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Dana White was on the Dave Carmichael radio show earlier this week and as usual he dropped a whole bunch of science. Past the standard evade / evade / open ended answers, there were a few nuggets of info worth commenting on:

Andy Arlovski : Said he doesn’t see Arlovski fighting anywhere else. Translation: even after his contract expires, we have exclusive right of negotiation until the Age of Aquarius.

Quinton Jackson : once again said he’s got “big plans” for Quinton. Of course, compared to the ‘lets treat him like a pregnant daughter in the 30’s and hide him away from decent people’s sight’ treatment he’s been getting lately, “big plans” could just mean they’re going to book him for a fight or some junk. More on this later today @ (cue Entertainment tonight music, fade to commercials)

TUF7 : Dana White says they’re shaking the format up and people are gonna be blown away by next season. He repeats this mantra several times before saying “And I’m not just hyping this up”. My bet is they’re bringing Joe Rogan in to feed the fighters cow balls and rat eyes.

Rounds : Dana wants 5×5 rounds for normal bouts and 7×5 for championship bouts. This is a terrible fucking idea … the idea of a 7×5 Sherk bout scares me worse than the prospect of nuclear armageddon.

WEC vs UFC : Dana says this could definately happen. Lets hope that the featherweight and bantamweight champs get to team up and fight the UFC heavyweight champ tag team stylez.

For those of you who don’t trust me not to inform you of all the relevant shit, you can get more details from Sam Caplan’s ugly proelite site, as well as the actual audio for the interview.

Oh yeah, baby. I never thought it could get better than rainbow spandex, but I was wrong! Aoki continues to surprise me with his fashion sense.

Normally I don’t really care about minor league MMA champions but this guy’s got guts (all over 13 miles of countryside):

UCF light heavyweight champion Jerid S. Sturman-Camyn, died this past Saturday.

According to witnesses, Sturman-Camyn became violent and out of control at a northeastern Washington hunting camp late that night. He allegedly began wielding an axe before having a noose fixed around his neck and being dragged by a truck for nearly 13 miles. The body was dismembered during the dragging according to the Spokesman-Review.

Apparently, according to witnesses, Camyn and his father, who were camping with a group of friends, began wrestling, playfully at first, but the confrontation quickly intensified and became more serious as Sturman-Camyn began to become confrontational towards the group.

Sturman-Camyn, who was allegedly heavily drunk, became even more confrontational, according to witnesses, when Wendell Sinn, a man invited to the camp site with his son, fired a rifle in an effort to calm the situation.

“We’ll drag you out of here,” Sinn allegedly told Sturman-Camyn.

Sturman-Camyn reportedly responded: “I’ll take that rope and choke you with it.”

According to authorities, Wendell Sinn, who has since been charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, slipped the noose around Sturman-Camyn’s neck when Sturman-Camyn became distracted by members of his camp moving toward their ATV’s.
Justin Sinn, Wendell’s son, then drove out of the camp in his truck with Sturman-Camyn attached to the back by a rope and a noose. Sinn eventually stopped and called 911, but not before he had dragged Jerid Sturman-Camyn nearly 13 miles. Sinn allegedly reported to 911 that he had been chased by someone with an ax and maintains that he had no knowledge that he was dragging Sturman-Camyn.

I tried to boil this down to the interesting bits, but the entire article is so fucked up you just have to read it to believe it. Sure, we’ve all had coke benders that have devolved into axe fights that ended with someone being dragged behind a truck. But 13 miles? That’s just excessive.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like I’m in a funk. Maybe it’s the fact that mixed martial arts has been so lame lately. Or maybe it’s all the ketamine I’ve been doing. Either way, something’s gotta give and I’m happy to report that December looks like a good month for us:

  • Nov 30th: BodogFight Russia vs USA 2
  • Dec 1st: Cage Rage 24
  • Dec 8th: K1 World Grand Prix Finals
  • Dec 8th: Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale
  • Dec 8th: Mayweather vs Hatton
  • Dec 12th: WEC31
  • Dec 15th: Icon Sports
  • Dec 15th: HDNet Reckless Abandon
  • Dec 29th: IFL Grand Prix Finals
  • Dec 29th: UFC Nemesis
  • Dec 31st: K1 Dynamite
  • Dec 31st: Yarennoka!

All of these events are going to be televised and I’m sure if you’re smart you’ll be able to download them all or check them out on the youtubes. It’s been a rough two months to be a fight fan, and if none of these events deliver I’m just going to ditch this stupid website and blog about something good like Radiohead or “ice hockey”. Haha, just kidding. Both those things suck. But at the moment MMA is about 1 degree of suck above those, so it better fucking shape up or I’m outta here!

Remember back in the day when the IFL was that nice promotion that treated fighters well and took care of them? Well, fuck that shit. Lately things have been a little bit different for the tanking organization. Basically, I think they realized smiles and rainbows don’t pay the bills.

What does? Superstar fighters like Andre Gusmao! So rather than let Andre head to the UFC as has been reported over the past few weeks, the IFL has decided to exercise an option on his contract that lets them lock him into the IFL’s 2008 season. Things get even weirder from there:

The UFC had been in discussions with someone falsely claiming to be representing Gusmao and misrepresenting information during the faux negotiations. According to the source, the UFC was contacted by the IFL soon after hearing the reports of Gusmao’s departure.

The UFC, which had never extended a formal offer and never made an official announcement, ceased all negotiations with Gusmao after being contacted by the IFL.

Remember, folks. There’s always at least two sides to every story: what people want you to believe and the truth. In this case my spidey senses are pointing towards Gusmao attempting to sneak out the backdoor and getting sucked back into the IFL because of a shitty contract.

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