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When we joked that Mike Pyle was a gentleman and a scholar, we didn’t really mean it. It was kinda a joke which was rooted in the juxtaposition between those words and how big of a nitwit Pyle really is. But apparently someone didn’t get that joke, because a decision has been made to let Mike Pyle TALK on television:

Mike “Quicksand” Pyle will appear on HDNet’s “Inside MMA”.

Mike discusses the tragic passing of Sammy Vasquez and the Din Thomas “smoker case”.

Inside MMA airs at 9:30 pm Eastern on HDNet.

While I think MMA has proved it can survive the death of a fighter, can it survive Mike Pyle’s interpretation of this news? God knows he’s not exactly the most verbose person in the world. I’ll be amazed if he manages to get through the show without saying “WHAT? WHAAAAT? We were all thinking that. I just have the balls to say it!”

On the other hand, I’m definitely gonna tune in and check this out now.

Hey, I’m down like brown for Yarennoka being on HDNet … it means that I get to watch it in English instead of Japanese, and the quality of the video should be a lot better too. But I certainly hope HDNet is planning on re-airing the show at a more reasonable hour because watching Yarennoka live means watching it at 6am on Sunday Dec 30th. And while that probably sounds pretty good to meth heads down in Atlanta, I’m typically asleep or having sex with dozens of supermodels at that time of the morning.

All you boxing haters … watch this shit and tell me you aren’t excited for this fight. Interesting that Oscar De La Hoya, the promoter for the fight, shows up halfway through and gives Hatton a bunch of tips and information on how to beat Mayweather. Everyone hates the dude … I’m almost starting to feel sorry for him!

This weekend we’re keeping busy, posting will stay at it’s typical weekday level and of course Saturday night we’re doing the TUF Finale liveblog + live Low Blow Radio show immediately after the event. All that + chat = hot stuff … better than eating pizza pockets and watching reruns of Battlestar Galaktaka (which is what you’d be doing otherwise, you fucking losers. Goddamn you are all losers. I hate you all so much.) So come hang out with us, valued readers!

(Just thought I’d stick the video of the Mike Kyle incident in this post since many people don’t tend to remember how brutal this was. Watch it … and watch the replays. Then re-read Bryan Olsen’s quote at the bottom.)

I get emails from people from time to time asking what’s wrong with me, and if I enjoy saying and doing things that hurt people’s careers. The idea that anyone pays any attention to what I write here blows my mind … if an article says something bad about a fighter but then follows up with a joke about horse penises, I think that should tell people I’m not always being serious about things. Overall, we’re not vindictive people here, and after taking the piss out of someone we’ll typically move on to the next easy target.

But there are two kinds of people who I do try to sabotage: nazis, and people like Mike Kyle. No, not Mike Pyle the retard. Mike Kyle, the guy who illegally kicked another fighter’s face in and then continued to beat on him while officials tried to pull him off. Apparently he’s been booked to fight on January 12th in California. This is the second time Kyle has tried to make a comeback after that incident, and every time he tries to sneak back onto a card, I’m going to make sure everyone knows about it.

Here’s a few words from Bryan Olsen, who was on the receiving end of Kyle’s illegal strikes:

ADCC: What injuries did you suffer due to the illegal actions of Mike Kyle?

BRIAN: I have fractured the zygomatic and maxillary bones on the left side of my face. I also broke my nose and ruptured a sinus cavity in my nose. I saw a specialist today and he told me from the position of the fractures and injuries, it was the result of more than one hit. Basically some of the injuries occurred after the kick when he was punching me in the face.

ADCC: On June 3rd, 2006 you were scheduled to fight Chad Bartlett at MFC 7: USA vs. Russia III. Is that bout now off and do you think you will ever fight again?

BRIAN: That fight is off and after my surgery I will have plates and screws in my face permanently. I have along way to recover and consider my fight career over.

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