’s knee injury is a result of her smoking him in the knee with a hammer a la ‘Misery’. Stranger things have happened.

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