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By now you all realize that the Gods of Awesomeness have struck down Matt Serra so that GSP can challenge Matt Hughes on New Years eve. Serra described the injury for the boys at MMAWeekly:

“My students had to help me up and I got through the shower pretty painfully. My brother had to get my socks and shoes on and then they took me home. Then, the next day, I went to the hospital, got an MRI. I’ve got two herniated discs in my lower back.”

Matt Hughes has been very classy about the switch-up, turning the conference call regarding the new matchup into the “Why Matt Serra is a wuss” show, complete with this stab on his homepage:

Before my Royce fight, I had three bulged discs that I was able to repair enough to fight. As everybody knows you never go into a fight 100%. So, I’m just going to continue to train until I find out what’s next.

Of course, If I was Hughes, I’d be pissed too: he just went from *giving* a guaranteed ass-whippin to *getting* a guaranteed ass-whuppin. Although props to Matt for agreeing to this. Or maybe I should be saying props to Jesus Christ for tricking Matt into thinking he’s going to win so he would agree to this. Yeah … that sounds more accurate.

Sorry for the lack of posts today … I seem to have a strange case of out-itis, which is when you feel perfectly fine other than the sudden urge to poo or puke. Anyways, while the blogging may have slowed down, the show must go on! I’ll be appearing on Luke Thomas’s Any Given Saturday show tonight (Any Given Tuesday?), which will be live at 9:30 and takes your calls!

So if you didn’t get your fill of my jibba-jabba with today’s Low Blow, tune in and enjoy! We’ll be discussing the whole Guida/Huerta fight and of course the Kid Nate bet!

There’s only one thing to do after suffering your first loss to the bore that it Tim Sylvia: Forget training like a madman and coming back victoriously in the Octagon. Instead, take a crack at acting!

According to MMAJunkie, Vera is slated to play in a Filipino miniseries. The movie is a tale of a half human, half snake creature that must leave his birthplace (presumably, a place that has some pretty weird attitudes regarding zoophilia), and becomes a hero. Unfortunately, the busy Vera isn’t slated to play the main character. That honor goes to a famous Filipino actor (formally of “Nuts Entertainment” fame. How fucking cool is that name?).

I’d love to shit all over this movie, but considering how kick ass it sounds, and also due to the fact that it’s the most expensive movie ever made in that country (I’m sure they paid for it by selling a bunch of young boys to sexual slavery no doubt), this could be fucking awesome. Plus, Vera plays some kind of Assassin role. Knowing him, if he stays true to character, he won’t come on the scene for a while, he’ll be touted as a real threat only to be totally owned by Kamandag.

“I would never train with an American to fight a Brazilian. I am not a slut, or a prostitute.”

-Paulo Filho on if he was going to help Chuck Liddell train against Wanderlei Silva.

We cover a cornucopia of random topics including:

  • Fedor
  • Bo Cantrell
  • Cage Rage
  • sharing beer
  • fighting Sam Caplan
  • calling out Kid Nate
  • working out
  • Kid Nate again
  • Matt Serra pulling out
  • Matt Hughes shit talking
  • how much we hate Matt Hughes
  • who the UFC wanted to replace Hughes with
  • how pissed Karo must be
  • what to do in Vietnam
  • why Chuck vs Wand doesn’t mean much
  • Edith Larente is a horseface
  • Jake likes horsefaces
  • how boob jobs work
  • strawberry nipple podcasts
  • escorts on the internet
  • dirty abbreviations
  • how nothing goes away on the internet
  • comparitive hotness
  • the fightlinker seal of approval

Download the show here, or check it out using our handy dandy Talkshoe app to the right (yes, it is there RIGHT NOW!). iTunes should also be up and going, so you guys are all set!

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