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After rolling through the K1 World Grand Prix on Saturday, Semmy Schilt isn’t looking to take a   vacation. In fact, it looks like he wants to be considered as an opponent for Fedor on NYE:

Sadaharu Tanikawa and Semy Schilt had an interview on Dec 09.   In the interview, Schilt showed his interest fighting Fedor.   Schilt won K-1 World GP 2007 on Dec 08.   Mr. Tanikawa said he would like to see him fighting in MMA rule.

Schilt and Fedor fought before, and it was a terrible boring decision win for the Russian. It was the first time I saw Fedor fight and I remember thinking “Man, this Fedor dude sucks!” It’s not exactly a fight that I’d want to see, but you can’t argue with the hype on paper: K1 WGP Champion vs PRIDE Champion. And it definately sounds better than Fedor vs Hong Man Choi, who sucked 7 feet worth of balls during the K1 tourney.

Despite the lack of an official announcement, it’s about as official as it’s ever going to be: Sean Sherk has been stripped of his lightweight belt. Rumblings earlier in the day had a source close to Dana White saying Sherk had been stripped but that the UFC didn’t feel like they needed to make a big deal of the news. Then during the TUF6 finale, they showed a quick card for UFC80 with Joe Stevenson vs BJ Penn being for the LW belt … no ‘interim’ anywhere around.

This is a big fucking relief for people like me who were sick of Sean Sherk holding up the LW division with his random shenanigans. Regular readers will be sick of me re-hashing this, but for the sake of the newbies: I hate Sean Sherk because he accepted the fight for the vacant LW belt against Kenny Florian knowing that he’d have to take several months off afterwards for surgery. This put the LW division into a lurch which it still hasn’t recovered from. And then this steroid shit. Sean won the belt back in October of 2006. Since then he’s only defended it once.

Throughout all of this shit Sean Sherk has been sitting on the sidelines grousing like a little bitch at the idea that the UFC would dare to create an interim belt. The idea that he’d be stripped didn’t even cross his mind:

“They were going to crown an interim champion in the process while I’m sitting on the sidelines,” Sherk said Tuesday. “As far as I know I’m not losing the belt. [UFC president Dana White] believes me when I tell him I didn’t take nandrolone. Otherwise, if he didn’t believe me, he would have stripped the belt. Fortunately he believes me. I’ve always been honest with him.”

Fortunately, cooler heads have prevailed and the UFC did strip Sherk. If Sherk was able to think outside his own little universe for a few moments he’d understand the reasons behind it too. Regardless of if Dana White believes Sean or not, he was found guilty of using performance enhancers by a government run sanctioning body. To ignore this and pretend like it didn’t happen would have disastrous effects to the legitimacy not only of the UFC titles, but of the organization as a whole.

Thank baby Jesus that Sherk was finally stripped of the belt. Now we can put this whole stupid incident behind us and actually have some title fights.

I gotta say that while HBO beat the shit out of the UFC (both for the TUF finale and UFC79) for hype and marketing on Hatton/Mayweather, it’s been the UFC which actually delivered the goods. The Hatton/Mayweather bout was a messy affair dominated more by the referee than the fighters themselves. Hatton looked like the sloppy brawler his critics labeled him and Mayweather kept his game tight and unexciting like he’s known to do. While it was saved from a decision in the 10th round, I give Hatton/Mayweather as a fight a big “Meh”.

The TUF6 finale had some issues early on because of the participant’s lack of experience … watching Ben Saunders and Dan Barrera roll around for 15 minutes left a bad taste in my mouth and three of the other TUF bouts were one sided affairs that didn’t do too much for me. Fortunately the Jon Koppenhaver vs Jared Rollins fight turned into an absolute war, Richie Hightower surprised everyone by trying to slug it out with Troy Mandoloniz, and of course Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta was a total barnburner.

In the end, I just wish that the UFC did a better job of advertising themselves lately. The 24/7 shows have exposed the UFC’s Countdown shows as woefully underwhelming, never mind formulaic and by the numbers at this point. If people are complaining that the TUF series is stale, the Countdown show is growing mold. But still, if I had a choice between better hype for worse shows and no hype for better shows, I’d still pick the latter. Going head to head with boxing, the UFC’s product won hands down … and don’t think people will forget that the next time a boxing ‘superfight’ happens.

So yeah … how about that night of fights last night? The TUF6 finale started off dead in the water but caught steam halfway through and by the end of the night was one of the better events the UFC has presented in 2007. It’s a testament to the excitement and skill on display that I don’t feel too terrible that Clay Guida lost. Of course I’m not too happy about the consequences….

For regular viewers of the site you know now what happens. I made a bet with Kid Nate from Bloody Elbow: if Guida wins, Nate was going to shave his eyebrows. But since Huerta won, I have to recreate the ‘grape photo‘ made famous by new UFC ring girl Edith Larente.

We did a lot of talking about the Eyebrow/Grape bet during the post-TUF6 radio show, so if you want all the details your best bet is to tune in and check that out. But for those of you who are here for the meat and potatoes of the situation, here it is: We’ll be taking the photos tonight and posting them / delivering them to Nate on Monday morning.

Well, it was fun having dignity up until now in my life! Well played Nate … we’re now 0-2 against BloodyElbow.

Here’s the audio of our TUF6 live Low Blow show. I was a bit drunk and forgot to hit the record button so this is missing the first 5 minutes. But apparently the live people missed the last few minutes because of technical balls, so it all evens out.

We break down everything surrounding the TUF6 show, from the fights that happened to the news that was broken during the broadcast. And yes, we delve into the Eyebrows/Grape Photo bet and what’s going to happen with that.

DOWNLOAD THE SHOW HERE. 60 minutes of TUFFY goodness for you!

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