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The UFC has just announced that Matt Serra will be hosting a ‘VIP Viewing Party’ for UFC 79 at Madison Square Garden. Basically that means you’re paying 30 bucks to cramp your neck looking up at the shitty jumbotron all night. This is a pretty old tradition during the hockey playoffs when your team is playing out of town, but a first for the UFC.

Everyone is asking “Is this a smart idea? Will this be popular?” I think most people are missing the point. While I’m sure the UFC would love it if this is successful, the real reason behind this has more to do with press in New York and is part of the UFC’s continued efforts to have MMA legalized.

All things said and done, if I wanted to go to an arena and watch the UFC on screens, I’d just go to a real event. If they set up an octagon on the floor at Madison Square Garden and then had 500 retards stand up in front of it to block everyone’s view, it would be just like the real thing!

Go. Now. Download. Listen. Laugh. Feel. Love.

PS I Love You (then she fucks some dude)

How romantic!

After long hours and tense negotiations between parties, I am happy to announce that the bet between Ryan from Fightlinker and Kid Nate from Bloody Elbow is on! On December 8th, Roger Huerta and Clay Guida will headline the Ultimate Fighter 6 finale on Spike TV. Hanging in the balance: one man’s eyebrows and another man’s dignity.

Kid Nate has chosen Roger Huerta as the winner of this fight. On the line: his finely coiffured eyebrows, which he will remove if his fighter loses. Ryan is cheering for Clay Guida, but should Clay be defeated, Ryan will have to recreate, star in, and release “The Grape Photo” to the internet, which originally surfaced featuring the UFC’s new ring girl Edith Larente.

Clay Guida is the favorite going into this match despite a mediocre 2-2 record in the UFC. Huerta sports a 5-0 record in the UFC, albeit against less dangerous opponents. It will be interesting to see if Huerta can neutralize Guida’s wrestling skills and ride his striking skills to a win. Guida has a lot of reasons to try and keep this fight out of the judge’s hands … both his UFC losses came as a result of what some would consider questionable judging.

To stay up to date on all the news surrounding this bet and the Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale, check out and

Yesterday during our monthly mailbag radio show, someone asked us “What lame excuse will Dana White use to convince us that MMA is safer than boxing now that a MMA fighter has died?”. Well, I figure the excuse that it’s so rare that someone dies, compared to boxing where boxers literally fall into your lap and die. From Kevin Iole:

I’ve covered several deaths in boxing and had one fighter, Martin Sanchez, literally fall into my lap at ringside after he was knocked out. He died a few hours later.

That’s some creepy fucking shit. Honestly, there’s a certain amount of threshold most fans will take before turning away from a sport. I think *watching* a fighter die would sour me of this sport, but I really don’t know. I guess we’ll have to wait till it happens and I’ll see how I feel. Maybe after witnessing it on TV i’ll say “Maybe if I was there I’d feel worse about it” and then “Maybe if he’d fallen into my lap” and then “Maybe if I had known him”. And in the end I’ll be like “Okay, so what if he was my best friend? The next Ultimate Fight Night is stacked!”

All in all, it’s a pretty weird train of thought, and that train track leads to creepyville. So I think I’m just gonna stop thinking about it and look at those Randy Couture puppy pictures some more.

From the UFC press juggernaut:

On the night before the biggest football game of the year, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organization takes center stage with an immense night of hard-hitting heavyweight fight action. At UFC 81, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir will put former WWE Champion and world-renowned superstar Brock Lesnar to the ultimate test, as Lesnar makes his move from the squared circle into the Octagon to prove that he is for real.

Okay, obviously this fight is gonna draw some pretty significant numbers simply because it’s got a big time pro wrestler attached to it. And hey, I admit that I’m curious to see how the match turns out too. I couldn’t really care less who wins or loses, but the UFC’s got my attention.

But really … Dana White keeps saying “It’s a great time to be a UFC fan right now.” I don’t see how he can say that when the UFC continues to field tame main events. Assuming Dana White doesn’t strip Sean Sherk of the title, here’s what we’ve had and what we’ve got coming:

  • UFC76 No title fight
  • UFC77 Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin (Middleweight Title)
  • UFC78 No title fight
  • UFC79 No title fight
  • UFC80 No title fight
  • UFC81 No title fight

I mean, come the fuck on. I really couldn’t give a shit about ‘interim belts’ … they’re about as meaningful as the toy you get in a happy meal (although to be fair, the toys in happy meals are pretty kick ass). Yeah, there are rumors that Tim Sylvia will battle Big Nog   for the vacant Heavyweight belt at UFC 81, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved Tim’s bout back to UFC 82 in Columbus so less people would boo him.

Anyways, you just have to look at that dry spell of title fights to know I am not a happy fanboy, no matter how many pro wrestlers with penis tattoos Dana White throws in the ring.

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