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We’re not all fart jokes around here, and if you want to hear an interview where I drop some serious knowledge on fighting rather than just say “Shit you fuckers and lick my balls cocksuck bitches”, then check out this interview I do with the boys from Jarry Park. We break down the Guida/Huerta bet, the TUF finale, and preview Wednesday’s WEC card.

So go check it out!

Sam Caplan over at Five Ounces did a pretty hefty interview with Frank Trigg. Say what you will about Frank’s skills on a mic or in the ring, this guy is always a good interview if you like details and dirt on backroom wheeling and dealing. It’s worth reading in full, but here’s some summaries:

On why he was a free agent so long: Trigg says that all of the companies that approached him weren’t willing to let him continue his duties as a commentator for other organizations. Figures fighting is only 3 to 4 times a year but commentating was something he could do and make money off of every weekend if he wanted to. Let’s just hope for our sakes that he doesn’t.

On why the UFC hated him: Trigg verified the fact that UFC brass weren’t happy with him talking shit during the PRIDE shows, but explained that just like Bill Goldberg got a sheet with all the company and sponsors to shill, Trigg got a list of different ways to say “UFC sucks balls! Pride lives forever in potent and superior form!”

And of course, I can’t leave out my favorite quote:

Sam Caplan: Is there anything you are concerned about specifically for Edwin Dewees more so than you normally would be in a general sense?

Frank Trigg: I’m concerned with his blood test. He’s a bleeder. He bleeds a lot. I want to make sure I don’t get any blood on me and that if I do get any on me that he’s HIV negative and that he’s Hepatitis B and C negative.

Well what about Hepatitis A, Frank? What about Hepatitis A???

It looks like Evan Tanner has ended his general media blackout, because he just did an interview with the guys from MMAJunkie. No word on if the interview cost them a bottle of Jack Daniels or enrollment in Team Tanner, but however they swung it, I’m impressed. I’ve been sending Tanner’s MySpace 20 messages a week trying to get him to talk to us. Of course, most people know by now that by participating on the site you open yourself up to even more ridicule than you’d get if you just stayed the fuck away. We do it to ourselves, people :(

One of the interesting tidbits of info to come out of the MMAJunkie piece was that the UFC is apparently having trouble lining up an opponent for Tanner:

MMAJUNKIE.COM: But you said they’re having a hard time finding an opponent?

EVAN TANNER: Yes, they’ve offered the fight to four guys — four guys who have made a name for themselves in the division. Those four guys have all turned it down, so they’re still looking.

I suppose I can understand … defeat Tanner, and people will just say he was washed up anyways. But if Tanner comes back ready to beat you like he beat alcoholism, then you’re gonna get whupped, and badly. So there’s very little upside for all the risk you take in fighting him.

Of course, the fact that i ‘understand’ won’t stop me from calling out the guys who didn’t accept the Tanner fight. My bet is it was all TUF guys … Starnes, Leben, Grove, Herman. Yeah, you guys! While I have absolutely no evidence you were the ones who pussied out, I’m going to just assume it was you. Fucking pussies. As for who’s gonna end up in the Octagon against our boy, here’s my prediction: Alan Belcher steps up to the plate.

Nothing gets UFC refs in a tiff more than fighters punching eachother in the back of the head (even when the receiving fighter is turtling and actively trying to angle his head to encourage such blows). But while refs will yell themselves hoarse repeating “Watch the back of the head”, it’s pretty rare that you hear them complain about illegal elbows, which seem a lot more dangerous than a glove to the back of the noggin.

Case in point, the Jared Rollins / Jon Koppenhaver fight had Jared throwing some of the nastiest elbows I’ve ever seen in my life. J-Roc was in guard position and basically went to town on Koppenhaver’s head, cutting him open badly. But were those elbows legal? Let’s see how Big John McCarthy defines illegal elbows before we continue:

“Everyone thinks downward point of elbow strikes are not allowed, so you cannot hit with the point of the elbow. That’s not true. That’s not what it was for. That’s not what it meant. A fighter can strike with any part of his arm in the Unified Rules. It doesn’t matter if it’s the point of the elbow. It’s one type of elbow is not allowed. That is your hand going up to twelve o’clock and bringing it down to six o’clock, in that type of position.”

Well, that certainly sounds like what Jared Rollins was doing to Jon Koppenhaver. And it also sounds like what Anderson Silva did to Travis Lutter at the end of their bout. Perhaps the defense is that they weren’t striking 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock but rather 12:30 to 5:30. I really don’t know. There’s also been speculation as well that 12 to 6 is static, as in you just can’t go up and down gravity-wise, but when you’re horizontal, everything is legal. Which seems kinda fishy, but hey … I’m not a big fan of rules anyways, so who really cares? I just think it’s something someone might want to clarify. Safety and all that, you know?

Hello everyone, Captain Obvious here. I just wanted to stop by and inform you all of the shocking news that Forrest Griffin and Quinton Jackson are the coaches for TUF7. Woah … are you okay? I know the news would shock and surprise you, but I didn’t expect you to fall over in amazement. I understand though … this is so out of the blue. No one was expecting this at all.

Now before you all start hopping around shouting “Squeeee!”, let’s take a moment with Adam Swift from to see what this means (past weeks of Rampage/Forrest chicanery sponsored by Old Spice):

Assuming an April premier and a twelve-week season, Jackson-Griffin will take place on Saturday June 21st at the earliest. At that time the company’s premier weight class will have been on hold for at least eight months. The Light Heavyweight title will likely be defended only twice next year as the company continues to move towards more of a boxing work load for its top stars (2-3 fights per year).

It doesn’t take a Captain Obvious to tell you that TUF7 will do what TUF6 did to the welterweight division: stall it out and render most bouts practically meaningless past pecking order for sloppy seconds or thirds. And hey, after all that plus a season of terrible television, the big payoff fizzled when Matt Serra’s spine exploded.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that Dana White is serious when he says they’re switching shit up and we’ll be amazed. Because shelving the LHW title is a pretty big deal, and if TUF7 doesn’t live up to expectations it could be yet another big mistake the UFC has made over the past several months.

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