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Dur, looky what Mike Sload sed:

Am I the only person who knows that the “free” fights on Spike TV aren’t free? Come on, people. Why can’t you understand that you have to actually pay for that cable channel? It’s beyond irritating when these superb fight cards are touted as being on “free” TV. While it’s inexpensive to have a cable package with Spike TV, it’s not free. Enough already!

Well jeez Mike. Thanks for pointing that out to everyone. You make such a great point. By the way, you are a nitpicking son of a bitch who has nothing better to do with his time but point out that SpikeTV is a cable channel and therefore it’s costs are included in your cable bill.

I’m amazed you have enough time to even write for Sherdog, considering the fact that you should be out there reminding people that calling 1-800 numbers from home is not free because they still have to pay for the phone service. And maybe you should complain about those ‘free’ MMA events you guys at Sherdog go to on a regular basis because because you still had to pay for gas, parking, and 12 jumbo chili cheese dogs.

In short, while you may technically be right, you are still a douche. Everyone already knows this fact, and trying to bring it up like you’re some kind of smartypants just makes you look like more of a tool than usual.


It’s time for the first of what we hope will become an annual tradition: the Fightlinker Kwanzaa special! Basically that means we just drank a lot more than we normally do. We cover why Rio Heroes should not be considered MMA, Randy Couture’s recent Fedor comments, why Andrei Arlovski is lying about staying with the UFC, and even throw some Shamrock brothers talk into the mix.

Fighter salaries are discussed, we bring Ryan Gracie up for about 5 minutes, and then forge ahead into breakdowns of the WEC and HDnet’s Reckless abandon. All this, and our second attempt at a Country Breakfast parody! What more could you ask for this Kwanzaa?

1 hour and 15 minutes, perfect for the trip to your parent’s house. Download that shit here! And tomorrow by noon you’ll see it in the Talkshoe app to your right and in your iTunes. Enjoy!

Perhaps the most glorious mustache in the history of mixed martial arts, and that’s saying a lot! Props to Kenny Florian for keeping it real.

As usual, when inspiration runs dry, I turn to the youtubes for content. Behold the latest episode of the Jason Mayhem Miller show, where Mayhem hangs out with his dad.

Jake Rossen over at Sherdog attempts to quell people’s opinion that they hate the UFC by writing an article called “Zuffa’s 10 Best Accomplishments of ’07“. The problem with the list is that while it highlights some of the UFC’s accomplishments in 07, it also inadvertently calls into question a lot of the UFC’s practices. Let’s go over some of the UFC’s accomplishments and why there’s a bit of a smell behind them.

Rallying for Liddell
Jake says the UFC did the right thing by continuing to promote Chuck Liddell heavily after his loss to Quinton Jackson. I counter with the fact that the UFC did a piss poor job of promoting their new champion as a result. And lets not forget that being booked on David Letterman doesn’t make people forget that the president of the UFC was regularly contemplating to the press if Chuck was done and should retire.

Signing Wanderlei Silva
Jake gives credit on this one to “Dana White’s bull-in-a-boardroom mentality”. I say Dana White came millimeters away from fucking that entire deal up and had to resort to calling Silva a chickenshit through the press in order to get negotiations back on track. Signing Wanderlei Silva was a good thing, but this was also the first time a lot of people got to see what the UFC does to fighters who don’t just bend over and sign right away.

At Last, Silva-Liddell
Yeah, maybe this would be an accomplishment if the UFC was marketing this fight properly. As it stands, I think they rallied more hype for GSP vs Koscheck. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this had the potential to be one of the biggest fights in MMA history, but now it will be nothing more than a footnote.

Bonus Pay
Oh man, where do I get started here? How can anyone claim it’s a good thing that the UFC is paying their fighters 10+ times more in ‘bonus’ money than they’re on contract to make? How can any fighter live comfortably knowing that the difference between red and black is UFC brass’ opinion on your performance?

I’m not saying bonuses as a concept are a bad idea. But think about this: The total pay before bonuses for all fighters at the Ultimate Fighter 6 finale was $239,000. The amount of bonuses handed out on top of that: $120,000. That’s half the entire payroll over again in bonus money. How can the UFC justify paying their fighters so little when they’re throwing extra cash around like that?

Cooperating with FEG
Now this one is a stretch … Jake Rossen wants to claim that allowing K-1 to book Rani Yahya was a sign of the UFC softening it’s stance on working with other promoters. Yeah, no. The fact that this was the ONLY example of Zuffa fielding a fighter to another major promotion underlines the fact that they’re the worst promotion out there for cooperation.

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