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Oh Kevin, you so crazy. I’m not going to pretend I wouldn’t post news of John McCarthy’s retirement if I had proof it was going to happen. But I’d at least have the decency to frame the information around the fact that John McCarthy was having a press conference on Friday to make a formal announcement regarding the subject.

Of course, this means you can probably expect a few choice words from the veteran ref regarding the UFC and the way it treats people. You might even find out that John isn’t retiring from reffing, but rather from reffing for the UFC. Well, you would if you checked out Big John’s press conference. But hey, who needs to do that now that Kevin Iole has broken the story and you know everything you need to know about it???

It’s a bit premature to say for sure that there’s some fishy shit going on behind the scenes here … but OMG the only thing fishier than this would be Salmon vs Fisher for the undisputed fish-related name title.

Seriously, people. Dana White’s halfhearted attempts to convince everyone Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva is one of the biggest fights in MMA history would seem more sincere if the company spent a couple fucking dollars producing a show hyping the fight.

Yeah, I know the UFC’s got their standard countdown show, but honestly … for a supposed megafight, this bout sure doesn’t have any hype behind it so far. Some might say no one really cares what happens between these two. I say bullshit to that. The UFC’s job is to make people care about this fight, and so far they’ve done a shite job of doing it.

Considering the history and the legacy of these two fighters, there’s no reason the UFC shouldn’t be doing a 24/7 type show that builds up towards UFC 79. And I seem to remember Chuck Liddell being a rather popular fighter. Ya know, before he lost to Keith Jardine. Now he’s just a LOSER. A big fucking LOSER. And who wants to even hear about losers, let alone watch a show or pay for an event featuring two losers duking it out???

For all the shit Dana White throws towards the internet in general and Sherdog in particular, you think he’d save some specific evil-eye action for The Fight Network. It must piss him off that he has to play nice with them even when they continue to be at the center of lots of controversy and their lead reporter Loretta Hunt often has all digits plus private parts buried in drama.

The Fight Network was the one to announce the news of Randy’s retirement and the word is Loretta got first dibs on that because she’s helping the Natural out with a book and Couture works in an advisory position for the network. Now it looks like the Fight Network will also be part of Big John McCarthy retiring as a referee … they’ve just put out a media advisory for a press conference this Friday featuring the veteran official.

I’m not about to blame the Fight Network for being responsible for these announcements … after all, you don’t shoot the messenger do you? Unless you’re in Sparta, that is. Then you throw that motherfucker down a deep black hole never to be seen again. You just know that Dana White has dreams where he gets to do that to Loretta. She’d be like “Big John is retiring” and he’d be like “THIS IS ZUFFA, BITCH! YEEEEARGH!” And down into the hole she’d go.

Hey everyone! By now you’ve probably heard that MMAJunkie was supposed to unveil a new site design last night at midnight, and then they totally pussed out last second because Mr Junkie got on TV and they don’t want to switch shit up while the site goes through a retarded influx of moronic FoxNews viewers.

Anyways, if you didn’t know, me and Dann are like tight. Christmas presents tight. Back rub tight. And while we’re the acid tripping cousin to MMAJunkie’s business executive, we still get some access you other peeps don’t get.

So lo and behold, the MMAJunkie guys have sent me a screenshot of their new site design. You can check it out here.

For the oldschool: You might remember a while ago when Orange Robot came onto the scene and destroyed all competition. Well, this year the next generation of robot fighters has appeared, and in the lead is White Balloon Robot, who is destined for a title shot if he takes the competition. Also featured in this tournament is the return of Red Robot and the new but deadly Penguin Robot.

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