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I really wish the NJAC had released the pays from UFC78 because then I’d be able to put them side by side with the pay from last week’s WEC show and see which one cost Zuffa more. The WEC’s top dogs were paid well enough, with Jens Pulver getting the same amount of money he made fighting BJ Penn in the UFC, and Paulo Filho making 6k more than he did last time (strange raise huh?).

This is in line with the kind of money Zuffa paid out for their last WEC, and in line with how I think fighters working for a promotion like the WEC deserve to get paid. In general I think the UFC needs to give it’s middle-rung fighters a 20k base raise and the newbs and TUF fighters an 8k base raise in order to get rid of allegations that they’re basically exploiting knuckleheads who weren’t smart enough to enroll in business courses.

Of course, I know most of you Jackals are of the opinion that starved dogs bite harder. Me? I think it’s better to spend money on giving the dog super strength titanium teeth and bees in their mouths so when they bark bees come out. But that’s just me, so who knows.

Zach Arnold from FightOpinion sloshed through the IFL’s latest 8k forms and uncovered an interesting nugget of information (do I say ‘nuggets’ too much?):

The IFL filed a form 8k on Tuesday with the SEC, announcing the terms of their consulting agreement with Gareb Shamus. Shamus is being eased out of the IFL, but not without a sweet payday.

Retroactive to 11/20/2007 and ending on 5/20/2008, Shamus will be paid $20,833 USD per month for the next six months (or a sum amount of $125,000 USD).

If you weren’t aware, Gareb Shamus was the former IFL owner who has jumped ship, either because he didn’t like the direction Jay Larkin wanted to take the company or just because he had a shocking revelation that the IFL was a big dook and it was time to flush that shit.

Either way, 120k isn’t too shabby in the way of compensation from a flagging company that lost over 4 million bucks last quarter. Especially if Shamus didn’t spend any of his own money on the project, or paid himself back with stock money while he was boss.

It’s barely news any more when a fighter tests positive for steroids. From now on MMA websites should just make a big deal of things when an entire MMA card happens to be clean! Now that’s a big event! Latest in a looooong line of steroid users in MMA is Ariel Gandula, the can fighter the WEC fed to Doug Marshall at the last WEC:

Ariel Gandulla, who last fought at the World Extreme Cagefighting event in Las Vegas on Dec. 12, has tested positive for the anabolic steroid Nandrolone according to Keith Kizer, the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

This is just the latest embarrassment for Ariel, who was supposed to be some hot shit up and coming submission specialist from American Top Team. He get subbed by the most basic armbar in the universe barely two minutes into his fight with a guy who’s about as known for his ground game as Captain Crunch is for it’s nutritional values.

ProElite had Frank Shamrock in their forums or something yesterday answering the same questions over and over. The big one obviously was “Who are you gonna fight next?” and the big obvious answer was what he’s been saying the past few months: Renzo Gracie, Cung Le, and now his brother Ken in 2009.

Rematch- I want to fight Renzo but he’s still recovering and in acting classes. I’m seeing if Cung Le will step up and be a real man. Ken fight is almost true, been working on it for 2 yrs and I’m trying to make it happen-Brother vs. Brother.

Frank goes on to espouse the values of the BJ Penn Fighting Schedule: 10 years of fighting with two fights a year. This is of course conditional on Sokoudjou not ripping Frank’s leg out of it’s joint again.

Talk about potentially shooting yourself in the face after shooting yourself in the foot. In this latest interview, Sean Sherk admits he had tainted supplements, but says it’s not his fault if there’s steroids in the stuff he takes if it’s not on the label. Then he follows up by saying this:

Sherk: I’ve thought about that a lot. What I need to do is protect myself better next time. First of all there is nothing I can do about contamination. Everything I take is legal and it does help so it’s not an option. I’m going to continue taking supplements. But I’m going to also get pre-fight tests done, both blood and urine, before I fight. If something like this happens again we just go from there.

So basically Sherk is going to continue doing what he was doing before, and when he does a pre-fight test a week before the fight he’s going to pull out because SURPRISE! He’s gonna have more steroids in his system. That’ll really be great … there’s nothing better than having a main event title match involving BJ Penn (or Joe Stevenson!!!) cancelled last second because a nimrod didn’t learn his lesson already.

You can check out the rest of his big stupid quote regarding this after the jump.

IF: You said that you all also found some supplement contamination in things you had taken. Talk about that please. What, exactly, did you find?

Sherk: Yeah, it was actually a testosterone booster in my Glucosamine supplement. It was just a regular Glucosamine supplement. I had seven of my twenty two supplements tested. That was one of the supplements I decided to send in to the lab. Testosterone boosters raise a test number. There’s no proof that’s exactly what caused it but it’s clear that there is contamination and it could be the cause.

IF: Shouldn’t you have known what was in your supplements and if they could have caused problems for you in tests?

Sherk: See, what happens is the companies have the products and they have to list what’s in the product. If they list something that’s illegal then that’s my fault. It’s my job to know what I can and cannot take. If I take something that has something illegal or banned on the label, then it’s my fault. But what some companies do is they put things in their products that are not supposed to be there so you can get a little more effect and think, “Hey this is a great product.” For the average person that may be fine but for guys like me that compete and are tested I could be entitled to one hell of good lawsuit.

When companies have the supplements made there are hundreds and hundreds made at the same place using the same equipment. One company may have one thing up to commission standards but another may not and when they make something like Glucosamine they put a little bit of this and a little bit that. That’s where the contamination comes from. My Glucosamine had the testosterone booster, that’s contamination and I’ve learned that happens a lot. I just read about a study in USA Today that said 25 percent of all supplements are contaminated

I didn’t even know what contamination was before. Now I’m doing all this research. I take twenty two different supplements. With 25 percent of those supplements having the risk of being contaminated that increases my chances of having contamination pretty well. I can’t stop taking supplements, I need the stuff and its legal so what am I going to do? I can’t test all of my supplements; it’s about $350 to $500 per test.

IF: Obviously, you are maintaining your innocence in this case and saying that you did not knowingly take a banned substance, but that doesn’t it make it less likely the things you say happened with the contamination and testing won’t happen again. What are you going to do from this point on to try and guard against that?

Sherk: I’ve thought about that a lot. What I need to do is protect myself better next time. First of all there is nothing I can do about contamination. Everything I take is legal and it does help so it’s not an option. I’m going to continue taking supplements. But I’m going to also get pre-fight tests done, both blood and urine, before I fight. If something like this happens again we just go from there.

I’ve been tested eight times in six years and passed them all until the most recent one. It’s scary but you just got to go on with what you got to do.

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