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Sometimes Zuffa is it’s own worst enemy … every so often they do something obviously stupid that comes back to bite them in the ass. Today you’re beginning to see the result of Zuffa firing all the old Pride employees: wow, who would have thought that all those fight promoters you fired would band together and work for another fight promoter??? You’d have to be fucking Nostrodamus to predict that one!

Depending on who you talk to, the 12/31 show is either a farewell to PRIDE’s loyal fanbase in Japan or possibly the start of something bigger. Many of the employees who were laid off by Zuffa when the PRIDE office in Japan was closed are expected to be involved in promoting the show.

Nothing gets the Japanese fired up like the opportunity to tell gaijin to fuck off, and this show is probably going to be one gigantic FUCK YOU ZUFFA from start to finish with a gigantic middle finger hanging from the rafters and a live feed to a room of naked sumo wrestlers swimming in the yen being made on this show.

Yeah, I know: one show isn’t about to challenge Zuffa or make them regret their actions. But it would be interesting if a year from now people remember this NYE show as the turning point where Zuffa lost it’s grip on their mixed martial arts monopoly (that they only created by dealing the killing blow to the company which has now risen zombie-like from the grave sans the debt that Zuffa nicely cleared out).

No, we are not the spawn of the Elder Gods, nor fictional old testament figures. We are referring to the number of posts on this site … 1000 posts over the past 8 months.

I thought I’d make note of this, although it’s kind of a bullshit number … we also had 150 posts on the old system, and another 100 posts which got swallowed when we switched systems again. But fuck … I forgot to even mention our 1 year anniversary (September 12th), so I figured I might as well bring this up.

Now at least I can justify going out and eating an entire cake to myself.

Oh great … the company I love (and yes, despite all my shitting on them, I do love them) is in bed with the fucking republicans: they’re contributing big bucks to the presidential campaign of Rudy “9/11″ Giuliani.

Luke Thomas didn’t have the testicular fortitude to split his readership down the middle and piss people off by saying anything substantial about this, but I’m not nearly as smart or reasonable as he is. So here we go: anyone who thinks Rudy Giuliani is anything but a complete fucking cocksucker can lick my anus (do it quick because it’ll probably become illegal if Rudy wins the election).

Here’s the fucking deal: Democrats are more liberal about shit like sex, drugs, rock’n’roll … and even mixed martial arts. Republicans have a history of being tight assed nosey fucks who want to get in on everything and ruin everyone’s fun in the name of Jesus Christ and all that bullshit. Rudy Giuliani exemplifies this … he literally destroyed nightlife and urban culture in New York City during his tenure as mayor. He’s like the antithesis of fun.

HOWEVER, Republicans are also a lot easier to buy off than Democrats and while they’re ‘all about’ family values and against bloodsports on the surface, most of them are massive hypocrites that will sell their values out for ringside seats and a campaign contribution.

So I guess it makes sense for Zuffa to buy him out because unlike a democrat who will stick with their moral convictions if they think mixed martial arts has become unsafe, Rudy will stick to the talking points and keep shilling no matter what.

You know, I was thinking a few days ago that Japan was being a bit too conservative lately with it’s bookings. No real freakshow matches … the best we’ve gotten in a while was little Minowa Man getting his face smashed by gigantic Min Soo “Mr. Shark” Kim.

Fortunately, today has really paid off: it doesn’t get more freaktastic than booking the world’s #1 fighter against the textbook definition of a genetic freak. And now K1 Dynamite is adding it’s own freaky shit in the form of a 4-boy fight tournament at their NYE show. No, not men … boys!

Two new fights have been announced for FieLDS K-1 Premium 2007 Dynamite!! at new years eve. It will be a under 18 4-man tournament with 15 year old rising star HIROYA as one of the four competitors.

HIROYA has fought four times this year in K-1 and won them all. Will he end 2007 with a 6-0 record?

60 kg: HIROYA (15) vs. Tsukasa Fuji (15)
60 kg: Kenji Kubo (18) vs. Yudai (16)
60 kg: HIROYA/Fuji vs. Kubo/Yudai

And yeah, I’m sure it’s par for the course in Japan to have kids beat the shit out of eachother in the ring. But that doesn’t make it any less strange to me.

Haha, yeah I’m taking this quote out of context, but what can I say? We’re shit disturbers and we enjoy causing drama. Here’s the full quote for you party poopers who want to be objective:

“I felt the ultimate glory by becoming a world champion, but I also felt the ultimate humiliation by losing the fight that everybody was expecting me to win … I think it was important for me, maybe it was meant to be … to make me somebody with more maturity and better.”

The rest of the interview has nothing new to report. It’s still gonna be at least 4 months until we get to see GSP fight again. God knows why … him and Fitch could easily fight for #1 contender sooner rather than later and that wouldn’t push back the title fight one bit.

Dana’s also trying hardcore to get the UFC to Montreal for Georges’ title shot and if he sticks to that we might not get to see him fight until May or something. This whole situation is really starting to piss me off. I don’t see any other welterweights *cough*Karo*cough* sitting around waiting for their shot. Lazy fucking frenchman.

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