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Looks like we’ve now got three NYE shows to watch this year:

In a exclusive, HDNet Fights President/Commissioner, Guy Mezger, announced that the 12/29 IFL World Grand Prix Finals would air live on HDNet. Mezger is still unsure as to whether or not they will also air on MyNetwork TV but he believes his network will be the sole carrier of the event. This is part of a new agreement where HDNet will begin airing IFL events come 2008.

So it looks like HDNet will be doing the live broadcasting for the IFL here on in. Whether this is a good deal or not won’t be known until the IFL releases the info on how much/little HDNet is paying for these rights. Hopefully new el presidente Jay Larkin hasn’t given it away for free like the two stooges did with Fox Sports.

Also unknown is the level of support and teamwork that will exist between the IFL and HDNet. Remember, HDNetFights bent over and fucked their last partners at Art of War by poaching Guy Mezger from them and dropping future events from the HDNetFights roster. So who knows … perhaps they just plan on sucking the IFL dry and tossing the carcass away once they’re done.

I don’t know what the fuck Yarennoka means … the random Japanese people I screamed “YARENNOKA!” at seemed pretty afraid, so I assume it’s probably something intense. My sources on the internet say it means something along the line of “Can’t Do It!”, kinda like a challenge. So I guess that’s a pretty apt name for this very ambitious last second event.

Zach Arnold is having a field day pointing out the similarities between this event and past PRIDE events. He pointed out that the event is using the same font as past NYE events, although I found that they’re using more than just the same font.

Basically, every sign absolutely screams PRIDE, and that’s what the Yarennoka guys are going for. And for all the controversy over the past few days regarding M-1 Global, the official ‘supported by M-1 Global’ label is a lot less involved than has been implied over the past few days. In fact, all other references regarding ownership and copyright are assigned simply to ‘Yarennoka’.

So enough fucking business. On to the fights! Here’s the guys announced so far:

  • Fedor Emelianenko
  • Joachim Hansen
  • Ricardo Arona
  • Gilbert Melendez
  • Luiz Azeredo
  • Aoki Shinya
  • Kazuo Misaki
  • TatsuyaKawajiri
  • Hayato “Mach” Sakurai
  • Mitsuhiro Ishida
  • Hasegawa Hidehiko

If Yarennoka keeps to the format PRIDE did, there could be between 10 and 14 matches for this event, meaning you’re looking at roughly half the lineup for this card. Honestly, as a fight fan I couldn’t give any less of a shit as to how much money these guys make or lose. Freakfights, footstomps, and that screaming bitch! Aw yeah!

Yeah, I know I’m pulling a BloodyElbow and just linking to other sites with very minimal commentary. I’m just giving my brain a little bit of a rest before blowing a veritable load of juicy content all over this blog.

But for now, if you’re not at work (or if you’re at work and like to live dangerously), go to 5 Ounces and take a look at this picture of new horse faced UFC ring girl’s vagina piercing.

Looks like Brock Lesnar better make a lot of money fast in the UFC, because the day athletic commissions start testing for Human Growth Hormones, he’s FUCKED.

Ah … people and their dumb senses of right and wrong. Check this out:

When his best friend lost the season’s first fight and opted to leave the “The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra” early, Matt Serra threatened to sever all ties with Joe Scarola.

Saying he stayed true to his word, coach Serra confirmed on Tuesday that he no longer has a relationship with Scarola, who was his first-round pick on the Spike TV reality series.

Yes, staying true to your word is ‘honorable’ … but hey, whatever happened to staying true to your friends? And Joe Scarola was more than Serra’s friend … Joe was also an assistant coach at Serra’s jiu jitsu school.

Overall, I don’t really give a fuck how much of a sloppy vagina Joe Scarola turned out to be. You’re either the kind of guy who accepts their friend’s faults or the kind of guy who turns on their friends when the going gets tough. No matter how ‘good’ Matt Serra is coming off and how ‘team-centered’ he’s trying to come across as, I’m not about to forget the fact that he’ll turn on you in a second if you fuck with his shit.

Of course, this isn’t the first bit of two-faced bastardry that Serra has been involved with. Serra’s entire disliking of Matt Hughes was based on Hughes’ treatment of GSP. But then Serra had GSP barred from training with Renzo Gracie over some out of context remarks Georges even apologized for. Overall, the guy seems easy to make an enemy out of and pretty vindictive for a ‘nice guy’.

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