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Now this is the kind of freakshow match I like to see: tiny skilled dudes vs gigantic monsters of dubious ability. Freakshows don’t really bother me at all … my only problem is when they scrap competitive potential matches in favor of a stupid matches. Fedor vs everyone comes to mind. You just shouldn’t be wasting the time of top-5 pound for pound talent with promotional stunts. But Ikuhisa Minowa vs   Zuluzinho? Now that’s something I can get behind.

Minowaman seems to love these kinds of matchups … the dude has been in more freakshow matches than anyone else I know. He’s never had a problem fighting people 50+ pounds heavier than he was, but it wasn’t until he moved from Pancrase to PRIDE that he gained a reputation for challenging giants. Giant Silva, Kimo, Mirko CroCop, Butterbean, Bart Gunn, and Min Soo Kim are just some of the big boys Minowa has tangled with. And even in defeat, you can’t help but admire his heart. The dude can take a beating.

As for   the fatty Zuluzinho, who cares about him. He’s just a prop, an obstacle the smaller fighter must get past in order for everyone to feel inspired. That’s why putting guys like Crocop and Fedor against these guys isn’t exciting … their skill and size negates any advantage the freaks bring to the table by being freaks. So line me up some more crazy Japanese bastards who are willing to go toe to toe with super-heavyweight behemoths. I’m down like brown for that shit!

The WEC ‘Outside the Cage’ special did an okay job of hyping things up for this Wednesday’s event, giving us a slice of how Paulo Filho lives and trains. I have to say, it’s kinda weird. The above video starts out with Filho getting a visit from the most roid’ed individual I’ve ever seen. The guy looks straight out of Fist of the North Star, and he’s got these nasty gaping wounds on his arm that look infected.

But never mind gangrene, it’s time to train! Paulo’s training is pretty low-tech and involved giving quadruple stack piggy back rides (clearly not a recipe for severe back injuries at all!). The show then cuts to Paulo tossing rusty barbells around his backyard (again … I’m not exactly a safety nut, but…). In fact, I counted over a dozen potential ways to die just from that 3 minute clip. South America ain’t for the soft, that’s for sure.

Unsatisfied with the crop of heavyweight contenders in the present day, M1 president Monty Cox has announced that M1 Global has traveled through time to secure an adequate opponent for their key star Fedor Emelianenko’s US debut in April.

“After months of searching for someone suitable for Fedor’s first match with M1 on US soil, we realized it wasn’t a question of who, but of when!” explains Cox, fresh from a trip through the space time continuum. “After much consultation with senior executives and users on the forums, we came to a decision: Fedor would fight Pedro Rizzo from early 2001.”

A student of early MMA legend Marcos Ruas, Pedro ‘the Rock’ Rizzo sported a 11-1 record in 2001, and was coming off dominant victories over Dan Severn and Josh Barnett. “People keep asking us ‘What about Barnett?’ Well, we’ve got the guy who just beat Barnett … in 2001!” says Cox. “That ought to shut the haters up.”

Fedor Emelianenko was respectful as always in his assessment of 2001 Pedro Rizzo’s skills. “Pedro seemed unstoppable in 2001. The Pedro Rizzo of today may be a washed up has-been, but make no mistake about it: Pedro Rizzo was one of the greatest heavyweights around. In 2001.”

Pending final contractual wrangling, this superfight across the boundaries of time will take place in Las Vegas sometime around April of 2008. As of now, there is still no word on who Fedor’s opponent will be for NYE … speculation holds that former PRIDE employees are currently awaiting the winner of this year’s “Freakshow Awards” and plan to offer the bout to the winner of either the Fattest or Tallest man award.

Hey everyone. To try and make up for the ugliness you saw yesterday morning, we decided to get off our butts and make some minor tweaks to the site. Yeah, I know … those massive changes we promised way back when still aren’t done. We’re going to be tackling that over the course of Christmas holidays so hopefully we’ll have a present for you guys come UFC79. As for what’s done now:

The new logo: You saw it in the 2 Boys 1 Cup video and at the bottom of our Grape Photo picture. Our new logo is the Fightlinker Jackal, named after you bastards who come to this site on a regular basis.

The Links menu item: This sends you to a page which displays all the ‘starred’ stories in my Google RSS reader. Every day I go through hundreds of stories, and I ‘star’ interesting or noteworthy stories. There’s so much news going on nowadays that barely 1/10th of the news happening makes it onto the blog. So consider this a way to stay up to date with ALL MMA news. No filler, no bullshit.

The Search box: Yeah, it’s back. Actually, it never went anywhere … it was just invisible. Which is probably why no one was using it … so yeah. We fixed that and now you can see it up in the header image to your right. Search for all sorts of fun stuff … if you’re a famous fighter or popular sports ‘journalist’, type your name in and see what kind of stupid shit we’ve been talkin’ about you. Guaranteed hours of fun.

There’s more to come over the next few days … we’re inches away from having the webcomic interface ready to go, so hopefully you should see that up by the end of the week.

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