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I know it’s been kinda obvious, but I’m in a bad fucking mood today. Is it because I was rolling with the smelliest guy at the gym during last night’s BJJ class and I still reek of him (dispite 3 showers)? Yes, partly. But I’m also pissed that the ‘biggest news’ to come out today in MMA-Land is that Michael Bisping has decided to drop to middleweight.

BIG FUCKING SURPRISE. November called and wants it’s news back.

This is about the most obvious news ever … word was that Joe Silva watched Evans gas and Bisping get pushed around and told them both to take their chubby asses to middleweight. This doesn’t just help those two, it’ll also help the UFC’s shitty MW division, which could use a couple of TUF fighters who aren’t going anywhere fast. Oh wait … that pretty much sums up the MW division’s problem. Never mind!

The move will definitely be better for Bisping than for Evans. All Bisping had waiting for him in the LHW division was a beating from Matt Hamill. No upside if he managed to win, and plenty of downside if he lost. If Evans decides to stick around to lose against Tito again, at least it gives him another high profile fight before he fades into obscurity down the line. Plus, Evans doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who likes cutting weight or diet. Or training hard. Or doing cardio.


I know, I know. Some days at Fightlinker just suck balls, and we turn to the bottom of the barrel content that only MMA forums can provide. But for fuck’s sake, I’m not a magical unicorn that secretes interesting mixed martial arts news! Give me something to work with, MMA! Throw me a freakin’ bone!

Anyways, this picture was done by forum member Altofsky. As a sidenote story, Sam Caplan tried to convince me to sign up for some contest where you get to box Danny Bonadeuce. I was like “Wow, what a prize … I get to be shit-kicked by a suicidal maniac who does nothing but drink and box at the gym 24/7. I’ll pass.”

Hi, everyone. This is “You were wrong” calling. Just thought you aught to know that YOU WERE WRONG.

Oh, those crazy Gracies. When they’re not drinking watermelon juice by the gallon, they’re apparently jacking vehicles and threatening people with kitchen knives. Wait … what? That’s right, Gracie bad boy Ryan Gracie was arrested for:

  • stealing a Torota Corolla
  • crashing the car trying to escape
  • trying to steal a motorcycle
  • threatening to kill the driver with a kitchen knife

No word yet on if people consider this an upgrade for Ryan’s reputation. He was formerly best known as ‘One of the many Gracies that lost to Sakuraba’ and that’s about it.

It’s been a while since I’ve ripped into the IFL for being a farce, and I do apologize for that. Things have actually been going well for them lately, with their Grand Prix Finals being picked up by HDNet and the promise of a steamy live broadcast relationship through 2008.

However, dumb moves always come back to bite you in the ass. I’m sure the IFL thought it was fucking genius to mess with the tournament brackets halfway through the tournament, moving Wagnney Fabiano from the Lightweight championship match to a previously nonexistant Featherweight belt fight.

I mean, who really cares? This lets them jump start their new division, and they had Shad Lierley ready to step in to face Chris Horokecki in what they billed in advertisements as a potential ‘Fight of the Year’ (p.s. no it wasn’t).

Well, the gods of MMA were obviously displeased with the IFL fucking with the tournament format, and so Zeus struck Shad Lierley down with a broken toe such as no one has ever seen before! Woe on Shad, who may never walk again! If only the injury was not so severe, perhaps Shad could have fought through it. But toe injuries are serious business. Lets take a moment to be thankful that Shad is still alive today.

So John Gunderson (2-2 in the IFL) stepped up! And then stepped down with some sort of hand injury. Again, let’s just be thankful that Gunderson’s career isn’t over because of this. Now Ryan Schultz (4-2 in the IFL) has answered the call, no doubt a bit leery of the curse which seems to be upon this tournament bracket.

All in all, the IFL shouldn’t have fucked with the tournament after it had started. Bad mojo, man. Bad mojo.

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