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Here’s an interview with Chuck Liddell’s trainer where he mentions an anonymous training partner that’s helping Chuck train. Obviously I don’t think it’s Paulo Filho unless he’s a whore/prostitute/hypocrite, but BloodyElbow thinks it’s Anderson Silva. Me … if it was an impressive name I think they’d be more forthcoming with the news. My bet is it’s someone like like Jorge Gurgel or something.

Oh yeah, they also mentioned Tony Robbins coming to help out but if you read this site obsessively (LIKE YOU SHOULD BE), you’d have known about that shit last month.

Also, I’ve been looking for an excuse to post this video for a while, but check out John Hackleman’s opinion on blocking kicks and why you shouldn’t bother. If you wanted to boil down Liddell’s loss to Keith Jardine to the root source, I think this video is a pretty good evidence. Thanks to reader Aaron for pointing this out to me!

Check out the odds on the K1 World Grand Prix this Saturday:

All undercard changes aside, two-time defending champion Semmy Schilt (Pictures) remains a heavy favorite with the bookmakers at a value of 2-1, followed by his predecessor as champion, Bonjasky, at 5-1 and the duo of Choi and Hari at 6-1. Glaube Feitosa and Junichi Sawayashiki are the biggest outsiders at 26-1 each.

Well, I suppose 6-1 is better than 26-1 odds. What’s funny is that Choi has actually beaten Semmy Schilt before, although Schilt has a better overall record against all the other tournament fighters. Two of Choi’s losses come against tournament fighters … Remy Bojasky beat him on scorecards and tournament reserve Mighty Mo actually knocked Choi out – the only guy ever to do that.

I just wanted to point out that despite everything they’re saying to the contrary, Luke Thomas from Bloody Elbow and Sam Caplan from Five Ounces of Pain really do hate eachother’s guts.


If you feel like being depressed, you should go check out this article on Sammy Vasquez on Sherdog. In fact, I think we probably owe it to take the time to fully acknowledge and actually feel something for someone who died fighting in MMA. I know that up until reading this article I hadn’t really allowed the story to connect.

Lots of people are going wah-wah about the type of coverage or lack of coverage regarding Vasquez’s death, but really what is there to say? From all accounts it was a complete fluke … there is no fault to be laid at the feet of either fighter, the officials, the medical staff … anyone. Shit like this happens and people want a reaction, but there’s really nothing to react to. Rules were in place. Safety procedure was followed. Someone still died.

People die doing dangerous things all the time, be it driving to their girlfriend’s place on a Sunday night or jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet. People will always say the person driving the car died a more tragic death, because unlike the sky diver, he wasn’t doing anything inherently dangerous and life threatening. But that’s just a dumb subconscious buffer … a car is a deadly thing that kills thousands every week around the world.

So to me, the lesson people should take away from the death of Sammy Vasquez is that MMA is a fucking dangerous sport, and the people fighting can still die despite the best intentions and precautions. People like to say that MMA is safe … NO, it’s not. Most of the people involved do the most they can to make it as safe as it can be, but in the end it’s still two guys beating the shit out of eachother. The least we can do is drop the pretense (at least amongst ourselves outside earshot of mainstream media).

For those of you who were under the impression that Octagon wasn’t a UFC-sponsored book, go check out this interview Complex does with Dana White where he breaks down the thought process behind the design, format, and pricing of the book. For fuck’s sake, the guy is doing more media for this thing than for Chuck vs Wand :-p

Complex: How long has Octagon been in the making?
Dana White: It started at UFC 40. We hired Kevin Lynch, he is a big photographer from L.A. who does all kinds of fashion and movie stuff. We hired him to come in to do something, he saw one event and he became addicted. Then he was like “Dana, can I just come and shoot these events? I’m not going to charge you or anything. I just want to do it.” So he came and just kept shooting the events. Then we start looking at some of the stuff he did, and we said “Shit.” Lorenzo Fertitta [UFC owner] is really into art. Lorenzo’s a big art freak. That’s how the whole concept of the book started.

Yeah, Lorenzo’s fucking into this art shit, dude. He’s a total fucking freak for fine ass art!

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