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Holy shit … two boxing posts in one day! It’s like Christmas comes twice. Well, to be fair to all my boxing-hating readers, this is pretty big news. Originally there was talk that Oscar de la Hoya would come out of retirement to fight Ricky Hatton. Well, it looks like Mayweather’s rout of Hatton has made that megafight null, and now De La Hoya has set his sights on another fighter: Miguel Cotto.

This was all mentioned on Max Kellerman’s radio show, buttressed by the idea that Cotto should have fought Mayweather first for some reason because “Cotto is very beatable”. Well hey … I know the idea in boxing is to pick the most marketable guy who doesn’t stand a chance, but if you want things to make sense, you have Cotto vs De La Hoya with Cotta getting a shot at Mayweather if he wins. That way even if Cotto doesn’t have much of a chance, at least he earned a shot. Right now Mayweather’s number 1, with De La Hoya sitting number 2. You want a shot at number 1? You should have to go through number 2 first.

Sherdog has an awesome article on Fedor that goes through his entire past and gets quotes from the man himself on why he decided against signing with the UFC. But you can read that for yourself anywhere else, because I’m sure the parasitic MMA news scene will tear this story apart like a baby in a bulldog kennel and regurgitate the relevant bits. My highlight probably isn’t all that relevant, but it’s definitely awesome:

One last hurdle had to be cleared before the young athlete could devote himself to training and the path that has made him what he is today. He was gifted musically, but there was not enough time to be a musician and an athlete. His mother gave him a choice: the accordion or judo.

He chose judo.

Oh, the crossroads in our lives. Fedor could have been the Russian equivalent of Lawrence Welk, but instead decided to stick with fighting. I guess we’ll never really understand some of the choices Fedor makes, but we’ll just have to put a little bit of faith in the fact that he did make at least one right decision in the past. OR DID HE???

Well shit:

British boxer Joe Calzaghe says his next fight could be his last.

Calzaghe unified the three world titles in the super-middleweight division when he beat Mikkel Kessler of Denmark last month, taking his record to 44-0.

“I have got two fights left — tops,” Calzaghe was quoted as saying in Wednesday’s editions of the Daily Mirror. “I might even have one more and then decide to pack it all in and then get on with the rest of my life. Who knows? There are plenty of other things I want to do.”

Calzaghe is one of the few boxers I’ve seen this year that’s really impressed me with his style and skills. The fact that I’ve just discovered him and he’s now nearing retirement kinda sucks. Must be kinda like how people feel after watching ‘that Randy guy’ beat Gabriel Gonzaga.

I know you all don’t like it when I get all holier than thou on big MMA websites that make amateur hour mistakes, so I’ll keep this one short:

Compared to other types of content on HDNet, which is also home to NHL and NASCAR programming, MMA has carved out an impressive niche, said HDNet Fights president Guy Mezger (Pictures), taking the top spot virtually every time the sport is featured.

Too bad Guy Mezger ain’t HDNet Fight’s president. That job belongs to Andrew Simon. Just thought I’d point it out. Congrats to Sherdog for continuing to fuck up. But seriously … I wouldn’t rag on you guys if I didn’t expect better! Tough love sucks, don’t it?

**Update / Correction** Oh the humanity. I was wrong! Spencer is in fact the CEO and Mezger *is* the president as reported correctly by Sherdog. I’d just like to take a moment to apologize to Sherdog for accusing them of getting this wrong. It is I who is the retard, and in calling you out I totally self-p0wnzered myself. Hardcore.

By the way, now that Sherdog is right, Five Ounces of Pain is now wrong. DUH!

For all yous thinking persons out there who were wondering “Why the fuck is K1 sharing Hong Man Choi and Akiyama with a rival fight event on New Years Eve, we have an answer. It was announced yesterday that Fedor vs Hong Man Choi and Misaki vs Akiyama would be shown during K1’s Dynamite TV presentation (or whatever the fuck you wanna call it), officially making the Zombie Pride show K1’s bitch.

If you’re still trying to understand the exact why/what/huh? of all this, you can stop now … it doesn’t really make that much sense. In Japan, 2 + 2 = doesn’t equal 4, it equals inkei.

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