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Hey you! How many times have you been to Iraq? What? You’re serving there right now? Well fuck … I was more asking all the people who aren’t serving in Iraq. What have they done to support the troops? What? They’ve got family over there? Shit. This isn’t going well.

Anyways, the point is: most people who say they support the troops don’t really give a shit about them, and most celebrities couldn’t even be bothered to visit bases in America to show support. Tito Ortiz on the other hand is on his way to visit Baghdad for the second time. This is in addition to several visits to military hospitals stateside and appearances at USO shows.

People like to give Tito a lot of shit, but I usually don’t say much more than he can be a whiny bitch and he makes a lot of dumb business moves. Oh, and he hasn’t looked impressive in the Octagon sans-Ken Shamrock in a few years now. But you gotta give him props for walking the walk and taking the time to support the troops.

MMAWeekly snagged an interview with Fedor but who knows, they could have just been talking to M1’s PR agent for all the candor they got out of him. Here’s some highlights:

Emelianenko: Dana talks a lot and uses words lightly. Let Randy Couture fight me. Allow this fight that everyone wants to take place. Me, Randy and MMA fans all over the world want it. The only obstacle is Dana.

Emelianenko: I trust in (M-1) and the good people that they have brought together. M-1 gives me the chance to meet champions from various organisations in the ring, instead of being restrained within the limits of one organization.

Yes Fedor, it’s Dana’s fault that you’re not fighting top class fighters. It’s Dana’s fault you’re stuck fighting Hong Man Choi for NYE and Pedro Rizzo in April. M1 will line you up against the absolute best unless Dana White stops them from doing so.

When people speak out about Dana and Zuffa being cocksuck backstab bastards, I’m usually the first to point out “Hey, they’re right about that, you know.” But I’m not about to listen to Fedor talk as if M1 is going to set him up against the best in the world when they’re clearly ducking dangerous opponents.

Tonight at 9pm on Versus: The WEC. Tonight at 9pm on Spike: three hours of UFC Unleashed. What’s really funny is that this is a concession on Spike’s part: they were originally planning on premiering ‘UFC: The Best of 2007′ at the same time. But because they’re such nice guys, they moved the date on that and instead are just sticking with more UFC content.

This just underlines the weird struggles Zuffa finds itself in by running two separate and ‘equal’ promotions. Between inter-network sniping and WEC fighters like Jason Miller jumping ship because of their perception that the WEC is B-level, this whole WEC thing is probably starting to seem more and more like a headache than anything else.

I really like the product, and I understand that the WEC exists as a way to tie up talent in the lower weight classes and to keep other promotions from getting a TV deal with Versus. But I am wondering how long until Zuffa gives up on trying to create the perception of the WEC as equal to the UFC?

Once they drop that farce, they’ll be able to trade fighters back and forth between the promotion with ease and use the WEC as a way to build new stars and keep fallen stars from ending up with other companies (all the while dangling the possibility of getting a call back to the big show if performances are deserving). Champions could graduate into the UFC during special inter-promotional shows. Instead of a steady stream of new faces appearing on UFC events, fighters would come into the big leagues with experience and a fan base built in already.

Anyways, that’s just how I see it. Too bad they’re stuck trying to create an illusion of equality with the UFC.

Nick Diaz shows his improvement during interviews … he starts off shaky by calling Jason Mayhem Miller the ‘milk duds’ of MMA, but then pulls it together and starts hitting some talking points. Good on you Nick!

BloodyElbow dug up this article from the Korea Times drubbing Hong Man Choi for getting the nod against Fedor (sure, it’s not official but over in Korea it’s considered a worse kept secret than Rampage as TUF coach was over here).

Choi is still licking the wounds from his embarrassing loss to LeBanner Saturday, when he barely threatened the hard-hitting Frenchman and was fortunate to avoid a knockout.

The loss was especially embarrassing since it was the first match since Choi turned himself into a national joke last month by releasing a hip-hop album with model and wannabe pop star Kang Su-hui, although LeBanner would surely say he did well for a singer.

Among the biggest fighters in the world at 2.18 meters and 160 kilograms, Choi, a former folk wrestling champion, is good at being tall but not much else, a walking eyesore of an athlete who fights with the skills and grace of a potato.

This isn’t the first time Choi has been on the receiving end of a drubbing by the Korean media. Apparently over the summer everyone shat on him for singlehandedly ruining K1 Dynamite. How dare he have a tumor, after all!

As for the rap album, I am officially asking you guys, my readers, to help locate this musical abortion so we can post it up here for everyone’s enjoyment!

**UPDATE** Thanks to intenso for the video of Hong Man Choi dancing to his first single

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